dc911truth.org introduces 911truthsquads.org

dc911truth.org, with direction from Webster Tarpley, has created a new website dedicated to the concept of 911 truth squads to take the message of 911 truth to political campaigns and public events called 911truthsquads.org. The site will have information on how to create your own 911 truth squads, and we welcome any input or comments.

Together, we are truly unstoppable!!!

Let's all get active before we all get radioactive....

9/11 truth on Danish National TV

I just found out Danish National TV has just been running a one hour program on 9/11 truth.

The video has just been put out on Google here:


Alot of it is in English, so you get an idea what danes have just been watching.All the major points comes through,plus Larry Silversteins comment, even WTC7 shown collapsing several times from several angles,more than any other network has ever shown.
You have to see this,even though parts are in Danish,but I assure you they are nice towards us,no trash talking here.

It's probably the first time a major tv channel in Denmark let danes hear some of our view points, a major breakthrough there.
Of course they had to put Chertoff from Popular Mechanics in to try to make it balanced,but our point of view came through nicely.
Oh, and notice,Chertoff tells that it was paint cans that caused the explosions in the towers! :)
And look how the end it off by showing the two Chertoffs pictures next to each other! They do really look like cousins! This program is a must see!


please complete that search string.

yeah,I noticed

Much needed!

This kind of website is much needed! We have all seen the effectiveness of 'in your face' grass roots activisism when promoting the 9-11 message. Do NOT, under any circumstances, let *anyone's* credentials nor crowd peer-pressure intimidate you into submission.

Keep hitting the political clowns with the most solid evidence that the 9-11 truth movement currently has in hand. These techniques have proven powerful, effective, and will consequently wake many people up. We *must* increase the numbers in the movement if success is going to come from grass-roots movements in which the political paradigm is shattered from the bottom.

The formula

Thanks! This is great!

Thanks for the pic, I'll update the site with these main points.

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