Blog Wars Continue In Infowar

At the heart of last weeks Blog War between the infowarriors (and makers of and the BBC was arrogance. How arrogant of the BBC to dictate to a group starving for information about a perceived wrong that they were not smart enough or worthy enough to view said material. The truculent parent scolding with a meritorious sneer. The News Director for the BBC, Powers, let loose a low-bowl chundle at the like of Alex Jones. The meaningless arrogance of the infowars militia was appalling also in its unrehearsed, harsh and dillatorious foul mood. Their only attack was to scream louder.

The lack of statements from the responsible parties affecting digital changes to the story google, digg, the Internet Archive, youtube and the BBC itself- the speed with which the entire event transpired should give one pause. Just long enough to miss. Has the BBC actually managed to lose all its recordings of 911? What a facestious idea driven by some prim notion of copyright legalese. If only the infowarriors "streamed" rather than wholesale raided, it might still be there. I'd have shut my library doors against that hoodlum onslaught most days too.

Yet still, there was nothing public mentioned. This is worrysome. Although google and You Tube are certainly capable of managing copyright issues themselves, the issue around Digg is far also alarming as Charles from LittleGreenFootballs discovered this week when his identity or login details were abused by an LGF poseur.

The Internet Archive has been far quieter and more intricate in its dealings with the whole issue. Letters to the Archive remain unanswerd. No public announcements that there is a new curriculae for Scholarly research.

In the new Pantheon book'Surveillance' by Jonathan Raban, the main character Tad becomes genuinely outraged at the fiasco of the surveilled world of modernity... "bad guys whose badmness took his breath away...these crooked elect...what Tad felt was an adrenaline rush of angry elation."

If 911 taught the infowarriors anything it should have been that both the news, and history are lies.

A growing atmosphere of unease settles in now. Nuclear war in Iran and all that stuff. Do we see this one coming? Can it be stopped?

This Blog Battle about WTC7 has been set like the goofiest of operetta's. And the Old Crows heckle and jeckle on the perch. The howls of 'Attack' broadcast globally by Jones this week the perfect basso profundo underscore to the chorus gabble of voices setting upon each other like some mad bunch of pychotic lambs. Very quiet unless you're up close. Not the best hour for an infowarrior or journalist. And the right wolves? They do what they have always done. They look for meat. A meat worth preserving may be our only hope.

Spinoza wrote "Far better for the right councels of a dominion to be known to its enemies, than for the evil secrets of tyrants to be concealed from the citizens. They who can treat secretly of the affairs of a dominion have it absolutely under their authority, and, as they plot against the enemy in time of war, so do they against the citizens in times of peace."

Both the BBC and the info-warriors are a laughing stock. We are so easily maneuvered. Like blind-folded drunks at closing time, while the invisible bouncer plays ping-pong with our balls.

Raban also writes in 'My Holy Wars': "To live in America to be surrounded by the machinery of covert war, in which everyone must be treated as an enemy until they can prove themselves a friend. Peril ... but from what?"

Meanwhile, in London, Hussain Osman, one of the July 21 London pastry bombers, is up to his balls in an infowarrior Midnight Kitchen of his own making. It was flour in the bombs, he claims. Robert Baier's Cult of the Suicide Bomber has finally reached SNL proportions. The BBC has the latest.

911 was a crime. Justice for whom?