Internet Archive Authenticates BBC Video

Internet Archive's Director of Collections, Stewart Cheifet, responsible for all video and audio files at the archive, has authenticated the BBC video:

"I am Director of Collections at the Internet Archive, responsible for all video and audio files.

This video clip is part of a collection from the TV Archive of global television coverage of the events that occurred on and shortly after September 11, 2001.

This clip, among others, has drawn quite a bit of attention because it appears to show a BBC reporter in New York reporting that World Trade Center Building 7, also referred to as WTC7 or the Salomon Brothers Building, has collapsed before it actually did collapse.

Despite some confusion on the issue of time code stamping and UTC conversions to EDT, the timing on the clip appears to be correct. This particular clip was recorded between 4:54 and 5:36 PM EDT. The anchor references to the WTC7 collapsing occur at 4:58 PM and 5:01 PM and then a live reporter says the building has collapsed at 5:08 PM in what appears to be a live shot with the building still in tact behind her. The feed from the live reporter is lost at 5:15 PM and then the building does actually collapse at 5:20 PM.

A subsequent clip from the BBC then shows coverage of the actual collapse in an archived account recorded from 5:36 – 6:16PM. This clip is available at .

An annotated version of the key sequence from this clip can be seen at .

Further support for the correct timing on the clip comes from another archived clip, this one from the BBC 24 channel which includes a time stamp on the TV screen indicating that the reference to the collapses of WTC7 does occur before the actual collapse.

There is some discussion as to whether or not that time stamp was later edited in by someone tampering with the clip. It is unclear whether that happened or not but the reporting and the time of the reporting as shown does seem to coincide with the other BBC World report. This clip can be seen at various web sites including

Also there has been some discussion about whether the shot of the WTC7 still standing was a live shot or a so-called “green screen” shot in which the live reporter was photographed in front of an electronic screen with a superimposed image of videotape of earlier coverage. That could explain the time disparity; however other clips seem to support the view that the video behind the BBC reporter in this clip is indeed live.

This clip is being widely circulated on the web along with other 9/11 news coverage clips that have surfaced. The earliest apparent reports of WTC7 collapsing come from CNN which reports before 5PM that WTC7 is either burning, is collapsing or has collapsed. You can see this clip at . That story then gets repeated later on BBC 24 and BBC World. Similar coverage on ABC can be found posted at .

Assuming all the time references are correct, there are two possible explanations offered for the confusion. One is that the building was intentionally brought down by its owner and that a press release indicating that was prematurely issued and prematurely reported on by the media.

Another explanation is that there was simply confusion at the time and some journalistic “whispering down the lane” in which early stories that there was something happening at WTC7 led to rumors of its collapsing which then led to on-air reporting of its collapse. The fact that the WTC7 is still standing and visible in the background of the live shot appears to confirm that the reporting of the collapse did take place before the actual collapse.

One possible explanation for the apparent clairvoyance of the reporter, or the alleged deception by those in charge, is that there was a fire at WTC7 when it was first reported on CNN at approximately 4:10 PM and that the BBC then picked up that story from CNN and reported that the WTC7 might be collapsing and in the confusion of live news coverage that story then was communicated to the anchor and the reporter that the building had collapsed.

Additional information may be available from other television network coverage of that same period of time which has also been archived by the TV Archive. This includes coverage from ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN. Efforts are underway to gather that additional archive footage so that a more comprehensive picture can be presented of what really happened that day.

Other references and discussions related to this clip can be found at various other web sites including , , , , , and .

The official BBC statement regarding its explanation for the mistaken reporting can be found at"

Mr. Cheifet and the other principals of the Internet Archive are very competent, intelligent, accomplished people. For example, Mr. Cheifet's bio states:

"Stewart Cheifet has been an attorney, a media executive, and a technology journalist. He has worked in various capacities for ABC, CBS, NPR, and PBS in the United States, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. He has managed broadcast radio and television stations and was CEO of several media production and distribution companies.

He was former Executive Producer and host of the PBS series Computer Chronicles and Net Caf�. He has served as President of PCTV, a company focused on broadcast and new media production in the field of personal technology.

He holds a B.S. in mathematics and psychology from the University of Southern California, a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and he was a post-graduate fellow in technology journalism at the University of Chicago."

And Brewster Kahle's bio (he's the gentleman who authenticated the video yesterday), says:

"Brewster Kahle Digital Librarian, Director and Co-Founder
Brewster has built technologies, companies, and institutions to advance the goal of universal access to all knowledge. He currently oversees the non-profit Internet Archive as founder and Digital Librarian, which is now one of the largest digital archives in the world.

As a digital archivist, Brewster has been active in technology, business, and law.

Keywords: MIT'82, helped start Thinking Machines, founder WAIS Wide Area Information Servers, Internet strategist AOL, co-founded Alexa Internet, sold to, directs Internet Archive.

After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1982, he helped start a supercomputer company, Thinking Machines, that built systems for searching large text collections. In 1989, he invented the Internet�s first publishing and distributed search system, WAIS (Wide Area Information Server). WAIS Inc. created the online presence for many of the world's largest publishers, and was purchased by America Online in 1995. In 1996, Brewster co-founded Alexa Internet, which provides search and discovery services included in more than 90 percent of web browsers, and was purchased by Amazon in 1999.

Brewster has also worked to revise law and policy in light technical advances. He is a board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and a plaintiff in Kahle v. Gonzales (formerly Kahle v. Ashcroft), which challenges recent copyright term extensions.

