As far as i know, these are the only two pictures that show the SW corner of WTC 7 from the 18th floor down.

I found the above picture in this article:


Please help, is this wtc 7

I posted a video/blog asking people to help identify building 7 (or not) in a video I have. Not sure why it was blocked from being posted but here is the video. Is the building that has the gaping hole in the center around halfway into this short clip WTC7?

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I did not see WTC7 in any of that footage...

You would have seen WTC5 and 6 in front / base of it.

Dylan Avery has some brilliant exclusive footage of WTC7 south side through the smoke, where you can see flashing lights inside, no real fire or gaping holes visible.

I cannot recall where the vid is/was, when my brain calms down. I'll have a look for ya.

Also the triage in the lobby of WTC7 was not evacuated until midday'ish, so the damage could not have been that bad.

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The building you were asking

The building you were asking about is the "Banker's Trust" building.. do a google image search and youll find it..

Even that "NYC Police S.W. Corner" damage photo is fake or

it has been altered or retouched! Why is it so very dark, mainly on the sides showing no damage? WTC-7 imploded at 5:20 pm in Sept, it is still plenty light & sunny at that time!

Furthermore, any pics showing billowing smoke coming from WTC-7 could well have been taken just prior to the implosion, as incendiaries like thermate/thermite were making angle cuts to the beams inside.

Or the smokes comes from

another building, or there were simply smoke bombs going off.

The telling detail is the windows did not blow out until just before the building fell.

See this video for an eye-witness saying just that:

Add to the intact windows, the suddenness, symmetry, and speed of the collapse.

You cannot have a fire hot enough to weaken the entire steel frame but not hot enough to blow out the windows. That cannot happen. Conclusion is obvious.

I don't see it

The two photos don't show the same section of the Building as far as I can see.

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Floor 18 and below

If you compare the soot marks on the sides of the building you can correlate the two photos. There is the double soot mark and 7 floors down you see the second soot mark. The window sizes also correlate (ie squarer windows just above the lower soot mark). Thus we can then compare the damage below this lower soot mark. If you look at FigD_01, you can count down about 8 mostly intact windows on the west edge of WTC 7 until the view is blocked by the building in front. If you then compare to the helicopter photo, you will find that these windows and the corner of the building where they reside are completely missing, thus there is a discrepancy between the two photos. There are only two possibilities as I see it:

a) One of the photos is fake
b) The FigD photo was taken before the helicopter photo and in the intervening time the SW corner partially collapsed.

Without knowing the times that the photos were taken at its hard to say, but it can be noted that the heli shot shows no fire or smoke on the side vs FigD where there is smoke coming from the sooted windows. Therefore it would appear that the heli photo was taken after the FigD photo which might support hypothesis b) Nontheless there is not enough info from these photos alone to judge.

I would also like to point out that some debunkers have used FigD to justify massive fires in WTC7 (all the smoke appears to be coming from every floor). However, I believe it is quite possible that a large amount of this is due to wind effects that cause the smoke from WTC6 to hug the building and make it appear as though every floor is engulfed. If you don't believe me, you can see this exact same effect when WTC2 collapses: The dust hugs the North Tower and it looks like every floor of the North Tower is on fire:

These photo's were taken from which also contains the FigD WTC7 photo near the bottom. These photos are an excellent resource and I urge everyone to take a look at them.