The 911 Script and the Age of Terror
The 911 Script and the Age of Terror

Whitley Strieber
Wednesday February 28th, 2007

I must admit that I have been deeply shocked by a story that appeared today on my website, to the effect that the BBC reported the collapse of WTC Building 7 23 minutes before it actually took place. Previously, the BBC claimed that it had lost all of its 9/11 coverage, but this video has now surfaced. I watched it myself, and sat there with my blood literally running cold as I saw their reporter saying that Building 7 had collapsed while it was still visible behind her, perfectly intact.

Now, why wasn't this just a simple mistake? CNN was reporting rumors that Building 7 might be about to collapse an hour before it happened.

But the BBC reporter is clearly seen reading from a teleprompter. Obviously, she was reading something written on it, and not making up what would have then seemed to be a wild tale. In other words, she was reading a script, and that script had been put up on her teleprompter early. Not only that, she was sitting in front of a live image of the still-intact Building 7.

Somebody wrote that script and did so while Building 7 was still standing. How could they know that it would collapse, even if it was unstable, even if there was a fire in the cellars?

No, the author of the script did not think the building had collapsed. He knew that it would, and the statement was read early as a miscue.

If the BBC had not lost the video of that entire day, it would be easier to believe that this was some sort of a mistake. But the idea that an organization like the BBC, which prides itself on the record it keeps, would lose an entire day of some of the most historic footage it has ever shot is just very difficult to believe. It seems more likely that there was something on that footage that they wanted to bury.

As, indeed, there was.

I have long since abandoned the US media as a lost cause. Thank God we have the internet, because the American press are just a bunch of whores, frankly. I spent 45 minutes yesterday with CNN Headline News today, looking for news of Iran. 31 of those minutes were spent on Anna Nicole Smith, and the rest was fluff.

Pravda did better during the height of the Soviet Union. At least it didn’t insult the intelligence of its readers, but only bored them with its obvious lies. The American media goes it one better, by ignoring the real news and running the silly stuff. And the papers that should be doing better, such as the New York Times, have been singing the "no conspiracy here" song since the days of the Kennedy assassination. Because of what appears to be an almost surrealistic belief that people cannot do bad things in concert, they missed Watergate. And they are missing 9/11 as well. They all are, and, in the end, they will be abandoned by the public because their silence and refusal to investigate are, in effect, lies spoken without words on behalf of what is coming to seem a devastating and widespread conspiracy against the lives of thousands of people, against western civilization and against human freedom at the deepest level.

At present, virtually every street in Britain is watched by video, and there is a bill on its way into parliament that will ban public photography. Can you imagine, not being able to take a picture outdoors? What madness is this, what evil insanity? But it's real, and it doesn't end in Britain. Last October, without debate and in the dead of the night, the president was given the power by language buried in the budget bill to use the military as a police force within the United States, and to nationalize the National Guard without consulting governors. In other words, the Posse Cometatus Act of 1878 and the Insurrection Act of 1807 were usurped without a single word of debate and without the least whisper from the American press.

To its credit, the New York Times did pick up on this story recently, reporting the event on February 19, many months after it happened. But why wait? These two acts are cornerstones of American freedom, but they have gone the way of habeas corpus, sacrificed to what now appears to be a self-generated war on terror, the purpose of which could not be more clear: it is not to protect us, it is to take away our freedom and turn this country into a dictatorship, and its little sisters the United Kingdom and Australia into the bargain.

And the scale of the thing is terrifying. If the BBC was reading a script, as it must have been, then they were all reading scripts, and not one reporter has come forward, not one editor, and there is not a breath of suggestion in the 9/11 Commission report that any such thing might have been happening.

And yet, one cannot forget that there was substantial trading in puts on the stock of insurance companies and airlines prior to 9/11, and that some of this trading was traced to individuals who had been associated with the CIA, as Jim Marrs reports in the Terror Conspiracy.

One also cannot forget that Condoleezza Rice testified before the 9/11 Commission that the National Security Council was blindsided by the attack, even as the 11 memos warning of it that the FAA sent to her while she was its chairman were classified until after the last presidential election.

