Austin 9/11 Truth Now

Join us EVERY Saturday 1-5pm @ Texas Capitol in Austin

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This is a peacefully determined stand for our rights.

We believe that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB. We believe that our government had specific knowledge concerning the attacks on the World Trade Center prior to September 11th 2001. As such, we hold that our “elected” leaders could have and should have, taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our citizens and preserve the integrity of our military, both overseas as well as on our own American soil.

We believe that the 9/11 Commission Report is concocted propaganda and was written with that intention. The official story is scientifically inept, yet the Bush administration will not even speak of reopening the Investigation, nor will it hear the plight of the families of 9/11 victims that have demanded the truth for over 5 years.

We believe that WTC 1, 2 and 7 were brought down by controlled demolitions, not as a result of a fire. We have been witness to the corporate controlled media blackout concerning the truth about 9/11. We have seen our nation coerced to give up Freedom for security, through the reporting of false flag terrorism and we have experienced the consequent dissemination of these lies through our active vigilence and on going research. We have read our Constitution, we know our rights and we have had enough.

We maintain that The President of the United States of America, did, knowlingly and willfully distort the facts of written history concerning foreign relations in Iraq in order to fulfull an alternative objective. We maintain that in lieu of an intellectual conversation with the world and his own country, this President chose to go to war without the support of our congress, without the support of our citizens and under the false pretense that a sovereign nation possessed weapons of mass destruction, which they did not. George W. Bush has committed treason. He is a war criminal; he is guilty of illegal and inhumane acts of violence and torture against citizens abroad, as well as his own, here in the United States.

We have assembled to hold George W. Bush and his administration accountable for their acts of terrorism against their own country. We will defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic. We are taking a stand for our Troops, we will not tolerate the destruction of their families. We will not concede while the use of depleted uranium mutates our soldiers chromosomes causing deformities and life long turmoil in their children…as well as the children of Iraq. We do not accept the gross neglect of our Veterans returning from war, subjected to a lifetime of nightmares, forced to live in the streets. We will not stand and watch, while these brave men and women…your friends, your husbands, your wives, your brother and sisters, your mothers and fathers, fight and die for a LIE.

We will be located at the front gates of the Texas Capitol EVERY Saturday. We will be wearing black Investigate 9/11 Tshirts - if you do not have a black shirt it's not a big deal - come as you are regardless - for it is your voice and your knowledge, not your clothing, that is more important.
***We do think it presents an organized, united front when we all have the same color on. For those concerned with the Texas heat index, we will begin wearing white as summer approaches.

We will have flyers and DVDs to pass out. We will have signs also, but they are limited - so we encourage you to get creative and make your own. Remember we will be interacting with young children as well so no profanity please.

We will be speaking to people on the street. We ask that you be calm, friendly, approachable and compliant with the APD Protest rules. We do not condone sarcasm. We want our fellow citizens to feel comfortable asking dumb questions. We want to allow others the same freedom of speech.

We are making a commitment right YOU and to our country. We WILL be there every Saturday @ 1PM. We want to stand up for our disappearing rights. We want to let others here in Austin know that we are unafraid to speak out and spread the Truth. We shall stand together, as patriots, as brothers and sisters, fighting for fairness, justice and freedom...fighting for our lives, until we have amassed a crowd that cannot be silenced by this fear any longer. We hope that you will stand with us.

Thank you for your time,

Michelle, Joseph and DeLynn

Stand for something.