911veritas BBC video - v.2

911veritas has created an updated version of his BBC video.

You can download it from 911podcasts here;

500 MB version 25m, 43s - right click and save:

Once you have it downloaded, please mirror if you can, and post a link below, once we have a mirror or two, we'll bump to the front page.

If you can seed a .torrent, please do.

The provenance for the original unedited video begins at the First Amendment Center in Washington DC.* According to this post, this video has been "archived" but not continuously available, since October, 2001;

March 01, 2007 10:18:32am

I apologize, I have started to understand more of the history of this collection (it started way before my time). There is an important correction to a previous post: the Television Archive is a separate not-for-profit from the Internet Archive.

I now understand that these materials were available, in streaming form, from October 11, 2001 (when it was launched at the First Amendment Center in Washington DC) for a couple of years. Unfortunately a datacenter move brought these down. The Internet Archive has been working, pro-bono (meaning free), to bring these back up in an appropriate way. When we can do a reasonable job of this, we will let everyone know. Until then, please be patient with us.

In the mean time, we hope the BBC is ok with our allowing some form of distribution of this key program. In which case we will do this immediately. Fingers crossed on that front.

Paul Hickman

Office Manager

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* But still, the call continues for 3rd party verification of this footage, to verify that the footage was not altered in any way before the Internet Archive got it.

Thanks Rep, 911Blogger and Everyone else...

Important Note : Version 2 contains NO copyrighted music and I am fully citing "Educational Critique / Non-Profit FAIR USE" policy for news footage.

So hopefully no grief there...

I have mirrored it (says unavailable, then comes back later) and posted it to USENET Binary Newsgroups.

More info : http://www.911blogger.com/node/6564#comment-120961

Maybe good to have a "bandwidth / dedicated server donation fund raising" section below the "Ad Fund Rasing" box...

Anyway, thanks all for helping get this out.

Best wishes

BBC responds some more

I posted this a blog entry, but no sign of it yet.. thought people would want to know:


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what a sick joke, especially with the #5 comment the last one...

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My comment:

The main point is that WTC7 was a perfect controlled demolition.

See Danny Jowenko, the leading durch demolition expert commenting:



There is no doubt about it:
First the Eastern Penthouse fell 2 seconds before the rest. Then explosion lightnings traveled the building up- the middle cracks downwards, and then it collapsed in 6.6 seconds, absolute symmetrically on its own footprint. And the dust! To archieve such a beautiful demolition you have to blow up the inner core columns first.

There is just no way that this building fell due to fire or the damage from the WTC1,2 debris. No 6.6 seconds, not symmetrically, not in its own fottprints (more likely toppling-over if ever)

"There are bombs in the building-start clearing out."


"It's blowin' boy." ... "Keep your eye on that building, it'll be coming down soon." ... "The building is about to blow up, move it back." ... "Here we are walking back. There's a building, about to blow up..."


And then the molten metal in the basement, see Fema Appendix C
, the high temperature sulfidation-oxydation, that no one had an easy explanation for, the NYT Glanz called it the "deepest mistery", and most likely the result of the use of Thermate, a highly incendiary explosive.

And then your foreknowledge, like Giuliani and the OEM before the Twin Towers fell.


And the media oblivion regarding WTC7. Heck, I have friend who denied a third building collapsed that day, they never heard of it.

No mention in the 911 Commission Report.

No result by NIST till today.

Don't we have every reason to be suspicious?

911 Veritas, please contact me

Bonnie Faulkner is interested in interviewing you for Guns and Butter.

Please write to me at mahko@majestysmonkey..com

Or email her directly at faulkner@gunsandbutter.net

You can get it here...

This will be up at least until 5 EST. It should be up until noon tomorrow.


slipgrid slipgrid com


that is slipgrid <at> slipgrid <dot> com

flv file

Here's a high quality flv file which is a much smaller download.


You will need flv player...


I'll keep these two file up forever if it doesn't kill my bandwidth. Anyway, they will be up until noon on Saturday.