How long can this go on? How much more can we stand? I find it utterly fantastic that conservatives are not outraged about the usurpation of Posse Cometatus and the Insurrection Act, and the attack on habeas corpus, not to mention the wholesale use of torture and atrocity as a matter of national policy.

The Bush presidency is a burnt-out rump, it would seem, reduced to this odd recent practice of sending its officials into harm’s way in the apparent hope that any misfortune befalling them will gain it some sympathy, even as the president prepares for the future by buying a large estate in Paraguay. (However, he might have done a little more research about that country before he bought, given that the Colorado Party, which has been in power since it was set up by Nazi sympathizers and German immigrants in 1947, is now facing a serious threat from Msgr. Fernando Lugo Méndez, a populist bishop who is likely to win the next general election.)

And then there is the terrifying prospect that another 9/11 will take place, but this time one so terrible that we will all desperately cleave to authority in the hope of preserving our lives, no matter who we think might be responsible. Anything less than a nuclear attack on one or more American cities would drive Bush from office, because it would reveal his entire anti-terrorism apparatus for the gimcrack sham that it is.

And when I say sham, I mean sham. Right now, they are just getting around to installing equipment that would detect nuclear weapons being brought, for example, into the Port of Los Angeles—equipment that should and could have been in place every American port six months after 9/11.

So it's perfectly possible that nuclear weapons are already in our cities, and have been there for years. As the Bush presidency winds down, the only real question is, will they be used to bring the American people to heel, or will he choose the Paraguay option?

I used to believe that the Administration let 9/11 happen so that it could have an excuse to attack Iraq and destroy our freedoms. Condoleeza Rice ignored the FAA warnings because she knew that an attack would transform an unpopular president into a beloved leader—which it did...for a time.

Given this latest piece of news, I think that anybody who seriously thinks that the whole event wasn't carefully planned and fed to us as a scripted "news event" needs to have their head examined. It was planned, period. Otherwise this reporter wouldn’t have been announcing one of the disasters before it happened. It's inescapable.

This gets me to a subject I have been visiting for years, the Valerie Plame affair. As I write this, a Washington jury is deciding the fate of Administration scapegoat Lewis Libby. If he is convicted, it will be for lying to a grand jury and to the FBI, not for the real crime, which was revealing the agent in the first place. And, presumably, that will be an end to the matter.

But, hold on, it might be something similar to Condi Rice’s ignoring those FAA memos. How, you may ask? This is how: Valerie Plame was a non-official cover, which is a CIA officer working abroad outside of the diplomatic context. She was an "energy consultant" for a front company called Brewster Jennings & Associates, which was allegedly involved in, among other places, Iran. Shortly after she was 'outed,' there were brief stories here and there in the media to the effect that US intelligence in Iran had been compromised. Of course, the moment the Iranians discovered that the Brewster Jennings employees in that country were actually US agents, they would all have been rounded up.

Given the extraordinary fact that 9/11 now appears almost certainly to have been pre-scripted and therefore planned, dare we ask the question: was Valerie Plame's name revealed IN ORDER TO destroy our intelligence apparatus in Iran?

This would put out our intelligence eyes in a very crucial respect. It would make it impossible for us to find the vents and air intakes of buried Iranian nuclear facilities, meaning that we cannot send conventional bunker buster bombs down those points of access. As Iran has buried and hardened its crucial facilities against any conventional attack except one that uses those weak points, we have been left helpless. There is only one type of weapon available to us that will certainly disrupt the centrifuges crucial to the manufacture of U-235. They must be shaken so hard that they break, and right now the only weapon in any western arsenal that will guarantee this without causing massive collateral damage is a neutron bomb.

So, if somebody has been spoiling for a nuclear war--dare I say in hopes of inducing the Rapture--then the destruction of US intelligence capabilities in Iran would be the best possible way to gain that result. And the leaking of Valerie Plame's name might have been what would get that job done.

Too conspiratorial, Mr. Reporter? Time to snort derision at the internet nut? YOU do your homework--but of course you won't, because you report to an editor who is telling you to turn up your nose, and if you fight back, you'll lose your job. And as for that editor--who calls the shots in his life?

