BBC Choice News Special from September 12, 2001

I recently discovered this "BBC Choice News Special" that aired on September 12, 2001. Some of the footage was new to me and some was not. There are multiple eyewitness accounts of explosions within the clip.


Pulled from the archive @

Stream below:

real 56k

Also this clip which has

Also this clip which has Steve Evans of BBC (in NY) stating "another explosion happening as we speak".

The video being displayed appears to be of Washington D.C and I am unsure of the time frame except that it is after both planes had struck..

Original link :

real 56k

Here is a .zip file containing both files above in .ram format as well.


Good work!!

I am really impressed and inspired with the spate of video finds , just shows anybody and every body can make a difference.

Why aren't more people

intersted in and commenting on this. It's as if we have an aversion to video evidence here at 911blogger. I mean most of this footage has been sitting around for years , and I'll bet there's even more incriminating footage to be found .we must encourage everyone to analyse a chunk of the greater archive.

I wasn't able to play the

I wasn't able to play the clip using *any* of the applications on my PC ("Unsupported format" etc), but I encourage everyone to confront BBC with any new evidence, especially if it is provided by them. :-)

This link above has both clips in Real Player Format and both play here. You just need Real Player to view them.

If anyone is able to convert them so they can be uploaded to stream that would be greatly appreciated.