9/11 Truth Has Already Won the Debate

9/11 Truth Has Already Won the Debate

Why "criminal negligence" is enough.

Crimes of the State

This is a very simple concept, elegant and straightforward:

We never had to prove what truly happened on September 11th 2001. No. All we had to do was prove that the US federal government had covered it up.

On that point, I would like to thank George Monbiot of the UK Guardian for his hysterical meltdown of late. George Monbiot has conceded the argument when he said:

"I believe that they [the Bush administration] were criminally negligent in failing to respond to intelligence about a potential attack by al-Qaida..." --George Monbiot, "9/11 fantasists pose a mortal danger to popular oppositional campaigns", UK Guardian

Well then, Mr. Monbiot has just validated our main point: We need a truly independent investigation of September 11th, because crimes were committed by the administration and they were allowed to cover them up.

How ironic that a scatterbrained hit piece about Loose Change would lead to an admission of the glaring criminal negligence that -- at the least -- allowed the attacks of September 11th 2001 to occur.

"Criminal negligence becomes 'gross' when the failure to foresee involves a 'wanton disregard for human life'... The accused is a social danger because he or she has endangered the safety of others in circumstances where the reasonable person would have foreseen the injury and taken preventive measures. ...Usually the punishment for criminal negligence, criminal recklessness, criminal endangerment, wilful blindness and other related crimes is imprisonment." --Wikipedia, Criminal Negligence

Well then, the grossly "criminally negligent" Bush regime should certainly have been in no position to influence the outcome of the investigation into September 11th 2001. Is that an unreasonable statement? Is it common to allow the suspect to initiate his own investigation? (outside of Washington D.C?)

President William Jefferson Clinton was impeached for Obstruction of Justice, raising that particular offense to the level of an impeachable high crime. Has the Bush regime obstructed justice in regard to September 11th 2001?

Yes, George Monbiot, they surely have. Bob Graham's admissions about those 28 redacted pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry give us a prima facie case for the prosecution. The regime's classification of numerous matters related to their inaction to prevent the 9/11 attacks is further evidence of Obstruction of Justice. The decision of Bush and Cheney to testify to the 9/11 Commission behind closed doors with no oath or affirmation, and no record of their testimony is further evidence that they are obstructing justice and preventing a full and accurate accounting of the attacks.

The fact of Obstruction of Justice by the Bushites is undeniable. It is only the political will to impeach them over it that lacks.

Similar to Monbiot is gatekeeper extraodinaire, senior editor of In These Times with links to The Nation Magazine, Christopher Hayes:

"Of course, the commission report was something of a whitewash -- Bush would only be interviewed in the presence of Dick Cheney, the commission was denied access to other key witnesses and just this year we learned of a meeting convened by George Tenet the summer before the attacks to warn Condoleezza Rice [AND Rumsfeld AND Ashcroft] about Al Qaeda's plotting, a meeting that was nowhere mentioned in the report." --Is 9/11 Paranoia Bad for the Country?, The Nation/Alternet/In These Times

Gatekeeper Hayes dutifully ignores WHAT was whitewashed. There is no hint that a "whitewash" is unacceptable, or criminal Obstruction of Justice, or in any way needs to be re-addressed. No 9/11 evidence appears in the article whatsoever. Plenty of namecalling, yet no examination of the evidence: can they really be this blatant?

Yes they can. Another Nation Magazine editor, Max Holland, also edits the Central Intelligence Agency's website, and his specialty has been concocting a link between the KGB and JFK's assassination.

As the controlled "left" press laments the independent thinking of their readership, the evidence is mounting that 9/11 Truth has won the debate. Simply, we do not know the truth, therefore we need an investigation to find out the truth without interference from high level criminals in the government. If everyone would just get behind this strong and principled stance, wonderful results would follow.

It is not difficult to convince an average reader that the investigations were insufficient. If our marketing efforts centered on highlighting the fraud of the 9/11 Commission Report, with a demand for redress, we could get further.

