Internet Archive Confirms BBC Video was BEFORE WTC7 Collapse

Internet Archive just posted the following message:

"Two of the much discussed BBC are available again, but this time as streaming flash files.

Based on the analysis of the time codes, the engineer involved is certain that the BBC was talking about the collapse before the building was reported to have collapsed on the site.

We hope to have other videos from this collection available soon.

Digital Librarian"

Brewster is apparently Brewster Kahle, Digital Librarian, Director and Co-Founder of the Internet Archive.

Thanks to Reprehensor for the heads-up!

YouTube Comment

Northern5tar (4 hours ago)

"We've had such terrible loss of credibility, maybe the smartest thing to do is, bury it. And so we made that decision to bury, and then we watched the videos, disappear."
- The BBC

Not-appearing comments

Should comments on YouTube appear immediately?

After posting a comment, I'm always told

"Thank you! Your comment has been posted."

but then it doesn't appear on the page. Are some users' comments deleted automatically?

EDIT: my comment did appear this time.

by bury it he meant...

bury the HATCHET. he was referring to a long running feud he'd been having with the video editor. he did NOT admit to burying the videos. i think this is a honeypot issue and that we should instead be focusing on the families.


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Call me skeptical

but there were orders given to bury the hatchet at 11 am, but the videos were buried at 5:20. Care to comment on the discrepancy?


Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times:


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Find it in the Political News and digg it there, it counts more.

Question for 911Veritas:

Are you the engineer brewster is referring to???


I have no affiliation with or any North American television broadcasters / media watch agencies.

I am just an innocent 911blogger, who seen and acted upon this blog...

When I first made my discovery known, you could hear the crickets and see the tumbleweed rolling down the middle of the dusty street.

Best wishes


thanks for your great catch!

Crickets, tumbleweeds, and the high-pitched shrieking

of one of our beloved resident physical-evidence-haters. *That* should have been your clue that you were on to something big! (In fairness, maybe he didn't recognize Bldg 7... uh huh.)

Anyway, 911veritas, I hope you realize that you have now succeeded in a big, big way. Little Truther children will now go to bed at night thinking, I hope I can be like 911veritas when I grow up! ;)

I'm still trying to work out in my mind exactly how this info can be most effectively incorporated into Bldg 7 arguments, but for sure, you done real good!

EVIL GOOGLE! "Tankman" - best educational tool proposal..

Free Image Hosting at

Please take the time and watch this fantastic documentary from PBS Frontline about the "tank man" the famous guy from the chinese student uprising in the late 80's.

What's most fascinating is the part where day show the clip to the current young hip generation of chinese after all those 17 yrs. who never had a chance to see it because of the obvious state media censorship and now add Google censorship to the equasion.

The reactions are simply stunning, they just think it never happened, one guy said it was seriously some form of art, wtf?

This is Orwell in our times, blueprint for Cheneyland kids!

Tip: You can look up for the video segments urls and place it all into play list to have a one smooth movie..

Perhaps a very short docu disecting these parts could be made and posted on some video sharing server to spread it around.

This could be one of the best educational tools!


help me make dents over at dkos

Somebody put up a diary supporting George Monbiot's bashing of us as being detrimental to people opposing the powers that be

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Thanks for the heads up

I've got your back (or at least I'll try ...) 

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times:

It's sad

The people over at Kos are really morons. It's mostly fake progressives although in that thread I noticed mostly the same few disinfo agents there calling truthers disinfo agents who don't understand physics or how fires work. I guess they can explain how jet fuel burns at 2700 F and above.