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Thanks, Heiner!

Good for the German's

Nobody in the US MSM will probably touch it.

Show "NO PLANE!" by Amanda Reconwith

Why is Amanda allowed to

Why is Amanda allowed to stay?

A fair question

And one that deserves an answer.

Contrary to dis-info you

Contrary to dis-info you might have heard at the JREF, 911Blogger does not remove accounts SOLEY because the person gets excessive negative points.

In case that was the reason you were wondering.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Maybe we can get Olberman to rip into it

It goes without saying that the BBC is on the hit list, and with a little effort maybe Keith Olberman can be inspired to dig in.
Here's a letter I just got back form the BBC.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wrote: Thank you for your e-mail regarding 9/11: The Conspiracy Files broadcast on 18 February.

Since other people have also contacted us about this and raised further points as well, it has been passed to this department for reply.

We are sorry that you felt that the programme did not answer your particular concerns about 9/11. Mike Rudin, Series Producer, The Conspiracy Files has written a blog which we hope will outline the difficulties in producing a programme on such a controversial topic. It is located here:

We would like to make it clear that we must ensure that our replies to everyone explain the BBC's position accurately and consistently, and therefore if different people contact us with identical or very similar points the BBC's response will naturally be the same in each case.

Nevertheless, thank you again for taking the time to contact the BBC with the strength of your views which have been registered and made available to the programme makers.


BBC Information
and my reply;
Thank you for your form reply, however you have COMPLETELY ignored my reference material so I send it again. The page I cite contains over 750 links by story title dissolving your ignorant claims that there is no evidence.

How conveniently you obviate the PNAC with your blanket statement "if we had found convincing evidence of a conspiracy before 9/11", and besides the brazen fact that there was NO proper investigation convicting Bin Laden, and a deliberate confiscation and destruction of evidence it's patently absurd for you to claim that
" we found a lot of evidence which supported the official version "
Since you claim to not have found any evidence supporting a conspiracy; HERE, I HAVE IT ALL COMPILED FOR YOU, THERE ARE NO EXCUSES NOW, LET'S SEE THE REAL STORY ABOUT THIS !!
With your recent production regarding 9/11 I must say that you have
scratched the surface of reality and need to do lots more research to
give a thorough coverage; it's the only responsible thing to do.
To that end I have a page built especially for gentlemen such as
yourself and your research.
It's comprised of over 740 links by story title, including linked
This is a valuable resource and I urge you strongly to just look this
page over, perhaps just scan the titles and find an area that you need
to be enlightened on; any story will do; you are completely unaware of
just HOW MUCH information you've missed or got wrong.

With all due Respects,
Reverend MV Goldsun

Let's not let go of this one fellas, we've got them by the short and curlies and they have the audacity to lie and worm their way out of it.

Perhaps we can petiton Mr. Olbermann ?

Can't hurt to send him a line; after all he IS the MOST outspoken member of the media to date !!

Contacting Keith Olbermann.

Good call Rev. I sent him a request. Not that hard when the link is right there. We'll see. Anyway. Thanks for the link. The movement grows slowly but surely.

Great News!

Now I just need to figure out how to read German

Don't worry

The only way you will have to read German is if Nazis take over this country...... and last time I checked we were Americans.

Every day we fight for our inheritance..... for our Freedom....I am more and more confident..... that is the way we will stay!

Together in Truth!
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Nazi and German is not the

Nazi and German is not the same,you do know that,right?


The Nazis had their own language?
Together in Truth!

Google's translation... 

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.... The people cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe." Thomas Jefferson

Apparently a Norwegian

Apparently a Norwegian Newspaper also has the story

being a Dutchie, German is no problem but Norwegian is too hard for me :P

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Thanks for the tip

It's a mostly impartial report of what has happened, although people who are critical of BBC are referred to as conspiracy theorists (no surprise there). And the BBC gets away with their excuse that tapes are missing, with no critical comments from the journalist.

It's followed by the usual heated debate, about 150 comments so far.

Translation from Norwegian

BBC cut the tower before it fell

On 9/11 the news giant reported the collapse 23 minuttes before it happened.

BBC's coverage of the terror attacks on 9/11 makes the conspiracy theorists rub their hands.

Now recordings, from the news channels live broadcast from that day,circulate on the net, and they show that the BBC reported on the collapsed of WTC7 before it actually happened.