Getting lost in the minutiae is not necessary, nor is it productive. In fact that is where most of the problems occur. Stick with the message that we need more people to complain about the cover up, so that a new independent investigation will move forward. That is a politically acceptable, politically thinkable demand, which we must pursue.


70+ Disturbing Facts About 9/11


"It is not difficult to convince an average reader that the investigations were insufficient. If our marketing efforts centered on highlighting the fraud of the 9/11 Commission Report, with a demand for redress, we could get further."


"WE could get further........."

WE sure could Simuvac,
I believe that the RICO suit will do that, and if anyone out there is/has a good lawyer we can easily win this in a civil suit.
The criminal suit will take more juice than the likes of us can muster, but we have already won the civil suit; because;
the criminal case can only be won
' beyond a resonable doubt ', the civil suit is won by a majority vote and the tide is turning in THAT direction already.
On another note,
New Mexico Impeachment Campaign they got it passed,
which is also good because everytime one of these groups starts collecting evidence, it accumulates for the next one to access. Way to go New Mexico !

9/11=PNAC Plot

Nicely written piece john

Proving criminal negligence with credible evidence is all we need to do.

The problem is that the 9/11 truth movement is held in check with "misleading arguments" (i.e. Disinformation/Misinformation).

The role of the "gate-keepers" and "debunkers" is to focus on the weakest claims of 9/11 skeptics. They have no interest in debating the smoking guns because they can't.

In my opinion this is intentional. Part of their strategy is to debate weak evidence and un-provable speculation. In order to counter this, the 9/11 truth movement should focus on the strongest evidence and ignore the rest.

Evidence is not equal.

It is measured by credibility. One eye-witness statement is not the same as 200. Scientific laws can't be broken. Corroborated evidence is the most compelling. We build our case cumulatively, not with individual pieces.

An investigation will answer the un-answerable questions.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."


Sir, you obviously believe that the reality of what happened on 9/11 is not what the US government would have us believe. In claiming that the gov't is thus involved in a cover-up, you would have to assume that it was and is lying to the American people and the world. For the only reason the gov't would cover anything up is if it were involved in the mess. Therefore, to say the United States government is involved in a cover-up is to say that it would murder its own citizens. Are you comfortable with saying that the US gov't officials and President Bush are murders? Would you stand up and voice your opinion to them so blatantly and in person?


Read my blogs to see my evidence and opinion on this subject.

Do your own research. There's tons of evidence. A shocking conclusion, and not one arrived at easily.


Why do you ask? Do you have a soultion for why print and broadcast have not reported the fact that millions of people feel the same why I do, and also stand up and say so?

This group of people, cleverly disguised as government officials, have set upon a path of death and destruction lying with every word... insure only one outcome, guaranteed conflict between those they have fooled vs. those they will never. For that, I find them guilty of a crime not yet codified but hardly unprecedented... dividing people around the globe, far beyond natural disagreements and genteel (by comparison) conflicts over resource.

This "set up"... is as sure and blatant as any thing else this brand of people print and brag about.

The division they have set up, pitting vast numbers of global inhabitants against each-other with no reason beyond induced confusion through lies and half-truths... is the precursor to conflagration they appear to look forward to, for they make no word towards genuine clarity, openness, and equity which are powerful tools of peace.

Global peace is within reach... and yet these fucks skulking around as U.S. Government Officials... can not produce one pinky nail of humane truth.

So you tell me... are these bastards that YOU could stand up to... and tell it to their face?

I will. And I promise to do my best not to punch George in the nose for being such a small minded bastard.

Sag mir, was ist dein geheimnis?

Don't tell me, Ein Geheimnis, that you are under the illusion that politicians are in office for the peoples sake and not merely for their own personal gain?
Adolf Hitler never killed anyone,by his own hands,personally, during WWII, yet wouldn't you describe him as a murderer?
Sag mir, was ist dein Geheimnis? :)

ein geheimnis is only playing...

he's presenting a talking point that would be used against John's argument.

