Sander Hicks on NOVA M radio - Jeff Farias show - UPDATE - LTTE to New Times

EDIT: This just in, an interview with Sander Hicks at the 9/11 Accountability Conference.
EDT #2: See below for a message from Hicks, and a letter to be published in the New Times.

Fledgling progressive radio network Nova M Radio Network, has added a new host, Jeff Farias.

Farias will have Sander Hicks as a guest tonight, his show starts at 6pm EST.

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Shows archived at Nova M and White Rose;

Thanks, PJ.

(See below for latest from Hicks.)

Hicks' message begins;

The Arizona 9/11 Accountability conference seems to age better with time, now that it's over. I just got word that I'm on YouTube, from my interview with Matthew Jarfi. We cover CIA, Muslim Brotherhood, 9/11 Whistleblowers, Gandhi, and Revolution:

Here's the new news, a lesson in the power of diplomacy. I know a lot of 9/11 activists felt powerless in the face of Arizona reporter Stephen Lemons' attacks...and some even tried to identify him as a New England sex offender whose name he shares. (See this tactic fail under the March 2 listing at )

That was a low blow, an attempt to slander, and it made us look nutty. A lot of the people in AZ could have told you that Arizona Lemons doesn't fit the profile of the pedophile Lemons, age and appearance differ widely.

Diplomacy is not only more ethical, it's more effective. I've been sending letters back and forth, this week. Today, Lemons' editor at the New Times agreed to publish this short and sweet letter, in the March 15 issue. I suggest we hail this as a victory for the truth movement, and back off the personal attacks on Stephen Lemons.

But keep up the factual truth-force, it's working. Just don't forget that Lemons is also a human being. He told me he is working on a 6,000 word overview of the whole 9/11 truth movement, warts and all. So I just sent him a copy of Webster Tarpley's book, Synthetic Terror. If he reads that, he'll be engaged by one of our best, most historically-informed arguments.

Here's the letter they agreed to run:


The New Times' blog and print coverage of the 9/11 Accountability
Conference focused on the flaws of the organizers, at the expense of
the larger story.

This matters especially in Arizona, where Senator Kyl's connection to
9/11 has been overlooked. Numerous media outlets have documented that
Senator Kyl participated in a high level meeting with top Pakistani
spy Mahmood Ahmad, a funder of 9/11. According to the Asia Times,
among others, Ahmad sent more than $100,000 to 9/11 attacker Mohamed
Atta in Florida, on 9/10/01.

Ahmad was head of the Pakistani stand-in for the CIA, called the
"ISI." Condoleezza Rice was herself asked about this, at a White
House press conference, in May 2002, but she dodged the question. CNN
and Federal News Service transcripts later deleted the words "ISI

A real understanding of 9/11 has to go back several decades to US
foreign policy in Afghanistan. The American CIA and military created
groups of radical Islamists to bring down the Soviet Union, funding
the Mujahedeen in the Afghan/Soviet conflict. The American power
structure acted through CIA bank BCCI and the Pakistani ISI. The US
has had a protective relationship with Pakistan ever since. Mahmood
Ahmad was allowed to quietly resign, after the wire transfer scandal,
on October 6th, 2001. Why did he not stand trial in the USA for
funding terrorism? This is exactly what responsible journalists
should ask the Senator. It's too shocking for some, but it looks like
the 9/11 attack was generated inside the U.S. intelligence networks.

I was a part of a group of 9/11 researchers who recently supplied the
Joint Terrorism Task Force with data about Atta's American drinking
buddy, Wolfgang Bohringer. When the JTTF seized Bohringer on November
18th, the first words out of his mouth were, "You can't arrest me,
I'm working for CIA." He was then released, and our JTTF sources
pressured us not to do the story.

In August 2001, the Israeli CIA, the Mossad, was kicked out of
Florida by the American CIA, when they got too close to Atta and
cohort Marwan Al Shehhi. This story was in the big papers, in
Germany. Why has this not been reported in the USA? Perhaps the New
Times would like to further explore the connection that Atta had to
Bush friend, the lobbyist Jack Abramhoff. According to the reports by
my colleague, Dan Hopsicker, Atta was seen numerous times on
Abramhoff's casino boats, in Florida, before 9/11.

Three major polls in 2006 showed that 9/11 skepticism is growing
among more and more Americans. Lemons and the New Times were highly
selective about the recent conference in Chandler. What I saw there
was a group of patriots and peace activists who gathered to attempt
to strategize about how to bring democracy, transparency, and peace
back to a Federal government wracked with an out-of-control war
Sander Hicks
Chief Instigator
Vox Pop


Bush - Nazi Dealings

“Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951” - Federal Documents
By John Buchanan and Stacey Michael
from The New Hampshire Gazette Vol. 248, No. 3, November 7, 2003

After the seizures in late 1942 of five U.S. enterprises he managed on behalf of Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, failed to divest himself of more than a dozen "enemy national" relationships that continued until as late as 1951, newly-discovered U.S. government documents reveal.