Brewster is profiled in Digerati: Encounters with the Cyber Elite (HardWired, 1996). He was selected as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2005, the AlwaysOn/Technorati Open Media 100 in 2005, the Upside 100 in 1997, the Micro Times 100 in 1996 and 1997, and the Computer Week 100 in 1995.


* Univeristy of North Carolina, School of Library and Information Science, Visiting Scholar 2006-Present
* Internet Archive, Digital Librarian, Director, Co-Founder 1996-present
* American Academy of Arts and Sciences, elected as a member in 2005
* Electronic Frontier Foundation, Board Member
* Alexa Internet, President, CEO, Co-Founder (sold to 1996-2002 The Library of Congress, National Digital Strategy Advisory Board April 2001
* America Online, Internet Strategist 1995-1996
* Wide Area Information Servers, Inc (WAIS), Founder, President (sold to AOL) 1992-1995
* Thinking Machines with Apple, Dow Jones, KPMG, WAIS Inventor and Project Leader 1989-1992
* Thinking Machines, Scientist 1983-1992. Helped start company, chips, boards, architected CPU of CM2"

If these credible people at the Internet Archive say the video is real, then I accept their verification.

media complicity

Those in control of the mainstream media should all be strung-up along with the perpetrators of 911.

I don't know how I stumbled across this angry dude, but I can totally relate to his frustration and to his righteous anger.

Okay, so it's not the most articulate argument but I think you'll get a kick out of it.

speaking of complicity

If you go to and search the word "complicity", "911complicity" shows up in the list for some reason. Must be because someone cool is running the show over there.
There is a ton of information on 911 including all the major arguments for it being an inside job.
In a webworld of spineless weasels it's nice to see a site that is on our side. Way to go!

Larisa, we own you!

1. I do not believe this is legitimate. I may be wrong, which is not unusual or even uncommon. But I am always skeptical. Given that we don't know where this came from, the chain of custody of the footage, and that no expert has examined it for authenticity, I tend to think this is a hoax.


So, if this thread survives the cutting, can we please focus on trying to figure out authenticity - if possible - and should it be proved a hoax, then I want to understand motive. This tragedy literally hit home for me and such antics - should it prove to be a hoax - really disturbing. Why would someone do such a thing?


Please tell her!

What has the progress been of

public pressure on the BBC in Britain? For all this verifying, it seems like the beeb's been able to skate by on an unlikely phrase... "cock-up"? I mean... do they think their audience is a bunch of morons? What's going on over there?

the UK folks should be protesting this and the GooTube deal....

very publicly and very loudly...

the taxpayers pay for BBC, don't they?

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Phillip Zelikow

I think Phillip Zelikow may have forgotten to add building 7 to the official 9/11 Commission Report.

Show "Street Niggas - This is why" by 911truthfamily

As always, great work...

To all the folks at 9/, thank you for doing such a great job in helping to keep us all informed, again thank you.

Left wing gatekeepers

I don't know what's worse, gatekeeper sites like Buzzflash, Daily KOS, Crooks and Liars, Huffington Post, etc. refusing to comment on the building 7 story because they're afraid that it might hurt their "credibility " or the democrats that voted for the war in Iraq along with many other outrages because they don't want to appear weak.


I received a reply from the editor from BUZZFLASH to an article I sent them a year ago. He stated simply that he "didn't believe it was an inside job".

I am guessing that they do know and do believe! But will not promote the fact.

Are they afraid of losing credibility?
Is it money? Are they paid to keep quiet?
Are they afraid of retribution?
Are content with Status Quo?
Do they fear a Real Revolution?
What motivates their silence????????

The smart are complicit, the stupid are dupes

All the players in the great left/right polarization game are clowns putting on a show. They focus your anger at your ever deteriorating quality of life and loss of freedom upon various stooges like low rent politicians. Meanwhile, the umpteenth generation of the ruling class owns both teams in the puppet show.

The brilliant gatekeepers like Chomsky know full well what they are doing. Small fry like the owner of buzzflash might be so stupid that they can't think beyond the brainwash. The useful idiots serve the purpose of polarization even better, as they are sincere in their delusions.

Very well said, Alek


Show "(No subject)" by 911truthfamily


Greatest False Flag of all time:

Battle of Saguntum, 219 B.C., Hannibal Barca destroys Sanguntum, Starts 2nd Punic War versus Roman Republic.

Can't find much good links documenting this on the net, but these links provide a few hints:

Actually, this was probably a double False Flag event, as both Rome and Carthage wanted war.

And boy, did they get it.

The world dominance of Rome begins with this war.

You tube still going strong with comments

The best one yet IMO so far is;
"We've had such terrible loss of credibility, maybe the smartest thing to do is bury it. And we made that decision to bury and we watched the videos disappear." - The BBC
What timing it is that the BBC strikes a deal with You Tube and Google. Hmmmm

Authenticating what we knew,

but at least it will quiet a small fraction of the naysayers.... For those who haven't downloaded the video yet, here is a copy on YT that shows both BBC clips (World/News 24) with footage of the actual collapse thrown in... In the 'info' section are the 9/11 Widows' petition for the release of all sealed docs relating to 9/11... So for anyone who hasn't signed it yet, they need about 6,000 more sigs before heading back to Capitol Hill. Also, download the video from YT before it's removed (if you haven't already done so). Keep up the great work on this site!

BBC Clips and 9/11 petitions

New site collating 911 news stories and videos, including BBC

A great collection of the news articles and videos related to 911, including the breaking story about the BBC World "psychic" foresight, where the BBC stated on the air that WTC 7 had collapsed 25 minutes ahead of the actual collapse. This is compounded by the BBC claiming now to have lost all copies of the broadcasts on that day.