Or rather, was used back in the 2002-2004 period. Nowadays the debunkers prefer to conceded cover-up, avoid talking about Bush, and attack almost exclusively on the power of ridicule aimed a "no planes" or some other minor piece of failed research.

"Truth is not measured in mass appeal."

The question is not whether Bush is a murderer

He certainly is. You don't need complicity on 9/11 to prove that. 650,000 dead in Iraq and counting. He's a war criminal under every definition of the term.

The question is whether the official explanation for 9/11 adds up. The answer is no, it does not. 9/11 was never properly investigated.

Chances are, we'll never know who was responsible for 9/11. Right now, the case against Bin Laden is based on hearsay, and we have never even seen the "sayers" in a court of law. Ask yourself why, five years later, the FBI admits it has "no hard evidence" to connect OBL to 9/11? Why did the US gov't let OBL escape at Tora Bora? Why is it that the world's most wanted terrorist just happens to have worked for the CIA, and just happens to have a familial business connection with the current President?

We could go on, and we haven't addressed the evidence.

The 9/11 Commission Report was a coverup. We want to know what it was covering up.

As Bob Bowman says, "If they have nothing to hide, why are they trying to hide everything?"

justice comes soon

Im kinda new here, and Have been closley watching the OKC bombing cover up being un covered.- which will help un cover 9/11
I believe.
of course I already believe 9/11 has been UN covered.
but, here is my question for any and all,.
when the truth is fully out , on the table for all to see,.
inside job,
names and the works,..
the government beast will do all to save it self,.
I think they will fight, martial law the works.
so, what I am trying to say/ ask?
AFTER the un covering.the exposing of all this.
what will happen
what can we expect.
an aplogy
more cover ups
shut down of internet
this time is coming,

Nil desperandum!

The left wing gatekeepers' nightmare will become real and clear as day: Americans won't ever trust their government again,or at least long enough for it to be a cause worthy of suppression by certain policy makers.
Whether people will run amok in chaotic streets,with destructive consequences far overshadowing 9/11, I think is a part of their fear, stemming from their despise and low regard for the common man.
Nil desperandum!

Welcome blues

Fear not!

When public knowledge of 9/11 truth reaches critical mass the people will reach out to each other and peacefully shut the country down. We will simply refuse to continue supporting a system that is literally killing us.

At this point there will be small pockets of social chaos in some areas of the country, but these will be short lived and quickly defused.

Most of the military will refuse any unlawful and/or immoral orders the perps give and they will force the few treasonous members of the military to stand down. Some of the perps will make a run for it, others will commit suicide, most will be apprehended.

All the grassroots work that we have done to build to this point will now be leveraged to create a new political reality based on the republican democratic roots of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Local governance will flourish and an era of multi-party national coalitions will begin.

(The alternative is that just before we reach critical mass the perps will inflict a massive false flag "terrorist" event and try to lock the country down with martial law, but this will fail)

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

What will happen?

Before or after we build the gallows on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in the shadow of the Washington Monument?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Yes, and yes.

"Are you comfortable with saying that the US gov't officials and President Bush are murders? Would you stand up and voice your opinion to them so blatantly and in person?"

Every one of those 655,000 Iraqi civilians was a murder, and the US regime has command responsibility. These are long held standards in international law, stemming from the Nuremberg Tribunals. It might surprise you to learn that Nazi officers and Japanese officers were hung for doing essentially what Bush and Company did to Iraq.

The fact of them being murderers is as plain as day (unless you're a semi-literate American who's never heard of international law).

I have protested these war criminals, "in person," at some risk to my personal safety. You don't actually get very close to them for them to hear, but are held back by small armies of police.

I do like your implication, that if they covered it up (proven), then they are involved (true). It's not that controversial an idea.

Gatekeepers try and convince us that they are "only" covering up their "incompetence." I believe my list of 70 facts puts in doubt that notion. They covered up the warnings before the attack, and they protected known terrorists inside the United States. No accountablity was forthcoming after the attacks, and those whom the "left" disinformation press would call "incompetent" were promoted by the regime. Those who blew the whistle about this were punished.

