Back to basics

While interest swirls around the important BBC report and the source question remains promising, has anyone really made an effort to identify the company and individuals potentially responsible for the controlled demonlition itself. Were, for example, the "consruction workers" who were leaving the area prior to the collapse ever interviewed? Have the limited number of firms able to do this kind of work ever questioned? One would assume there would be a paper trail of some kind... Where are the next Woodward and Bernstein when we need them?

Th hottest trace I know

I do not believe that you have to hire a company

for an intelligence-military operation.

But as the contractor for the clean up in the Oklahoma bombing and the WTC was the same one, and this company has indeed a long history and experience in demolitions and were expert on this, I'll bet they can see signs that point to an controlled demolition in the wreckage.

It's up to you what this means.

For other possible company accomplicity please watch "Who killed John O'Neill"