Beit Shalom Ministries Begin Historic Walk Across America


Activists Protest Christian Support of the Wars and the September 11th Cover-Up


Today, March 1st, 2007 was a historic day that went completely unnoticed by the main stream media in Denver Colorado. September 11th questioners have become accustomed to such blatant disregard, so I felt that call to “be the media” with this article for my friends, Brother Raymond and Brother Elliott. This is what should have been, but was not reported on by the Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News, and other media outlets in the Denver area.

Today, these young truth seekers embarked on a journey which will not only test their physical endurance and mental clarity, but will also call on them to rely more heavily on their faith than at any other time in their lives. After a two hour rally on the capitol steps in Denver, Brother Raymond and Brother Elliott began their Denver to D.C. Walk for Truth in protest of the illegal and un-Constitutional wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the crimes of 9-11 and subsequent cover-up.

I first met Brother Elliott not long after I went public with my 9-11 activism here in Colorado. I was impressed with his enthusiasm for the truth, and specifically for 9-11 truth. I was also impressed with the fact that Elliot was only 19 years old when we first met. Elliott contributed much time in our efforts here in Northern Colorado, helping to organize town hall meetings, video screenings, burning DVD’s and more. When he broke off from our group to do other things, I fully supported his decisions, but his help was very much missed.

I met Brother Raymond in 2005 when he approached me about helping our now well established group, Colorado 9-11 Visibility. Every year in Fort Collins Colorado, they have a big street festival called West Fest. Raymond had reserved a booth on the street, a cost of $300, and offered to share it with Colorado 9-11 Visibility free of charge. We gratefully accepted and brought all our signs, banners, and of course, flyers and DVD’s to the booth for the weekend long event. We talked to hundreds of people over that weekend and gave out over 600 DVD’s. It was amazing the reception we were getting, as it was about this time that public attitudes toward 9-11 truth were becoming much less hostile. Brother Raymond again offered his booth the following year in 2006.

Raymond and Elliott recently approached me and told me of their plans for a protest walk across the country to protest the wars. I was not surprised to hear that they were including 9-11 truth on their platform. I also was not surprised to learn that they were aiming their message at Americans who identify themselves as Christians. This is perhaps taking from the lead of Dr. David Ray Griffin, who in 2006, published his book Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9-11, which was targeted at Christians who support the regime of G.B. Bush. The brothers, as indeed does Dr. Griffin, recognize the need to educate the “religious right”, which are unilaterally credited with giving the majority of the support to the regime. I was excited about their plans, knew that they would indeed carry through with them, and interviewed them both on my program, Visibility 9-11 to give them much needed publicity. This program was low on popularity, perhaps because of the religious tone, but nonetheless, and whether one identifies as religious or not, one cannot deny the importance of appealing to this particular segment of American society as it represents the core of support for the current regime.

Funding for this journey is vital, and even though Brother Raymond sold his business to help with the expenses, it would not be enough to complete their protest march. To help with the expenses, the brothers have produced two new documentaries. When Brother Elliott first told me that they were working on some new films, one on the Iraq war and one on 9-11, I was somewhat skeptical of what the final product was going to look like. Video production is not exactly easy and I was not aware of any other films they had made. I took a wait and see approach. When Elliott phoned me and wanted to interview me for the 9-11 film, I was like, sure, c’mon over. I honestly didn’t take it very seriously but still gave him what I thought was the best interview I had. A week after Elliott interviewed me for the 9-11 film, they had a fund raiser and screening of the Iraq documentary they had produced titled Iraq; The Death of Reason. I attended this function and was very impressed with the job they had done. A week later, they had the 9-11 film finished, 9-11; The Birth of Treason, which contained portions of interviews with Dr. Steven E. Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Dr. Kevin Barrett, and myself. I was astonished at how quickly they produced these films and how nice of a job they did. I recommend them not only for their content and their target audience, Christians, but because this is in part how they are funding their walk across the country. They can both be viewed for free at the links above. Purchasing them through the Beit Shalom Ministries website is optional if you feel the need to support their efforts. I hope that you will do this.