WTC7 was a 47 storage high building, which stood just next to the WTC towers.The building collapsed 5:20 pm local time after debris from the twin towers sparked several fires.

The mystical part is that the BBC already reported live on the collapse at 4:57 pm.The recording from the live transmission is at the net site one can see the channels New York correspondent telling that the building has collapsed, even though you clearly can see the building standing in the background.

See the video in the bottom of the story

According to conspiracy theorists, this is of course a proof that the BBC were indirectly involved in the attacks on September 11.

Some claim that the collapse was planed and that the BBC received a press notice too early about it.

the net video has caused an email storming of the BBC, whom now feel a need to reject the accusations of the conspiracy theorists.

-We are not a part of a conspiracy.Nobody told us what to say or do on 9/11.We weren't told beforehand that the building would collapse.We didn't receive press notices or manuscripts before the events happened, writes Richard Porter in a blogg entry, who is the news editor in chief for BBC World.

Porter admits that the news channel could have reported on things that were mistaken or not precise that day,but that they based their reports the whole time on the best avaible information.

The news editor in chief now wishes to take a look at the recordings from 9/11, but then someone has to send it to him.Because the BBC haven't got the recordings any more.

-This is due to a mistake,not a conspiracy,Porter point out.


"According to conspiracy theorists, this is of course a proof that the BBC were indirectly involved in the attacks on September 11."

pfff :(

Czechs have some limited coverage too..

Hi, just found that one of the most influential internet daily in the Czech "Britske Listy" covers the BBC WTC7 as well. Not sure whether this is significant/necessary enough for the mods to make it entry on its own. But interesting in any case.. (if they leave it over the weekend it might clock even few more thousand visits)

Apparently they cover it in great detail incl. the timeline by, Porter's lies, FEMA/NIST, Larry PullerStein's escapades, etc. Rich links too..

As far as I understand it this is largely "media" and "establishment" critical outlet and it is being run by expat scholars in the UK and some local professional media guys..

It has begun..!

I KNEW that in a couple to a few days time that this story would begin to get picked up by the media outlets.

By early to mid next week we COULD see a second critical mass detonation of this rather extraordinary story.

P.S. Screw YOU BBC! lol Looks good on ya, ya 9/11 cover-up patsies. is in the Czech Republic, not Czechoslovakia, which hasn't existed for years.

The blisty story is a very big deal, as the Czech media has mostly been calling us nutters until now. The author does not come out and say it was explosive demolition, but it's pretty easy to see that's what he thinks. For example, he says that FEMA didn't even really believe its own explanation and deals with Jowenko. Plus he links to 9/11 truth, Jones and Hoffman. He also puts the boot into Porter for his response, which was apparently "somewhat hysterical and misleading".

Absolutely cracking write up. is one of the top alternative media in the Czech Republic (the add says 11,000 readers a day, which sounds about right) and focuses on the Czech media itself, so it tends to be read by media types.

btw, The New Pearl Harbor has been translated into Czech.

Hell's teeth

I just went through their archive and they've got quite a few 9/11 truth articles. A reasonably positive review of TNPH, "False Prophets of the New Left - the Case of Monbiot", "Flight 77 and Judicial Watch as a Disinformation Trap", etc., etc.

Somebody has even put subtitles on Press for Truth and got it show in a small cinema in Prague.

I am pretty surprised.

Hi Kevin,

Hi Kevin,
I'm amazed there are more Czech enabled posters overhere are you in the CEE region now, interested to establish "truther" contact ?


You are not alone here :)

Call to BBC, Jane Standley

I do appreciate his efforts..

but I do wish we had someone a little more intelligent sounding, and a little more.. eloquent, making these types of calls.

Thanks for posting that!

Is it just me, or did that second apologia have a rather shrill and desperate quality to it..?

I knew this was how they'd try to spin it, as this represents the ONLY POSSIBLE way to spin it.

Still, the probability that a mere five minutes after Jane's feed was interrupted, the very thing they were reporting, which had not happened yet, occuring in reality is rather astonomical, one would think...?

After all, who can predict when a 47 story steel skyscraper is going to completely and uniformly free fall to the ground as a result of some fire? Heck even FEMA indicated in their report that such a causation only had a "very low probability of occurance"..!

It's one HECK of a coincidence, if they are to be believed, that amid all the confusion of the day, that they randomly made a mistake which turned into a prophecy and an actuality just five minutes later...?!!! Amazing!

