floor by floor audio of detonations

The sound of these sick bastards blowing these innocent people up makes me extremely angry.......please send this to your representative in gov and let them know that you know they know

Not The Real Audio

That is dubbed audio from a source unknown.

your evidence of it being

your evidence of it being dubbed can be found where?

I'm and audio engineer and I went over it for hours....even the time delay for the massive chunk hitting the ground in correlation to where the camera man is located is spot on. This appears to be the real deal my friend.

fake evidence - one of the more brilliant Rovian schemes!

I don't think anyone should send it to their congressperson...

REMEMBER THE MEMO! fake evidence in support of something that is in fact true makes people think it's false.

W went AWOL while defending the skies of Texas from the Vietcong-- he has deserted his post previously in so-called service to his country and was caught alseep at the wheel on 9/11. But no one talks about AWOL anymore. Because Dan Rather got all excited about some authentic information conveyed in a bogus document.


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Rovian Schemes.

I hope the BBC story holds up to be true. It would suck if that was coordinated disinfo type crap from the BBC like the letter Dan Rather got. I just want to get to the truth here sooner rather than later. Building 7 is a god damn smoking gun either way.

show me the evidence of it

show me the evidence of it being fake and I'll gladly pull it


"The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."

I've heard different audio tracks over this same video. For example... is this the same audio?

It's impossible to tell with any degree of absolute certainty, which is real and which is memorex.

The visual evidence of explosive detonation is undeniable howevver IMO.

"The absence of evidence is

"The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence." ...that's correct.. but if we don't have the original beta tapes, then we're only weighing the evidence at hand. The video you linked to has been edited with the evidence of that being the cut to the different shot before the collapse completes. Although your clip does have the same time signature of ten peak detonations per 2.9 seconds...which sounds to me like it could be the same event.
I got an email with this clip as well... http://www.911research.com/wtc/evidence/videos/docs/wtc2_south_below.mpg
it begins with some dramatic music...leading me to believe it was edited into a documentary..

it was the sound of the 1000+ ton chunk of steel hitting the ground with a pretty accurate time delay, that brought me to the conclusion of this one being the most authentic of the 3 audio tracks I've looked at.

yes, none of these could be the original. I still think we should contact our members of gov and let them know we know :)

Actual Clip And Audio

that's the clip I linked to

that's the clip I linked to above from 911research... it begins with some music from a documentary. so unless you're the camera guy and can say without a doubt that it hasn't been altered, then the fact that it has been edited from a documentary leaves it open to the possibility that the editor of the doc could have taken audio from somewhere else. As we know that any PBS/NOVA/CNN doc isn't going to have clear audio of explosions going off.

This could easily be the answer to the clip I posted too, since we don't have the original beta tapes to go by.... but if you're weighing evidence of the 3, only one has a massive boom when the 1000+ ton chunk of steel hits the ground. So based on the evidence in the available clips, I have to conclude that the one with the audio matching the events in the video is the most credible of the 3.

1st Vid Has Dubbed Audio

The subject vid of this thread contains faked audio.

The last one is the genuine one.

I'm sorry, but it is fairly obvious for a variety of reasons that the 1st has dubbed audio.

The last vid is from an actual local affiliate broadcast.

The tower collapses were deafening and yet the 1st vid only seems to contain periodic explosion sounds that aren't even in total synch with the footage.


They went to the trouble of adding sounds of explosions when the last thing they want you to believe was the theory of CD

they added audio just to F with people?
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