Mark Binmgham/Operation Paperclip

Libby Found Guilty in CIA Leak Trial

Christmas Eve


(I wonder if Judith Miller will send him a nice note about how "all the Aspens are interconnected", etc.?)

HAHA! yeah, what the hell

HAHA! yeah, what the hell was that? obviously some extracurricular stuff going on there. Libby thinks of himself as a poet and writer. im sure you've heard about his book that features bear on girl sex. thats not a joke. seriously.

After a few months inside.... might go something like this, "....Hey Scootie-baby, how's your Aspen?..."

(Remember, not a big man, that scooter...)

At the very least he might glean some new material for the more salicious (read perverted) aspects of his next foray at "literature".

He will spend

maybe a year in Club-Fed basically on vacation until he is pardoned by Mein Fuhrer.
As usual the Demspinelesscrats and the American public will do nothing whatsoever but stand around and watch.


yep, what with Libby's book with beastiality and Lynne Cheney's book that has lesbian sex, who needs heathenous liberals when you got "conservative christians" like this? personally, i have no problem with people writing whatever they want, i just hate hypocrites. Fitzgerald is a coward for not going for Cheney though. the info was there, he could have if he wanted to. check his backround by the way, he was the special prosecutor in the 93 WTC bombing and failed to connect the dots there(FBI manipulation etc.) too.

Libby is not a "conservative christian"

He is a "neoconservative jewish". No need to malign christians any more than necessary!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


haha, tell that to the

haha, tell that to the millions that voted for Cheney/Bush and fell for the whole fake christian gag.

Well... I think you can make a distinction between wholesome,

consensual, adult lesbianism and bear-on-little-girl action. Maybe? I'm sure I wouldn't censor it, but it does make me considerably less pained by the idea of Bubba-on-little-Scooter action. In fact, I would buy a ticket to sit outside the cage (or however the f he described the scene) and watch while the brutal Bubba robbed Scooter of whatever last vestige of dignity he has left.

absolutely, i just find it

absolutely, i just find it ironic(hypocritical) that Lynne Cheney was the one writing about the lesbian love. believe me, i have NO problem with lesbians.

Don't drop ...

... the soap

Lezzy Libby Bear

Maybe Libby could co-author a book with Cheney's daughter about female bear with a girl and a jar of honey!

And call it....

....."Grizzlezzy Family Values"


(No offense intended to all the great Americans in the female gay community....just a commentary on the rank hypocrisy of the Cheney/Christian Conservative fascist fundamentalist cabal)

I think it was called "Fried Green Tomatoes"

Oh wait, not the bear part. Just the honey and lesbianism part.

and Laura the Librarian

could read it to George when he gets tired of the goat book. i think we can all safely agree that Dubya was not the mastermind behind 9/11.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Uncensored Blog.

This blog doesn't censor its posts and fights the religious right. A lot of people who probably would be open to some films like "Loose Change" and the other ones in our "recent media" section. Peace and Enjoy.

Sander HIcks.

Sander Hicks is a great speaker and the blog for a group called Defending the Constitution doesn't require registration and is open to nine eleven truth posts. Let's put the feelers out a bit. Draw some new blood to the 911Blogger site eh?

Yes and please...

recruit some more signatures for the Jersey Girls.


holy crapola!

Delmar Vreeland? Hicks is promoting THAT? OK problems enumerated below:

1) Vreeland scribbled something nearly illegible on the back of a napkin that looks like it might be saying something about bin Laden. It seems to have nothing discernible to do with 9/11.

2) It was promoted by (Mike) Ruppert, who in an episode last year worthy of a Fox pilot "fled to Venezuela" because 9/11 Truth had failed, that the police state or illuminati or oil hoarders were about to descend, that we should all invest in gold (manipulate markets much?) and that he would seek asylum personally from Hugo, who Alex Jones reported had agreed to host a 9/11 truth commission except he didn't... in a word DRAMAQUEEN.

[N.B. Ruppert is Eric Hufschmid's half sister's father in law. Ruppert Murdoch that is, the man responsible for everything Fox does.)

Starting to sound like a bad sitcom? Guess what? It probably IS. What do you think desperately poor scriptwriters DO for a living? The answer is "write bad ficition for someone who will pay me more money"

So Ruppert flees (Mike not Murdoch) and along comes Sander Hicks talking about this Vreeland guy that no one who wasn't around for Crossing the Rubicon knows anything about. Just as a lot of other shit is hitting the fan. Hmmm... [scratches chin]

Now come on, RT, we think you're just trying to discourage us from checking out this Vreeland guy's story. I bet if we look it up in Rubbing the Crossicon it will all be plain as day. It'll explain how Vreeland was intimately tied in with the conspiracy to demolish the Twin Towers with living people in them, I bet!

Actually no. I think you should really go out and spend 24.95 or whatever the hell we paid to really know how impressed we were with the Vreeland angle. Or you can trust RT and save yourself the trouble. Trust, but verify. Bonus points for who said that. There is no I in team but there is RT in trust, therefore you can trust in RT.

I'm sorry I was working on a list of some kind wasn't I.

OK hmmm...

Ah yes I remember--Shillder Hacks promotes Vreeland from Ruppert's book Crossing the Rube Icon, so uh, Eric Hufschmid is Penn and Teller's lovechild... and Fecal Nico and Lezbo Libby Jesus F*ing Crisco, America!

WAKE UP and deviate from the deviants!!!!!!

Celebrities are never going to do anything for you that you have to do yourself. Trusting in people's good faith is what got us INTO this mess it sure as hell is not going to get us out.

Talk is cheap--so why aren't more people talking? What are people so afraid of? What could be worse than what those who perpetrated 9/11 and blamed it on someone else as an excuse to rob their people?

How DID building 7 collapse, hm?

That question should have all of our undivided attention in the next few months lest they create a diversion through which to hide the really important 9/11 news.

We have more than enough to talk about, and even more to DO.

It's time to get off our arses and proclaim to the world:

We have not yet BEGUN to truth!

Keep it interesting folks, and keep it REAL.

none of this COKE* versus pepsi crap


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


* Clinton, Obama, Kucinich, Edwards

RT out

-1 for a logical reply

That you have negative votes for a logical break down of cook testimony.

Vreeland? wtf? Remember back a few months when being associated with Vreeland was an embarrassment? Yea I didn't forget that...apparently hicks did.

Also, How about this doozy...

"Senator Kyl participated in a high level meeting with top Pakistani spy Mahmood Ahmad, a funder of 9/11. According to the Asia Times,among others, Ahmad sent more than $100,000 to 9/11 attacker Mohamed Atta in Florida, on 9/10/01."

This is totally uncorroborated bologna! That Hicks quotes it as truth as if it's set in stone...cuz' you know..."Indian Inteligence" said it must be so!!

If anyone thinks that the ISI/Atta/Mahmood/Omar Saiid story is super-sleuthy solid evidence...think again. I don't care that people talk about it...but talking about it as if it's truth solid like Rocky Balboa makes me wonder!

I haven't even begun to tear Randy Glass a new ass! But on the surface he looks like a crock. Imagine this...

You are randy glass, pretending to be an international weapons dood selling to some guy. That some guy just spouts out...

"Yea, I work for the ISI...and Bin Laden is paying for this..."

Then on his way out the door he gives you the mother doozy...

"The WTC Towers...those are what we are aiming at"

Come on! Is this not the stupidest spook you've ever heard of? He gives up the paymasters, his government sponsors, and his target all in one night?


The problem with 9/11 Truth is that people don't research, they look at the author. They look for name recognition instead of facts.
Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

If you had these...

If you think the ISI/Pakistani/Mahmood/Atta/100K/Omar Sheikh connection is rock my blog and exchange linked below....

Omar Saiid Sheikh (ISI/General Mahmood) Wild Disinfo Goose Chase!

And...Machaela's Blog Entry:

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Hicks & Vreeland On GNN 2002

I wasted a sizable amount of time with this vreeland crock way back...when GNN and Hicks did a 9 part series on it...

Notice the tats!!! Ooh yea baby this dood is roughy toughy! He must be a spook with inside info!

Better yet you can spend all week here:

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Mike is not right about everything...but...

"It was promoted by (Mike) Ruppert, who in an episode last year worthy of a Fox pilot "fled to Venezuela" because 9/11 Truth had failed, that the police state or illuminati or oil hoarders were about to descend, that we should all invest in gold (manipulate markets much?) and that he would seek asylum personally from Hugo, who Alex Jones reported had agreed to host a 9/11 truth commission except he didn't... in a word DRAMAQUEEN."

But, with respect RT, you do not know what you are talking about.

I'm living in Oregon, where FTW offices were burgled. This man has been shadowed by the bastards since he turned down an opportunity to help the CIA with it's little drug running op in the 1990's--that's BEFORE he was a 911activist. And, initially he downplayed the burgulary as just a local problem, trying to NOT sound like a "drama queen".

Perhaps he jumped the gun, but Micheal Ruppert has earned his right to be paranoid.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

My only...

Exposure to Mike Ruppert chronological order...

1. CIA / Cocaine
2. Mike 'wildcard' Vreeland
3. Jeff Rense
4. Escape To Venezuela

Out of the four I think that three shine badly on Mr. Ruppert. Vreeland, Jeff Rense, and Escape to Venezuela.

Has anyone read Crossing THe Rubicon? I haven't. I find it hard to pay for things 9/11 Truth related, whether it's a movie, a book, a membership to a web site, or a t-shirt.

What was with that sexual harassment deal one of his former employees leveled against him? Was that hogwash? She said he stripped down to his skibbies and ran around the office to relieve stress and sent her a porno-cd-rom with his favs.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

"What was with that sexual

"What was with that sexual harassment deal one of his former employees leveled against him? Was that hogwash? She said he stripped down to his skibbies and ran around the office to relieve stress and sent her a porno-cd-rom with his favs."

Total garbage. Go to the link I gave RT. It's been awhile since I read the details, but it was dead obvious she'd been put up to seduce Mike. Unfortunately it actually worked on one of his associates, causing a schism in the office. The whole torrid story will make you rethink circumstances behind other "scandels" involving activists. Also, if you're familiar with "Inside the Company", it smells like a standard smear-op, with wacky meth junkie burgulars thrown in for fun.

Read "Crossing the Rubicon". Ignored by the MSM more than "Tower's of Deception". You may not agree with everything, but some things will click like they never have before.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

look Colonel, I'm sorry

but I must disagree. I cannot believe that if all of what happened to him was real, that he would have fled in the way he did. The man photographed himself in a town square in (I presume maybe) Venezuela sporting a freshly shaven face in what reeked of some bad writer's conception of el gringo in the banana republic, like Moon Over Parador...

then after combining that with a long swan song about how he had given up on America and he could never return, he finds that no one cares, that most people don't even really know who he is. so he comes back with yet another story. Anyone who has ever known a pathological liar will immediately recognize the pattern of lies upon lies and ever shifting stories common to the mentally ill and unfaithful men.

9/11 truth grew faster than they anticipated if they honestly thought that lame stunt would sway anyone. where's the ruppert farewell speech linked? it might be fun to read it and try to figure out what he was thinking!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I'm willing to agree to disagree if you are

The traits you observe can also be someone under extreme stress and running out of resources--I can speak from personal experience. And yes, Mike does technically have a mental illness--alcholism. Not uncommon in the world of ex-cops and private dicks.

As for more info go to FTW archives:

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I'm 100% with Jenny here

Ruppert is a champ.

There was an awful

lot of ad hominem in there. What I would like to see (since I am involved in the sciences) is well referenced articles/comments .. like DRG.
In my -opinion- there were many very good articles from 'fromthewilderness' (there were good contributors over time and Ruppert was instrumental in making that happen) and there were many truths, to my mind, in Crossing the Rubicon. Nobody is perfect, clearly Michael Ruppert was/is not. You ain't either and neither am I.

hyperbole, ad hominem, ridicule.....

yea but..

You have to admit..

"Rubbing The Crossicon" was a pretty hilarious comment...

Hicks is still talking about the ISI connection and the alleged cell phone conversation between Omar Saiid Sheikh where General Mahmood allegedly ordered Omar to wire $100k to Atta. When I personally look into a situation and, after only a few hours of research, the evidence is flim-flam flimsy...and time and time again...the 'sources' use crafty wording to make it seem like the FBI confirmed Omar Saiid Sheik's conversation with Mahmoood....I tend to jump from 'kinda skeptical' to 'super skeptical'. Then you bring in old 'wildcard' Vreeland onto the scene and you got yourself a recipe for something smelly.

People don't even mention Omar Saiid anymore. They just say "Pakistani ISI General Wired $100k to atta!"


Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

SAnder Hicks Audeo from NovaM?

Anyone have the ability to post the audio of Sander HIcks from today's NOvaM radio interview? That would be cool.

jpass attacks

You throw alot of accusations at Ruppert and then you admit ignorance of his work? If everyone putting forth information on 9/11 was judged on second hand accounts and what other people have said about them, then no one would have much credibility.
You should judge people by their work before you regurgitate baseless accusations.
Vreeland was a shady and untrustworthy character, you would know Ruppert presents him as such if you had read his book!

ever heard of War games? Insider trading?