Well, that's easy, because we're now down to about twenty high-level managers across the whole American press! The outrageous flaunting of the Sherman Anti-Trust act over the past few years has enabled this situation to be engineered.

So, do we have a free media? Of course not. And will they continue to march to the tune of higher powers? Certainly they will.

And the situation is dangerous right now. It is very dangerous. A few days ago the president of Iran announced that his country would not stop its nuclear weapons program. Middle Eastern elements threatened devastating retaliation if Iran is attacked.

If it is attacked, and the attack is nuclear, then I fear that we can expect a nuclear attack in the United States, from a bomb or bombs that have been put in place, or allowed to be put in place, by our nation's enemies, who, I believe, are shockingly close to home.

If you want to know what will happen after that—well, I suggest you read the script.

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Too bad Strieber isn't

It looks like Stieber changed his mind slowly about 9/11, and the scholars group had a big impact on him.

He's a decent writer, it's too bad he's already associated with the fringe.

Whitley Strieber's site,

was the first place I heard about the work of Steven E. Jones. I used to read its message board quite often -- a lot of very independent thinkers there amidst the alien abductees and MK-Ultra survivors.

The fringe

is often simply a matter of context and perspective, and is always defined by the dominant culture.

9/11 Truthers have done a lot of in-depth study of the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, and therefor have a context and perspective that causes them to believe something that the dominant culture as reflected by the media find completely ludicrous.

Polls show, however, that the majority of Americans now believe some degree of complicity in 9/11 on the part of the Bush Administration.

The same is true for the UFO subject-- the majority of Americans believe that Earth is being visited by beings from elsewhere and that the gov't is covering it up (although it is almost certainly much more a private corporate matter, at this point). It's fun and easy to point to these polls when they agree with OUR fringe beliefs, but maybe they support the validity of some others as well?

I submit that if you are an intellectually curious AND honest individual, and you look deeply into the subject, you will come away knowing that there is a LOT to it. You won't be able to come to any but the broadest conclusions, but even those broad conclusions are incredible in their implications.

Read UFO's And The National Security State, by historian Richard Dolan, for a historical perspective.

My last blog post was by him, and is excerpted from a longer article on his website called UFO Secrecy And The Death Of The American Republic. Highly recommended reading.

Dolan started out to do a thesis on the history of the National Security State, but kept encountering very interesting official documents that made him eventually change his focus.

There is nothing simple about the subject, whatsoever. It is very, very complex. It deserves serious thought and inquiry, and not to be dismissed out-of-hand due to a priori assumptions or biases. Anyone who thinks they know The Answer, either skeptic or believer, is almost certainly wrong.

Having said all that, Whitley Strieber's article is excellent and well written, and really has nothing to do with his "fringe" interests anyway ;)

I agree

particularly with the last sentence in your post. In addition, I have read everything he has written on the topic of visitor contact, and would have to agree with the earlier part of your post as well. However, this topic is as taboo as "Holocaust revisionism" in terms of Truthers thinking it undermines our credibility, and I never discuss it here.

I agree with exactly

what casseia states. Psyops has done a good job of making various topics taboo so that they engender notions of silliness,stupidity,anti-americanism, etc. & ad nausea. So certain topics are not good for a movement to be associated with. But one should always investigate and in so doing will find the truth as Shakespear stated in Hamlet:
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."


Yes, it is. And that is very sad, although I do understand why and mostly stay away from it here as well, by very conscious choice.

But sometimes I see articles like these that make the overlap in the bigger picture so clear, and then I find myself self-censoring, and that doesn't feel right or honest, either.

It's really interesting to see the boundaries of acceptability of thought and discussion in different cultures. There's always something that's just beyond the pale, even when we ourselves are standing so far beyond the pale for so many.

Ah, but WE know better. Of course we do...

LOVE the Shakespeare quote :)

I have a weakness, of late, for these esoteric topics.

Especially ancient archeology / technology. The evidence that there was once a more advanced people on this Earth than we currently are now, much more advanced, goes ignored by mainstream Archaeologists.

David Childress - The Technology of the Gods - is a good starting point for the curious.

I also reccomend

Zecharia Sitchen....sp?