I found out last week that the brothers were holding a rally at the capitol in Denver to kick off their journey. I wanted to be there, and despite it taking place on a work day, I took the day off to attend the rally. As I thought about the rally, and the walk, I thought to myself , “Wow, that’s a long way to walk ”. But I also thought that without actually doing it, one would never be able to imagine just how LONG of a walk this would be. Despite this, I decided I wanted to walk the first couple of miles with them in a show of support and to try to appreciate what the brothers are doing. Not knowing Denver all that well, I figured I would park my truck along their route out of town, walk down to the rally, and then begin the walk with them as far as my truck. As I began walking, I quickly realized I had parked A LOT further away from the capitol than I had originally planned. I didn’t attempt to measure it but we figured it to be 4-5 miles. By the time I got to the rally, I was feeling the distance...and this was maybe 5 miles So all in all, I walked maybe 10 miles yesterday to help them kick off their journey, and not being used to walking this far, I have to say that I will probably sleep pretty good tonight. Try this sometime. Go out and walk 10 miles. If you are not used to walking this distance, you will gain an appreciation for the magnitude of this journey.

As we walked east on Colfax Avenue carrying big signs, we got many, did I say MANY, very positive responses not only from people in their cars who were honking and giving us thumbs up, but from people walking up and down the street and in businesses, who went out of their way to come and talk to us, Brother Raymond handing out copies of the 9-11 DVD to all those interested.

As we got to Jackson Street, which was where I had to depart North to my truck, I said goodbye to the brothers. I offered a short prayer asking for divine protection and provision for these two who were so boldly going out of their way for truth, justice, accountability, and faith. One of their main slogans reads, “Real Christians Don’t Choose War”, and in demonstrating their opposition to the war and the 9-11 cover-up, they choose to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their own personal brand of activism.

As I watched Brother Raymond and Brother Elliot continue eastward on Colfax Avenue, I thought to myself, “I hope they know what they are getting themselves into.”. But as I thought about it more, I answered my own doubt, thinking, they absolutely do know what they are doing. In the haste of my thought about the safety of my friends, I had overlooked the fact that this is a journey of faith and love. It’s a journey to bring light to lies and injustices committed by a government which is supposed to represent us. It is a noble endeavor which could be a lesson to us all. I certainly don’t think that this walk for truth is a mistake, but it reminds me of something my dad used to say to me. He used to tell me, “You show me a man that isn’t making mistakes, and I’ll show you a man that isn’t doing anything.”. Brother Raymond and Brother Elliott, whether you believe in their message or not, are teaching us all a lesson. That lesson is to follow your heart and do something to save our country.

For more information on the Denver to D.C. Walk for Truth and the two new documentaries by Beit Shalom Ministries, Iraq; The Death of Reason and 9-11; The Birth of Treason, and to learn how you can support this effort, visit their website at

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Walk 10 miles?!?!

You're crazy.

Good luck Elliot and Raymond. Let us know when we're supposed to meet you.

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Real Christians Dont choose war


Bush is NOT a christian!!!

He is hiding behind the relgion, like catholic preists did in order to steal trust.

He is evil!!

neither were the Romans?

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thanks for the article, Michael 

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thanks for posting it,

thanks for posting it, they're a good couple of guys, I've had some contact with them over the last 6 months.

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What an amazing journey they are embarking on. I hope that Truthers come out to walk with them, and that they get press along the way. May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be at your back.

I just found out about this

I just found out about this tonight and my heart is already on the road with them! Maybe they could get on the Peter Mac Show ( on their trip. While I haven't looked up their route on a map, I don't think Independence MO will be too far out of their way.

P.S.: I'm watching "9/11 Birth of Treason" and I have some comments about it, but I'm unable to pull up so I'm going to put my comments here.