And the FEMA report was co-sponsored by the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). Word has it that even NIST, who STILL have not published their final report on the destruction of WTC7 are forced to consider the demolition hypothesis.

IMO, the biggest smoking gun of all, is the perfect uniformity and the free fall nature of the "collapse" at 6.5 seconds, where absolute free fall in a complete VACUUM from that height is 6 seconds..!

And their reporting on it was DEFINITIVE, and nothing like these other reports. They said that it had indeed collapsED.

Sorry Mr. Porter. Your explanation does not pass muster.

Oh and care to explain why Google Video and Youtube were persistently pulling the videos earlier this week when the video in question is public domain..?

there were explosions reported by eyewitnesses in building 7

at 5 min 12 sec you'll see the guy telling ABC News 7 about the explosion that blew him and "Mr. Hess from the corporation council back into the 8th floor." What isn't commonly known is that it was the 8th floor of building 7.

The guys' names are know but I don't have that handy. They both claim that emotional trauma prevents them from remembering what happened.

Anyway, here's a good thing to review as we prepare to refute the new report...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


WTC7 analysis

Anyway, here's a good thing to review as we prepare to refute the new report...


Good post.

I think they're going to have one HECK of a time attempting to explain both the uniformity of collapse and the speed of collapse, particularly given the way the building was constructed.

It's my understanding that there is also official public record documentation of *unexplained evaporation of steel* which is something that could only be produced by high temperature demolition explosives.

My mail to the crooks

so far not published, as I see...

The main point is that WTC7 was a perfect controlled demolition.

See Danny Jowenko, the leading durch demolition expert commenting:

There is no doubt about it:
First the Eastern Penthouse fell 2 seconds before the rest. Then explosion lightnings traveled the building up- the middle cracks downwards, and then it collapsed in 6.6 seconds, absolute symmetrically on its own footprint. And the dust! To archieve such a beautiful demolition you have to blow up the inner core columns first.

There is just no way that this building fell due to fire or the damage from the WTC1,2 debris. No 6.6 seconds, not symmetrically, not in its own footprints (more likely toppling-over if ever)

"There are bombs in the building-start clearing out."

"It's blowin' boy." ... "Keep your eye on that building, it'll be coming down soon." ... "The building is about to blow up, move it back." ... "Here we are walking back. There's a building, about to blow up..."

And then the molten metal in the basement, see Fema Appendix C
, the high temperature sulfidation-oxydation, that no one had an easy explanation for, the NYT Glanz called it the "deepest mistery", and most likely the result of the use of Thermate, a highly incendiary explosive.

And then your foreknowledge, like Giuliani and the OEM before the Twin Towers fell.

And the media oblivion regarding WTC7. Heck, I have friend who denied a third building collapsed that day, they never heard of it.

No mention in the 911 Commission Report.

No result by NIST till today.

Don't we have every reason to be suspicious?

this is obviously what they

this is obviously what they were going to say.

And it would be a fine explanation, if it wasn't for HOW World Trade Center 7 fell.


Precisely. It's the actual occurance of the destruction of the WTC7 five minutes later which makes their reporting of it before it happened so "problematic"..

News people were obviously being fed this explanation in advance so as to create a suspension of disbelief when it actually occured.

When you really look at all aspects of 9/11, you come to appreciate the level of evil genious involved, and that way that appearance and common sense was morphed throughout the psy-op in such a way that Ockham's razor was employed before hand, by design, to trump the laws of physics, and the rational faculty of common sense. They employed the psychological facets of "the Big Lie" to maximal advantage on every front so as to replace the reality , with the myth. Professor Leo Strauss would have been proud..

"The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear"
Part One: "Baby it's cold outside"
Oh - This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by BBC Worldwide Ltd.

It's been pulled..

9/11 Truth goes to the Oscars

9/11 Truth LA was well received at last Sunday's Oscar for Peace rally, sponsored by Military Families Speak Out. There are a couple clips where my United 93 and Charlie Sheen signs can be seen. However, I was aiming for the cameraman standing center, and not the one off to the side. There may be only a couple seconds where the entire signs can be read. I hope that additional video or photos turn up. If anyone finds any, please post. You will find two clips at in the videos of Rick Jahnkow and Ed Ellis.

After the demo, I found a great spot where the limos were lining up (4 lanes). The red carpet stars had probably already arrived, but I know there were lots of celebs behind those tinted windows. Kudos to Nicole Kidman. At least she rolled down her window and smiled while she was stopped in traffic. There could also be pictures of my signs with limos in the background.

