Al Jazeera: 9/11 Conspiracies

Al Jazeera takes a look at where the media comes into play. Interviews author Nafeez Ahmed and producer of “911: Press for Truth” Roy O’Connor.

love how he starts with the

love how he starts with the hologram angle. thanks Nico. douchebag. this is Al Jazeera-U.S. right? i would love to know who the parent company is if anybody knows......

Al Jazeera is a total front

They help promote fake terrorist groups by broadcasting their messages. If they cover 9/11 truth, it will be to make it look bad. This should not be a surprise!


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Al Jazeera

Certainly would explain why they failed to cover the BBC / CNN foreknowledge story.

Not so fast. Please watch

Not so fast.

Please watch the documentary "Control Room" to get a sense of Al Jazeera that is vastly different from our highly propagandized image. It is an excellent, illuminating film.  One is left with little doubt that U.S. forces attacked their headquarters to intimidate their journalists. 

Here is a snippet from the Wikipedia entry on "Control Room."

Freedom of the media

One of the central focuses of Control Room is on the alleged friendly fire attack against the Baghdad headquarters of Al Jazeera, on 8th April 2003. The film shows footage of the attack, including the firing of a missile by an American A-10 'tankbuster'; the film reports that the alleged target was a group of insurgents who opened fire on coalition forces from within the Al Jazeera building, thus justifying retaliatory fire. Some doubt is expressed within as to whether such an explanation is viable. During the attack, one correspondent working for the news network, Tariq Ayoub, was killed; the film records one subsequent episode during a press conference, when the late Ayoub's wife beseeches journalists to 'tell the truth' concerning her husband's death, for the sake of those innocents already killed during the war. The same day that witnessed the attacks on Al Jazeera also saw attacks on other news networks: a strike by US troops on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad killed a Spanish TV cameraman and a Reuters cameraman. Claims that US troops were returning fire upon a sniper were 'greeted with incredulity by reporters on the ground, including Sky News reporter David Chater, and at central command in Qatar.'[2] On the same day, Abu Dhabi TV was also hit, 'which means the US forces [had] attacked all the main western and Arab media headquarters in the space of just one day'[3]. The aftermath of the attack saw a number of allegations: Al Jazeera claimed to have sent the Pentagon details of their staff's position via GPS co-ordinates, as did several other news networks. At the time, sources from the BBC noted with alarm that 'the Pentagon did not seem to pay heed to information they had been given by al-Jazeera and every other TV organisation based in [Baghdad]'[4]. The overwhelming majority of opinion amongst the Arabic media seems to be that the US acted in order to prevent the reporting of war crimes perpetrated by American personnel[5]; the attack on Al Jazeera was thus deliberate, a theory which seems to have support from Robert Fisk [6][7]. In Control Room, the situation is remarked upon by a senior member of Al Jazeera, who remarks that a small news network cannot hope to combat the forces of the United States; in the face of such an apparent censure by so mighty an opponent - he laments - what may one do but 'shut up'?

oh im not surprised at all,

oh im not surprised at all, always knew about Al Jazeera promoting alCIAda endlessly, but the US station is kind of new if im correct. everyone was all worried about it being "anti-american" and stuff. haha, funny. i just wanna know who the parent company is. im sure that wont surprise me at all though.

if al Jazeera were legit

It would be covering the 9/11 crime and coverup 24/7.

It does not.

It is not a legitimate news organization, it is "controlled opposition".

Just another role in the play-acting charade of the war on terra...


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Who is controlling Al

Who is controlling Al Jazerra?

who is the parent company?

who is the parent company? who is that company connected to? etc. etc.

it doesnt have to be

it doesnt have to be directly controlled to be controlled opposition.

al jazeera is controlled

al jazeera is controlled opposition "radical"muslim tv

everytime 911truth makes a breakthrough----they try to appeal to a misinformed sense of human nature

by thinking they are smearing 911truth by having it be associated with "radical islam"

in media psyops

al jazeera


We Truthers must be patient and vigilant.

