Devy Kidd's newest article, "911 Accountability Frustration Grows", can be found here:


Kidd is critical of certain aspects of the Chandler conference. Keep in mind that not all criticism is necessarily bad.

Follow the link above for the entire article. I have copied three paragraphs from near the end of her article here:.

"One thing for certain: a large number of participants at this conference belong to organizations that intend on taking this to the streets to build a big enough momentum that the 911 cover up can no longer be ignored by the political animals in Congress. They aren't afraid to get out there in the public's face to let them know there are serious questions regarding who was responsible for 911 and why we need a real investigation into the events of that day. Translated that means the ability of a grand jury or congressional committee to issue subpoenas and get to the real meat of the entire scenario including Enron, the anthrax attacks and Flight 93. The show down is coming and one can put money on the fact that Michael Chertoff, one of the most dangerous, evil men ever to head up any cabinet, is just lying in wait for the opportunity to unleash his dragoons on anyone who exercises their First Amendment rights.

911 has divided Americans in a big way. Those who believe the government's fairy tale despise people like me for asking reasonable questions and demanding a real, open investigation with the right questions being asked and the right people being put under oath [emphasis hers]. As with many others, I have received the most vile, hateful e-mail over the past few years calling me every name in the book because I have reasonable questions. The justification for the illegal invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, all these draconian laws and the worthless Department of Homeland Security are all based on the lies of 911. The stakes are high for corporate America filling their coffers off the war in the Middle East and the shadow government who pull the strings of corrupted politicians like John McCain. Below are links to information and free videos that I believe are important in unraveling this on-going cover up. All of my columns have links to more research and source documents."

As for that conference: there's no question these are dedicated Americans. They know the official story about 911 is a lie. They know as do I that 3,000 Americans were slaughtered that day and that those who planned and executed events are still free and still lying to the American people. So, I wish them well with their "progressive," "workers rights," social values" and other goals. However, 911 is an American issue, not a political one and I believe they would do better to confine their activities strictly to the science and provable lies regarding that day.

I appreciated this article

because I view it as constructive criticism where Kidd does point out disagreements with the aspects of the conference but it is clear that 911 truth has a substantial and articulate essayist's support. She has written many substantial articles on 9/11 truth.

The opposite critique is equally possible.

Someone posted about this recently but I don't remember where -- Truthers on the left end of the spectrum are frequently expected to tolerate exposure to "right wing" politics and their proponents -- Alex Jones (on social issues), John Conner, and so forth. And for the most part we do.

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Kevin Barrett

is not a Holocaust denier.

don't forget the new yorkers

don't forget the new yorkers that died in the months after

Indira Singh:

Basically, if you were elderly or had some kind of illness when 9/11 hit and you were living there, you probably didn't make it.

Manslaughter charges?

I know a lot of the corporations hired cleaners, undocumented workers, many of whom got horrifically sick, and died.


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The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001