Excellent books describing his interpretation of the oldest text known.... the Summerian cuniform texts.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss


Oddly enough, I have yet to read any Sitchen (or Childress either, for that matter). I've mostly been interested in more recent "hard evidence and gov't docs" kind of material, but I do realize the subject must have a very long history, and I'd be interested to read some of what people think that history involves. I'm generally familiar with his ideas, and don't have an opinion about them either way. Perhaps it's time to add some of his material to my library, which runs the gamut from the seemingly utterly ridiculous fantasy to the afore-mentioned more concrete materials.


I don't like Sitchen myself (with all respect, JJJames.) I do like the work of Jacques Vallee, though, which connects these phenomena to things like "little people" that have appeared cross-culturally, throughout history.

Strieber's latest book is a novel called "The Greys" but like his novel "Majestic" it contains a huge amount of information drawn from real experiences (his own and others'), as well as his attempt to make some kind of sense out of it.


You don't buy alien intervention in human evolution?

or that there was a prior advanced civilization long before the history we know?

Or that by changing one translation you could drasticly alter the Bible?

What knowledge or history is the Illuminati keeping us from?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

The Controllers

One of my favorites on the topic:

Also Vallee's books Messengers of Deception and Revelations.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month



Vallee is one of my favorite authors as well, along with Dolan. I'm not sure what to make of Strieber's claims, although I don't believe he is making them up, really. The whole subject is just so bizarre and complex. If you have a mind that needs definitive answers about these things to maintain its sanity, it's best to stay away from the subject altogether ;)

I do believe that there were pre-historical high cultures, but I'll leave it at that because I haven't read enough to have any opinion beyond that.

I for myself was also interested in that area

but for me all paläo-sethi-theories like Sitchin and Co. were not convincing. No conclusive proof.

There was a high culture, indeed, I'm sure, but to explain that with extraterristical sources is more probably a sign of a patriarchy single-linear world understanding. Like, there could not be such a high culture before the patriarchy methods were invented, and there is only straight development of technically abilities, and todays world is the best of all.

My point of view: There was a global matriarchy, maybe with several thousand years of peace, and that brought this high-culture. For this hypothesis indeed exists evidence, like Marjia Gimbutas, James DeMeo and dozens more have worked out (especially here in the german language-part)

And then, maybe about 5000-7000 years ago, the method of reign was invented., That means, people who wandered through the desert areas became more violent and met the green area cultures in Sumer and enslaved them.

There are more hints one can imagine, if you accept this theory.

The first appearance of a "God" was Enki, in Eridu.
Eridu most likely lay at the bay from the Euphrat and Tigris to the Arabian See.
Eridu is also the oldest place of kings. The first concept of history was invented there, as list of reigning kings, as element of duration. (reign existed always)
Enki is god of snakes, vegetation and drinking water, (matriarchy occupied symbols)
This was the place with the first and oldest Zikkurat, a pyramid temple, only one meter high. Most likely for the new caste of priest, and probably for money changing (oldest business in the world- prostitution, was a form of beeing with the mater, a hand ful of wheat (a Schekel!) was stored in the temples in exchange for a Token and you could get it back with this act)
In Uruk, not 7 miles out to Eridu, the first money was found, the Tokens (Schmandt-Besserat)
There was also one of the oldest walls surrounding a city, next to Jericho. Why building walls?

The same time the fear as reign method emerged, via demons, look for it, the demon history begins there. Exactly there.

Just for the moment- that's so difficult for me in english...

That's a very interesting take on history

As I said above, I don't know enough about it to have an opinion, but I have heard of the idea that before the rise of what we consider the history of "civilized" man there were matrilinear "partnership" societies that were later destroyed by "dominator" societies.

Who knows?

I'm mostly interested in what can be documented in recent and current times, because the interpretation of symbols and language from other times and peoples is hugely subject to cultural and other biases that must inherently distort them.

Matriarchy, patriarchy...

how about we try fratriarchy next? A brotherhood of man, where it is accepted that both men and women have wonderful things to contribute. Count me in!

I like that!

Count me in as well :)

You still think of matriarchy

as a form of amazonian masterhood, don't you?

That's the problem. Ever since reign was invented by the patriarchy, we could not think otherwise.