" Truth is incontravertible...

Ignorance shall attack it...

Malice shall disdain it...

But, in the end, THERE IT IS....TRUTH".

'Control Room' is a very good film.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" -- Edward R. Murrow

Hm, pretty idiotic, poorly researched hitpiece..

In general this is clearly a subtle hitpiece from the start till the end with some middle ground covered by the Press For Truth folks and Ahmed N. All and all full of logical falacies and avoidance of the hard evidence..

1/ Now, who owns Al-jazeera? (the sheik family)
2/ Who are the employees? (mostly former BBC staffers)
3/ And what's the relationship of the owner to the US? (Quatar is the base for US Centcom HQ in the area)..

PS just how many visual and oral references were made to the Pentagon story and no planers again? This is clearly purposely scripted, that's our weakpoint, they probably have some footage of something around the building to pull off, perhaps later during the Loose change final cut media frenzy to dicredit us..

Which would also support the theory that Fetzer is the very deep mole here, as he was on the Pentagon all over defending the Judical Watch shills..

An important note about Al-Jazeera TV

Something to note is that Al-Jazeera Arabic and Al-Jazeera English are quite different.

Read this eye-opening article:

puppet satelite channel

Thank you Abdullah for the source:

The article is informative and well written. Indeed Al-Jazeeera English is far closer to FOX than to Al-Jazeera Arabic. So please, all beware.

Mike Casner

Abolutely correct. The

Abolutely correct. The English version, just launched in 2006, is a different creature altogether. It's really a shame. I remember being surprised that it would be transmitted in the States. I should have known it would bear little resemblance to the original.

I hope folks watch the documentary, however, to see the perspective we are currently missing.

aljazira is a fake us channel

I am arab and I read your comment about aljazira or alfuckira in fact it just a fucking channel, it enjoys the bin laden and patsies videos ,it has never present any thing about 9 11thruth,despite most arabs rejecting official story,remember that it is located in tiny qatar where the us has one of its major base there,and of course people dont realise this because it use the method of naoum chomsky I mean have you seen a youtube of him dissmising the truth but how of course, by pouring leftist dreams on people this how they do all the time and I am arab they have never present any thing about 9 11 thruth never even that cnn and others present something in order to not appear ignoring, who has came out with the torture photos it the us media,it is allowed as long as your not present the 9 11 thruth it doesnt matter,it will do nothing,and now I am very sure that this story that bush wanted to bomb aljazira was just a propaganda for the coming aljazira english wich came after so that honnest people like you when turning to the algedlly anti us channel they will find only fucking dreams and bush is satan but nothing about contro-demoli and buil 7 ect ,they will feel that the conspiracy is not real
fuck aljazira,and I want to say that there is no oppistion for me that the us has some priority for oil but americans do nothing to stop isreli lobby and in same time they want the oil !!!
thank you and please pass for others this information about aljazira

More clever disinfo methods here, no doubt

Thanks, Abdullah, for pointing this out. I hope people can spread this around so that there will be less confusion about Al Jazeera in English. At present, almost everyone will be duped by this (once again) very clever disinfo ploy.


Is the first "mainstream" coverage I've seen of 9/11: Press For Truth. Not in the United States mind you, but "mainstream" nevertheless.

Big thanks to Nico & Co. for again, making us look like fools.

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Bougainville Doco

at least they re-broadcast excellent docos!

check that one out...

9/11 Truth and Arab

9/11 Truth and Arab conspiracy theories really don't have anything do do with each other.Sure alot of arabs think things didn't at all happen like the U.S. government says,but it's not because they are widely affected by 9/11 Truth.
I think it's important to remember that most of the world still cannot understand English and many not at a good enough level to understand films like Loose Change and so on. I think it's important to subtitle or syncronize these films into some of the worlds major languages,like Russian and Arabic.