1) The narrator asserts at about the 23:30 progress mark that the air response on 9/11 may have been "confused" by the drills taking place. This is not rational. Any such confusion is evidence of utterly criminal reckless disregard for human life on the part of whomever arranged the drills. PRIORITY ONE in any such drill would be to run it in such a way that it would NOT have a negative impact on the LIFE AND DEATH mission-critical functions of the air traffic control and air defense systems. I cannot overstress this point! As a former "computer guy" who once supervised and implemented a physical move of my entire company's computer and phone systems from one business location to a new one, I know firsthand the importance attached to minimizing downtime and ensuring the availability of the information systems. And that was just for a small company with no lives at stake in any way. To imagine this kind of careless dereliction of duty at the top of the FAA and/or NORAD, where every day is a matter of protecting thousands of lives at every moment, is literally impossible. NO @#$@$#)^ WAY. If there was any such confusion, it absolutely had to be planned.

As an example, we have often heard the snippet of 9/11 conversation wherein one man asks another for "some F-16s or something" and the other man asks "Is this real world or exercise?" This is supposed to be evidence of this much-ballyhooed "confusion". But what happened next? The question was IMMEDIATELY answered. NO significant delay occurred here; the "confusion" was promptly cleared up within 5 seconds, exactly as we should expect.

So where is the evidence of all this alleged "confusion" accounting for many minutes of delay? I believe this is a TOTAL fabrication, utterly fictional. If you can't produce some good evidence of this confusion, I would suggest revising the movie on this point. The default presumption must be that whoever was in charge of implementing these drills knew well that they absolutely could not under any circumstances impair the functioning of our air defenses, and any assertion that they failed to take that into account in their implementation is essentially verging on slander or libel.

2) Remember Mineta's testimony! The account of Cheney's morning given in the movie doesn't reference it.

3) Just after the 32 minute progress mark the narrator asserts that WTC 7 wasn't "hit by any planes or debris" but all accounts I've heard state that it was hit by debris from the collapse of 1 & 2, as is shortly mentioned in the film! The extent of the damage from that is disputed but numerous reports state that it was extensive, tearing a hole in the south side of the building for as many as 20 floors. This needs to be corrected.

Also, the photo that is shown of the damage to the SW corner of WTC 7 is considered fake by a number of users. I've seen discussion of this in the threads just prior to this one; if you can't find it let me know and I'll look for it again. (The photo is compared to another photo of WTC 7 so it's pretty easy to spot this discussion.)

4) The SEC is also a former WTC 7 tenant, and there are reports that all their data was lost without backup. Personally I find that absurd, but in any case, the SEC should IMO be mentioned in the tenant list given around the 36:30 progress mark, because of the huge financial significance. (Follow the money!)

5) At 1:04:30 progress, "Philadelphia" is misspelled, and the date in the on-screen text (1991) doesn't match the date spoken by Griffin (1999). A quick web search verified that your text is right, but it might be wise to make a note of the discrepancy for the viewer, to avoid the appearance of sloppiness.

6) Odd little glitch: In the Google version at least, there's a frame of "Chapter Three" text at the very beginning of the video. It doesn't last long once playback begins, but that's the frame that comes up first, as the video is starting to buffer for playback.

7) At the 1:10:41 progress mark the word "opportunities" is misspelled.

8) Just after the 1:17 progress mark, both Griffin and Jones mention the 9/11 commission's omission of WTC 7. While that's factual, it's beside the point: the statute creating the commission didn't include peripheral issues such as WTC 7 in its language, only the "terrorist attacks". WTC 7 was not regarded as having been attacked by terrorists, ergo it was not within the scope.

The omission is still worth noting, because either way, WTC 7 wasn't investigated at all by the commission, and that's the ultimate point being made, as Jones explains. However, this is really a shortcoming of the underlying statute, not of the commission, and IMO that's a distinction which should be noted in the interest of fairness and accuracy. Well, accuracy, at least. ;-)

9) At 1:23:47 the narrator calls Tim Roemer "Tom Roemer".

10) No correction here, just a note to say that the Isaiah passage and the story about St. Paul's chapel near GZ is verrrry interesting! I hadn't heard any of that before.

OK, that's all. Good job on the film and best wishes for your trip!

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"