Time for a new addition to the 911 lexicon

The term 'mainstream media', though innocuous, is misleading as it fails to draw attention to the covert yet highly effective censorship exerted by the corporate interests controlling the mass media. It is therefore pleasing that 'corporate media' is being increasingly used instead.
However, the latest BBC fiasco shows that even this term is inadequate, since the BBC is not owned by a private corporation. Though ostensibly independent, the BBC's ability to predict the fall of WTC 7 shows that it has covert links to the Blair government and therefore to the White House. In any case, the distinction between the corporate and the political world is, particularly in the United States, extremely blurred.

Accordingly, I propose the introduction of a new addition to the 911 lexicon: the GOVPORATE MEDIA an abbreviated form of government-corporate media.

"The controlled press" rolls off the tongue so much easier.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

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I have another addition:

From now on, let's refer to propaganda as "sauce bernaise", in the spirit of Edward Bernaise, and of course the tasty gravy everyone loves.

"Govporate" sounds like mixing up Gorbachev and Pravda, to me anyway. "Corporate" fits well enough, and it does illustrate their true loyalties, which is what we're after.