911veritas' BBC video Version 2

911veritas has corrected time zone labels on his famous BBC video and released a new version with more info. Copyrighted music removed, and 911veritas is citing Fair Use for educational purposes regarding the footage.


500 MB version 25m, 43s - right click and save:
1. http://www.911podcasts.com/files/video/wtc7-20min-warning-onbbc.avi

2. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3DDN5AI6

3. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DN1I5NA7

4. http://slipgrid.com/wtc7-20min.avi

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You will need flv player...


Pass this video.

Amen Guys. Now all of us need to take the time to pass this video around the internets.

Like a HOT potato no Less;

Every now and then I put posts on various Craigs Lists around the globe because I like to reach newbies who don't generally come here or to other ' popular ' 9/11 Truth sites.
However, I do predict that sometime in the future we'll go hunting virgins so that we can take great glee in popping their little cheries of ignorance and then bragging about it over a beer in the locker rooms of 9/11 sportsmen.
I've just done a couple and discovered something.
If you change the text, you can still include the same link and keep the same email box open. I'm even posting my new header for them and it works !
Have a go Mr. Monkey

9/11=PNAC PLot

"Damn it!" exclaimed Cheney

while eating his daily breakfast with Georgie, "if it weren't for those damned meddlers on the Internets, we'd be in control of the mass mind by now. It would be putty in our hands, and nothing would be beyond our reach! Now it's beginning to look like we might actually be held to account for what we've done. Oh shit, my heart!"

Hehe, yeah!

Then, in one final twist, Dick's umpteenth bypass circumvents earthly justice and delivers him straight to the gates of hell.


Cheney says oh well , we've got nothing to lose now. Launch those nukes so we can find out if it really is possible to win a nuclear war.

A bit of a secret

All video players are practically useless compared to mplayer. It can convert capture and play nearly anything. Runs on all OS's.


And it's open source.

Is this the same as...

...the one made available 2007/03/01 and that I downloaded on that day?

Mine is:

518,582,272 bytes

Thanks to anyone who can help clarify this.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

Size is correct...

If it has EDT times on the opening screen and the next screen contains a picture of the "Salomon Brothers Building" on the next screen, then it's the right one.

Best wishes...

I've been reading through

I've been reading through the comments on the very active YouTube video:

Two interesting rumors there:

One guy said a friend at Google told him all the different BBC videos counted together have over 1 million views.

Another guy said there was a meeting at the White House today about this incident.

One guy said, ...Another guy said


"Another guy said there was a meeting at the White House today about this incident."

Yeah, it was this guy:


His youtube page is called "crack ho-rama", i guess.

A 22 year-old from Austria who joined youtue 09-03-06..

A real white house souse, eh?

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

WOW - watch this zoom of WTC7 Collapse

Wacht this zoom-up of the WTC7 collapse.
There you can clearly see a series of explosions going UP:

Well done, 911veritas

Outstanding work, Veritas. This video best emphasizes the fact that the premature report of World Trade 7's collapse was not simply a cautious prediction or qualified rumor by the BBC (which would itself be a cause for concern), it was rather announced, repeatedly, as an accomplished fact, going so far as to provide the cause of collapse. This is unaccountable given the circumstances, therefore it behooves the BBC to begin an inquiry to seriously investigate the source of that press release.

As for the post above regarding explosions seen running up the side of the building, most debunkers will mistakenly attribute these plumes to compressed air bursting the walls as a result of implosion. What they fail to note is that these squibs shoot out in advance of collapse initiation, and occasionally well below the line of collapse. In this case, the fact that they actually progress upwards is yet another blatant signature of demolition.

Comedy Break

Another torrent of version 2

Another torrent of version 2 here:


Kennedy assassinated!

"This just in: We have received reports that the beloved president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was just shot dead in broad daylight. We'll now join our correspondent at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Claire Voyant, live. Claire, what can you tell us?"

"It's unbelievable - the people that have gathered here along the path of Kennedy's motorcade to see the president and became witnesses to his horrible, untimely death are completely stunned. There is an eerie silence - likely a collective shock - engulfing the area. It's terrifying."

"Do you have any details about the perpetrators, yet?"

"Well, apparently the Secret Service has already subdued the culprit - too late, unfortunately. He reportedly is a lunatic driven by a spiteful communist agenda, a lone gunman. Well, he certainly must be a lunatic - if I were to shoot with that musket he brought, I couldn't even hit a sleeping elephant..."

[At this point, Kennedy's limo makes an entry behind unsuspecting Claire, in it the yet alive President. The crowd starts cheering - then all of a sudden, the connection gets terminated]

Nothing to see here folks, move along!

(I'm just putting this here for fun, hope you don't mind. Oh well, and because I'd have to split it into 4 segments to get it on youtube)

Beautifully put...

Best wishes and thanks...


Hi all!

not sure about the "meeting in the WhiteHouse" rumors... but one thing is clear:

this "cock up" of the BBC and the fact 911veritas made it public is WAY more important than most have realized.

It is the FIRST hint to media complicity (or at least ignorant cover-up) that was even mentioned in mainstream European news sites (in an arrogant tone, but one has to read between the lines). And that for several reasons is able to open the eyes of "normal" folks who usually run when hearing something like "conspiracy" or "cover up".

Mr Porter and his gang are nervous, and rightfully so.

The BBC will have to be the first one to make the switch, and I know other journalists are just waiting for it, so they can start their "outing" as well and start writing something more close to the truth...

Do NOT underestimate this. Lets keep the pressure!
Please sign this petition to the BBC:


and help promoting it on digg:

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