Scheduling the War on Terror

If I were to tell you that the neoconservatives scheduled the war on terror before 9/11, and that they have now scheduled an obviously politically-driven end date for the war on terror, would that convince you that 9/11 was a hoax?

I mean, after all, if the war on terror was planned before 9/11 and if the so-called "never-ending" or "100 year war" against supposedly widespread and powerful enemies were to be planned to end in a year and a half, wouldn't that provide a big hint that the war on terror isn't what you've been told . . . that you'd been had?

Well, before 9/11, the U.S. planned the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq (and Iran). So the claim by the neocons that they have invaded the middle east in order to get the bad guys who carried out 9/11 just isn't true.

And the U.S. started before 9/11 planning to tap our phone records. So the claim by the government that they only shredded the Bill of Rights and tapped our phones because of the "new reality" created by 9/11 is a false one.

And the number 2 guy at that State Department has strongly hinted that the war of terror will end October 2008 -- the month before the Presidential election. How convenient!

Do you get it now? The whole "war on terror" is a fake, as is the "official" story about what happened on 9/11, the event that was used to justify the public launching of the pre-planned war on terror.

But don't take my word for it. A BBC documentary entitled "The Power of Nightmares", shows that the threat from Al Qaeda has been vastly overblown (and see this article on two of the gentlemen who are behind the hype). And a former National Security Adviser told the Senate that the war on terror is "a mythical historical narrative".

9/11 was just the "New Pearl Harbor" false flag incident which allowed the schedule to be implemented.

What do you make

of the announcement that the US will meet with Syria and Iran soon?

I don't think its good news. I think we are at ultimatum time.

I don't know, John.

I have been in panic mode like you about Iran, but I sort of think the semi-rational Brzezniski faction of the elites is pushing back. I have been suckered in by all of the Fallon, carrier group reasons to think an action is coming, but one of my favorite journalists, Stan Goff, says nope (yes, I know these are somewhat old).
Here is Michael Ruppert, before he shut things down.

Factional fighting

Agree with Al. There appears to be a tremendous internal power struggle going on amongst the elite about Iran. The Israelis would of course still like their only remaining regional rival to be destroyed. On the other hand, the only military option that exists is a massive strategic bombing. Many army officers rightly fear the long term military aftermath of another shock and awe air campaign. Likewise, Zbig and many other elite thinkers fear the diplomatic and economic consequences of the US going even farther down the road to being a pariah state.

At this point, nothing would surprise me, even a military countercoup to oust Bush/Cheney is possible. The only real card that the hawks hold is that the USAF is fully on board for the bombing and would attack Iran if given the order. So will Bush and the neocons back down, or press the button anyway? Stay tuned.

One dirty bomb will convert all the dissident generals

That's all it would take. Sure they may balk at an attack now, for little or no reason, but after a false flag attack they'd all be on board, wholeheartedly.

I also agree with previous statements of there being an apparent split in the elite... I'm just not sure the olde guarde can reign in their 'children' at this point anymore. It's actually kind of strange in a way, it seems that the old bad guys may be the only thing standing between the new bad guys and their dreams of apocalypse.

If the number 2 State Department guy is right,

then the U.S.-israeli plan might be to attack Iran (and Syria) REALLY soon, then do what other dastardly deeds they plan on doing REALLY SOON afterwards, and then -- right before the election -- declare "Ha ha! Its over! Mission accomplished! We won!"

If this is the plan, then, of course, they'll create civil war all across the Middle East so as to weaken those countries and "protect" Israel, put in place systems to control all of the oil, etc. etc.

As to the U.S.-Iran-Syria meeting, don't they claim it's for the stated purpose of figuring out how to stabilize Iraq?

(Full Program) BBC - The Conspiracy Files: Dr David Kelly

This is quite surprising because it's not exactly a hit-piece, check it out before google probably take it down.

"...check it out before

"...check it out before google probably take it down."

Or the BBC loses the footage.

What's interesting to me

What's interesting to me about this is how it ends up siding with the official story while examining the contrary evidence in a serious manner. I don't necessarily agree or disagree with the conclusions they've reached on Dr. David Kelly as I haven't investigated this subject with any rigor at all, however it is striking that the character of this documentary is so different from the hit piece they did on the subject of US complicity in 9/11.

After seeing this I'm tending to believe the rumors that pressure was applied to the BBC to change the tone of their documentary.

Set-up for another WAR

Watch as Katie Kouric bravely touts the 911 omission recomendations and scares soccer moms about the next 911 on this recent youtube clip. Remember that this woman knows full well she is supporting a sham. ttp://

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I doubt mine will be approved. :-(

The USA needs to re-establish it's "moral authority".

without which global leadership is not possible.

And make no bones about it. Our movement has helped serve to put the brakes on them and on their plans, and on Cheney's 100 year perpetual war "for a generation" which is insane.

The next President's job will be to bring about a global peace, and to build a multilateral collaborative "new world order" within the framework of Civility, amidst an emerging interdependant "global village".

I think we'll see the next President openly apologizing for the insane Noecon foreign policy position of the last, and that there will be a flurry of diplomatic efforts to heal the wounds and to TRY to re-establish American Good Will in the eyes of the rest of the global community.

Meanwhile, the "PTB" that brought us 9/11, they will begin to try to utilize the spoils of their war-filled coffers, to leverage into place a top down, command and control TECHNILOGICAL infrastructure, to harness and control the masses.

Getting control over the Internet, that will be their next big project I would imagine. They want to create our reality, and within the psychological sphere, gain control over the levers of all manner of overt and covert forms of manipulation.

The "war on terror" will simply morph into something far more subtle and almost unfathonably more sophisticated IMO.

OT: please email your local news networks

If not you, whom?

We can't let the BBC bombshell get lost in the mix. I did something I haven't done for years today and emailed the CBC. I demanded to know why they haven't reported the alarming fact that the BBC is apparently psychic (not exactly in those words). I also asked why they have not reported on the equallly alarming fact that the BBC has "lost" all of their tapes related to 911.

I am not normally one for email campaigns but here is our golden chance to bring WTC7 front and center.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


I thought Dick said that if the wiretaps were in place before 9/11, it could have been prevented?

"It's the kind of capability if we'd had before 9/11 might have led us to be able to prevent 9/11." - Dick Cheney

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton