A Message From John Feal

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Website: Fealgoodfoundation.com
Founder John Feal
9/11 Responder

To everyone in the 9/11 truth movement, by now most of you know I have formed a relationship with many of you and support your cause. This is due to Jon Gold, and his tremendous passion for the truth. While I cannot sit here typing and say what happened on 9/11/01 to those buildings is truth, fact, or fiction, I can say I stand behind you 100%, because anyone or any group that has the passion and tenacity to fight for what they believe in, well then I am proud to say I support your cause. If all 9/11 organizations, could only join together and support each other, maybe, just maybe real success would follow. My only goal is the same as yours, we seek the truth. Whether that day, those leading up to it, or why great Americans are sick and dying now because of it.

July 21st, the FealGood foundation, Artist4Hope, and the GearUp foundation will be holding a benefit concert for the sick and injured responders of 9/11. While this may not be your forum to express your thoughts and beliefs, it is a chance to show unity to the politicians and the mainstream media that we are united. Let it be contagious, and let the good in all of us branch out to those who are ignorant to your cause and ours. I truly hope this is the right step and direction in bringing great Americans together, so in the future we can all achieve our goals, which is “TRUTH, JUSTICE, and ACCOUNTABILITY”. If you live in New York, I hope to see you all, if not, then please show your support by spreading the word or donations.

Thank you and God bless.

Sincerely, John E. Feal

Apparently, John has been getting emailed some questions. He hopes this will help to let people know where he stands on the issues.

I just found out...

Another first responder passed away. Philip Rooney. It's not on the news yet.

My condolenses to his family.

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