Documentation on media coverage on WTC7

I search for the BBC coverage on WTC7 after it collapsed. I've just read something by 911veritas, but can't find it anymore. can someone help me out?

Their behaviour could be important for further investigations, as we have to know how they handled their early WTC collapse reporting "error".
As far as I know the immediately decided to made a cover-up.

In this matter it could be interesting to dig for the coverage of all news outlets regarding WTC7.

I suspect no one was live on, several broke their live feeds just minutes before the collapse, I need to know when were the first pictures of the smoldering debris shown, when the actually collapse?

Because of the strange behaviour of the BBC in special, but all media in general when it somes to WTC7 and the oblivion, I feel maybe we find out more interesting details.
It should be worth the time.