That's not incompetence. That's by design.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.

Peace, Love and a piece of Rope...

LeftWright, you are such an optimist-I myself see more "intense" measures of redress.

We expected the media to protect us, instead they spouted the lies of the administration.

We expected at least some voice from Congress to speak out, to risk their reputation in the name of the better good-and McKinney was sacrificed.

We expected leaders of other countries to speak out, to look at the obvious controlled demolitions at least, and ask questions. Europeans? What about you Muslim countries? Has anybody but Chavez said "boo"? 911 Truth is about the lack of conscience of humanity.

If we win, and I'm not sure that we will before the US attacks Iran and all hell breaks loose, the sick mass of humanity in government, media, business must pay severely for their collusion.

Remember that voice on the phone that tells the WTC workers that they would be safe going back to their office, as they needed a decent numbers of "heroes" sacrificed to enable the wars?

Guys, think about the level of inhumanity we are dealing with here. Think of the evil of Hannity, O'Reilly, multiplied by a million-look at the comments against the Truth on BBC's "Porter Page"(nope, I tried numerous times to comment and not one was posted).

We are dealing with human pathology. The 911 Truth movement is about saving the world from an Orwellian future, and to imagine that so many people put so much effort into ridiculing us gives me little hope for the future. Gone to 911 Booger lately? The work of third graders, or serious psychotics?

Give 'em enough rope!

I freely admit to being an optimist

and an idealist. It makes every day a lot more tolerable.

I always try to appeal to the better nature in people.

We are all brothers and sisters on this big, beautiful, blue ball.

(However dysfunctional our human family may currently be)

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Historical Justice

So long as the historical record is set straight over 9/11 and the unjust wars which ensued in its wake, then 9/11, revealed, can serve as a great point of learning for all generations, about how not to be, and what NOT to do, and thus 9/11 will then serve the cause of truth and justice as a "ground zero" omega point of historical transformation.

If we get Cheney, Bush at al in the dock, great, but if not, let history and the court of public opinion be the judge and jury.

Let Cheney be forever remembered as the monster that he is.

Furthermore, the only way that the USA can be re-established as a moral authority and leader of the free world, is for the truth about 9/11 to come out.

Therefore, whistleblowers COME FORTH! Do it for the love of country, do it for the reconstitution of the Repulic.

Every recovery process, is a painful affair, but what's on the other side is filled to overflowing, with Grace!
“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth”
~ George W. Bush

Who represents us?

Who in our government represents those of us who believe 911 was an inside job?
The Clintons?
Not so far.
I don't think so.

Sadley I say, no one!
The only candidate for office I knew of last election was defeated.
Kucinich may come our way but only after the next ellection IMHO. Though I'd love to hear him begin talking about this.

Here's a good video broken up into 12 parts. I think it explains why we'll get no investigation.

Well that just means...

9/11 Truth needs to hound the political candidates. Make it an issue at every appearance. Put it on the national scene, and demand an independent prosecutor go after the 9/11 cover up.

It's worth a try.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.

Ron Paul

congressman Ron Paul of texas, is leaning towards 9/11 truth.
from what I have heard from alex jones...
and he may run for pres.....

If he or Kucinich either one....

run and will really investigate 911 then they'll definitely get my vote!
I hope to see someone represent us.

WE represent us

and to that end, you may like to look over the Unity '08 concept that's being espoused.
If WE were to take an online poll you might be surprised who would step up to the plate.
I spoke to Karl Shwarz about his candidacy, which is off, and he said that he couldn't afford to step up to the plate unless he was sure that there were enough people behind him to win.
If he stuck his neck out without the backing he could end up dead;.....that's what hesaid.
So the stakes are high, but there may be an online way for ALL to unite here.

Nixon never thought he'd be caught either.

9/11=PNAC Plot