Download media files

There's a torrent on Conspiracy Central. Sign-up is required, but it's quick and easy.

It is 42 GB, so it might take a while to download. I took a screenshot of the filenames (although I've just started downloading,
so I don't have anything complete yet):

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Another torrent:

BBC report on WTC7 too early - ORIGINAL FULL VIDEO -

Feel free to post other torrents in the comments


Great find, thank you!

42GB is a huge torrent though. Hopefully someone (you?) will start offering smaller sets, like say 2-4GB each.

If I ever get to 100%

we'll see what happens :)

A good idea would probably be to convert these files to xvid or divx, so more people would be able to download them. Reduce the file size, while still having decent video quality.

Bear with me on this

That's my torrent you're talking about. I'm trying to solve an internet connection problem right now, so I'm not getting the best upload rates on the 42 gigs. I'm currently trying to solve this. But I'm leaving this stuff online. Please be patient everyone.


thanks for sharing these files!

You're welcome! :)

I have another user helping me seed now. I sent him the files on DVD, so download speeds are dramaticly increased now. I never was able to solve my connection problem. Time to switch ISP's.

Download options

Thanks to everyone helping to share these files! I wonder if it might be possible to share some of them via http-accessible sites, such as I would even be willing to pay for space somewhere like or

My DSL at home is not so fast, and I can't access torrents from work. I can download from websites, however...

Just a thought.