If I had more LA Truthers working with me, we could come back with some pictures worth posting. Most of the time, it's just me, or me and Zan. I am trying to get our core group here to see the importance of v-i-s-i-b-i-l-i-t-y. There are two things coming up for Truthers in LA this month, besides Irvine. George H.W. Bush at the Music Center, 7 PM, March 12 demo. Some may even be going inside with a ticket (still available). I have info on half-price tickets. And anyone who wants to march with 9/11 Truth LA on the 17th, get in touch! Also want to have a presence whenever the candidates swing through town.

Louder Than Words head to LA for final production of LCFC!

from Dylan's blog

On the road again...
Ladies and gentlemen, this Sunday, we leave for Los Angeles to begin production on Loose Change: Final Cut.

That's all I can say. Stay tuned.

Upon release of "Final Cut"

...I'm going to go out on the town and CELEBRATE!

For on that day, our movement will truly have surpassed any conception of what it means to have reached "critical mass".

Then it will be time to begin marching in unison with cries for a new invesitgation, whether we actually want one or not, since it's hard to fathom how it could be done independantly, impartially and objectively, and with the required supeona and indictment powers that could only be granted by the Justice Department.


Please tell me yes. I read one post when the BBC story was breaking that said this new development will be included in LCFC.

Don't know for CERTAIN, but yes I do think it will.

Don't know for CERTAIN, but yes I do think it will.

I've watched Dylan's work closely, and the goings on at the LC Forum, and every indication that I have is that indeed it will be included. Can't NOT be really..

Also, what we'll find in LCFC will be lots of background info and framing on the false flag cover aspects like the training and monitoring of the patsy hijackers aka Able Danger, the ISI connection and whatnot, along with info on the Anthrax attacks, etc.

It's going to offer all the hard evidence as well AS the background framework, like that found in Sander Hicks' "The Big Wedding".

It should also be noted that David Ray Griffin has been involved as a consultant throughout the project continually combing through and tweaking the script, and he has a first rate mind when it comes to the rational analysis of the events and the sequence of the events, and the rational, objective proof of inside job.

IMO it will be the greatest real life historical documentary HORROR flick, ever made. It will leave no doubt, will be very very "tight" with little for the sceptics and the debunkers to get a handle on. Pure speculation about things like cruise missiles and the like will NOT be in the film. Like I said, it will be VERY tight, and no doubt the best 9/11 truth film, ever.

Also, if I get my wish, which I've communicated through to Dylan repeatedly (and he's never once replied poo-pooing the idea), the voice over narration (which will not be done by him for FC) will also be done in multiple languages for our friends in Europe and around the globe.

nice work, Randy!

thanks for the report - try to get some pics of your signs, they sound great 

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

look and see

They can be seen in the clips above. I will probably retire the United 93 sign, but Charlie Sheen will ride again! Zan made 'em for me. I'd like to thank the Academy for recognizing United 93 for the piece of shameless propaganda that it is. It was only up for Best Director, and didn't win that either.

More from Germany

Add it to the list pls.!

mods pls. add it to the euro coverage list in the front of the article!

What's really annoying is

What's really annoying is that none of those articles is blaming the BBC or suggesting that maybe WE are the ones who are right.
They write stuff like "The rumors say that the journalist announces the collapse before it actually happened".....HELLO ???? You got the videos, take a look....there is your proof .

I do agree. Well, I'm pretty

I do agree. Well, I'm pretty familiar with the allowed levels/limits for criticism in german speaking media against the "ally U.S."
You need some real deep shit like fiasco in Iraq etc. to move even the centrist politician to some meanigfull oposition.

The political/business elite of US/Germany is pretty much interconnected..

I'm worried that Sibel Edmonds is right that on the whole 9/11 plot is cca 15 governments plus some criminal networks. So if you substract some countries from the Middle East there are quite a few which must be from western Europe then..
And Germany with Atta and his Hamburg cell plus his friend Bohringer and all these "nazi" legacy networks is almost certain candidate to be part of it.

everybody,click on the

Everybody,click on the second link by Triklops, and go to the bottom of this German article and click "Lesensvert" +3 ( worth reading +3) points for the subject,in my opinion. It's only got 0.59 point in average now.That looks like people aren't interested. Feel free to manipulate..

here's the link again:

"Big Explosion from much, much lower" - BBC
Ignorance is NOT Bliss