It's not so. A matriarchy was maybe the highest devoloped kind of organiosation to today. Most of the principles some of us want to come were already accomplished then.

It's the deepest rootet conspiracy in the world. An especially the beruled believe in this system and don't want to change it- despite all the negative facts they know and the choose to ignore.

So then, if basically matriarchy = fratriarchy

let's use the non-sexist label, kay? Vibes much better.

I'm agnostic about UFOs.

I'm agnostic about UFOs. I'm just saying that telling people Whitley Streiber believes that 9/11 was an inside job won't be broadly helpful. The content of what he wrote seems thoughtful and helpful to me.

I agree

with your comments, re: Whitley Strieber.

I don't know how "helpful" I'm trying to be here, with these last two posts. Perhaps I'm more interested in seeing whether 9/11 Truthers can self-examine their own limits and assumptions. I'm not trying to be un-helpful, nor go off on a tangent crusade, but it's an issue I actually care about at least as much as 9/11 Truth, and I do see the two as very intimately connected. They both involve deep black levels of the corporate and intelligence world, and they both represent realities that turn deeply held assumptions upside down and could shift many people's paradigms fundamentally.

I'm not agnostic about UFO's, since I saw one very much up close and personal, along with my mother and stepfather. It was no more than 75-100 feet in the air, hovered directly over us, was DEAD silent, and then zipped off over the horizon in the blink of an eye.

I don't know whether it was from this planet, another planet, or anywhere else, but this was in 1978, and even if it occurred today and was provably terrestrial the implications would be huge.

I know many people who have seen similar things. Once you have, it changes your perspective on reality forever. None of us can prove our individual experiences, but when you put them into the context of the huge amount of data out there, they become a bit less unbelievable.

So... I am agnostic when it comes to origins and intents of UFO's, but not at all as to their basic reality as craft that defy the laws of physics as we know them. That is proven many thousands of times over, if you care to look at the evidence, physical (many types, from radar tapes to radiation traces to ground-impact traces, military and intel documents, anecdotal eyewitness, etc), with an intellectually honest eye.

Again, read UFO's And The National Security State for a perspective that puts both the UFO cover-up and the forces most likely behind 9/11 into a seamless whole. The reason for both are the same: hierarchical domination and control of energy resources and the power that is gained from that control.

My hope is that 9/11 Truth will open Pandora's Box on a whole lot of other but very much related subjects.

That may make me un-popular with other Truthers, but I believe in following the whole truth, wherever it leads, unflinchingly.

Bu again, I'm not unaware of the need for strategy, and that this is not an issue to try to marry to 9/11 right now, for the most part. My blog posts aren't meant to try to persuade anyone otherwise, just to hopefully provoke independent thought.

We have to realize at this

We have to realize at this point who has their foot in this fire because of 9/11. Among the many are the Mainstream Media.

This battle has just begun.

They have just as much riding on this as any other guilty of conspiring to destroy the WTC and kill thousands of innocent citizens of this country in order to take us into a never ending war against an invented enemy that we created.

They know where they stand on this issue. They are far more than just a witness to this crime. They are currently participants and contributors. They are just as guilty as any other.

In a war of information they have the perfect soapbox. So we come here, to the internet where we all have a voice. We all bring something to the table in this fight.

We communicate.
We learn.
We speak!

We have the greatest tool of the 21st century at our fingertips. The greatest invention possibly in the histoy of humanity as we know it.
Do we need cars when I can work from home?
Do we need airplanes when I can talk to someone across the world in a minutes time?
Do I need a television to know reality?

Do I need a bullhorn to spread my message?

We need to use this resource. It may be the most powerful weapon we have. Our words can change this world. We can move minds.

We can and will overcome those who are desperately trying to supress the truth. We must look at all those who have taken part in this crime and consider what they may be willing to do to continue to keep this buried.

We know why the Mainstream Media is doing their part. They are doing it because they were doing it from the time the first plane hit. They have been asked to answer to this and they can not. They will not expose this because they are all guilty.

It's up to us!

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Hear hear!



For the interesting/supportive comments, folks!

It's nice to know I'm not completely alone in these interests :)