Rosie O'Donnell openly believes in the explosive demolition of Tower 1, 2, 7 & links to Scholars for 9/11 truth on her website

proof above and below, not a joke! this is real.

Mary writes: do you believe the wtc was controlled demolitions???

Rosie: ask some of the worlds leading experts
see if fire has ever caused a steel building to collapse
it only happened 3 times in all of history
on one day
9 11

nancy writes: Ro-I luv ya and I agree with u 99.9% of the time. But WTC comments are dangerous. Steel buildings, yes, but 3 planes full of jet fuel poured into those buildings and fed fire. Not just a normal fire.

Rosie: research it

james writes: Ro I can see how you can hate bush but “controlled demolitions”? How many buildings ever been hit with airplanes with jet fuel? Hate fairly

Rosie: scholars for 9 11
research it

(blog submitted by the beheading hoax guy)

Rosie's Blog Audience.

Rosie's Blog Audience is definitely ripe with people who have yet to be exposed to this truth. I imagine the message boards over at are the same. If we can get these message boards, and others like it, buzzing with this news we'll be well on our way to hitting the mainstream. This is all great great news. Let's keep it up. Peace.


I agree with you, but Oprah makes me ill. She usually focuses on the most superficial sh*t imaginable. I just glanced at her forums and it's all things like "beauty tips" nothing close to "politics". But yeah, it certainly would be groundbreaking if Oprah covered 9/11 Truth.

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how can i pass this on to

how can i pass this on to alex jones or paul watson where they will take notice? I want to attempt a super nova on this story but im not sure where to spread it.


Alex Jones:

Webmaster of Prison Planet:

good luck getting anything

good luck getting anything through... those things get spammed like crazy

wow. after her comments

wow. after her comments about the constitution and the patriot act and now this i think its safe to say im a Rosie fan. gotta say i didnt see that one coming. (notice how both of the Rosie fans emphasis the jet fuel. mass conditioning works......)

I was not surprised at all...

when Rosie came out.

I really admire her for this. If only every celeb. had as much back-bone.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Press For Truth

Now if she would only champion the jersey girls;)

After Ann's f-word fiasco,

After Ann's f-word fiasco, the Jersey Girls are a good candidate to discuss their situation, especially since she blasted them.

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leave a comment

You can leave a 200 character comment on her blog. I just thanked her and mentioned how I wished more people would take the simple step of typing "WTC7" into their google bar.

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I posted a comment 2 hours ago and have yet to see it
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

what did you say?

Censorship is not allowing or disallowing comments, it's disallowing thoughts that threaten the Status Quo. Must've hit a nerve...

Re: Censors?

It is not a comment feature, it is asking her a question. Notice how it says, "Updated __ hours ago"? When you type a "comment" she reads through them and responds to the ones she wants to.

It has nothing to do with censorship, if you read through the Q&As you see very clearly she has answered 3 questions about 9/11 in the last 2 days.