WTC7 ,The Smoking Gun video, contains BBC's collapse footage

This video sums up all the evidence for the controlled demolition of Building 7 and should convince anyone but the die hard skeptics. It contains all known footage of the collapse, including BBC's footage that was broadcasted on the evening of september 11th on 'Newsnight'.

Very good video. I wasn't

Very good video. I wasn't aware of Craig Bartmer testimony...

It would worth editing to add the BBC World Early Scoop.

It was Craig Bartmer and his rescuers...

I was thinking of when I added this screen to my vid (12 secs in version2).

Great vid, best wishes

*** EDIT ***

Just finished watching it ALL...

WOW... I wish I would have had that vid in AVI / MPEG format last weekend, I would have just added it to the end of the BBC vid as is...

That was PUKKA :-)

Excellent work!

It's all in there, very nice.

Very nice presentation on the demolition of Building 7

Definitely recommend passing this link on to friends and family.

Thanks, arie!

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Excellent video

If you’re still adding things, then these are just some thoughts for slides to go with the NIST quotes from Ground Zero Grassy Knoll (@ 8:10)

May 2002 – What did FEMA say about the collapse of Building 7

“the best hypothesis has only a low probability of occurrence”

July 2004 - What did the 9/11 Commission Report say about the collapse of Building 7?


The 9/11 Commission Report failed to mention the collapse of Building 7.

NB: I’m 99% certain of this, but can someone please confirm it?

August 2006 – Quotes from NIST FAQs:

The current NIST working collapse hypothesis

This hypothesis may be supported or modified, or new hypotheses may be developed, through the course of the continuing investigation.

It is anticipated that a draft report will be released by early 2007

Thanks for the compliments!

I made this video before the whole BBC WTC7 'cock up' thing. A new edit is in the works that will incorporate your suggestions and the new BBC footage.

The BBC Newsnight programme is available as a torrent on Conspiracy Central:

Add the "Cock-up" and we can send it everywhere

Yes, this will be the ultimate "wake-up" video. Upon completion it should be unveiled in such a way that it too spreads like wildfire. Coming out on the heels of the BBC "smoking...jump the gun" video, it will provide a more complete look at 7 which I believe has convinced more of 9/11 TRUTH than any other single aspect. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will help promote it any way I can.

what he really meant to say was

"I remember getting a call from the uh fire department commander, saying THE BUILDING WAS IN DANGER OF COLLAPSING. And I said, you know, we've had such terrible lots of lies, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it out and let nature take its course. And so they made that decision to pull it out and made the building come down hard, baby"


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