IMPORTANT: Muckraker Report Bin Laden Confession Tape


Correcting the aspect ratio of the video, from NTSC (480 lines vertical) to PAL (576 lines vertical) stretches the image 17% taller. It looks more like bin Laden. See for yourself.

Pretty Convincing

Now, what does Bin-Laden actually say on this tape?

I haven't thought this tape

I haven't thought this tape was fake for a while now. It was after reading some article about how this film was actually recorded (someone on the inside?) and what was actually said, along with better quality still images which changed my mind.

As far as I remember Bin Laden says that he heard about the attacks 5 days before, which doesn't sound like someone in on the planning, but rather him being informed of it by the patsies which were setup by others perhaps?

More images and information on this tape are here ->

Please don't bash me for linking to that site, it is worth checking out when weighing all of this.

Nooo It's not fake...

Bin Laden's really right handed & loves jewelry...

good research

The "fat" part of this video always seemed to me like a suspect claim. I still have questions, however, about three things:

(1) the translation of the tape, which some experts said was faulty

(2) the provenance of the tape, which has never been determined

(3) and why OBL publicly denied complicity with 9/11 three times, only to have a supposed confession be unearthed by the United States military, of all people. I don't understand why someone who wants to be famous for striking at America would decline the chance to take credit for the greatest terrorist attack on US soil?

So, I remain skeptical of the tape based on circumstantial evidence. But, yes, it appears to be OBL in the tape.

Show "Old News" by JamesB

and now?

what is your interest in 9/11 issues?

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

Well James, obviously

a tape from December 2001 is old news. That doesn't mean it is authentic.

I saw your "moonbat" article, which is as idiotic in its standard right wingnut bile as are Limbaugh and Coulter.

You still haven't answered my question.


70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--


But not convincing. The argument that the others are real so bin Laden must be is not a good one. Bin Laden had doubles, the same as any other world leader. I've always thought it must be one of them.

The main problem is generally thought to be his nose - it's too long, and the Muckraker report doesn't deal with that.

The claim the tape was made in September looks good, though.

My main problem.

The guy in the 'official video' is clearly right handed.

But I could really care less, Osama & the other 19 patsies could never have arranged the demolition of the WTC, the war games or the NORAD stand down. Yeah, they had him, he was an employee after all, and they let him go... many times.


It is possible that the image was flipped horizontally during a conversion process. Has anyone studied the tape for indications taht it could be backward?

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

That's an excellent point

In fact, all possible consequences of transcoding the original video to the one everyone has seen should be considered.

It is not Osama bin Laden

it has to be manipulated to look more like him, but it still does not look like him. I have seen the moving video and it is different , not just the features, but the way he moves and his mannerisms. It looks like they flattened the nose on profile to make it look more like him, but it's not him. Please don't spread this garbage.

"don't spread this

"don't spread this garbage"

Typical ignorant response of a 911 blogger groupthinker

I am getting so tired of this forum.

This was a very informative piece with pertinent information. Make your own assumptions, but just because someone provides a new point of view which challenges yours, don't call it "garbage"


there is no hard evidence that the tape was converted. Even if it was it still doesnt look like him. They are only showing a few frames that they cooked themselves. lets see the whole video.

This tape is always brought up by oct's as the main peice of evidence. It just seems suspect they found it in a house in a city as big as san franscisco.

must agree with you

We've got to be able to face the mistakes in our own analysis. If not, we're not much of a truth movement.

Some people seem so insecure about protecting their "inside job" worldview that they can't even rationally approach something like this or the fact that there is plenty of evidence that a plane hit the Pentagon.

Expect more stuff like this to come out in the near future. But it won't change the solid case built around foreknowledge/warnings, wargames, the failure to defend the skies, and all the rest.

The evidence that sounds too good to be true, usually is. Lets be a little more discerning and willing to admit our mistakes.

International Truth Movement


Just because the Bin Laden confession tape appears to be authentic does not mean that 9/11 was not an inside job.

I've seen the tape - probably not him

I've seen that tape, and it looks like a fake, bad aspect ratio or not.

As with most things involving 9/11, it's the mountain of evidence, not any one specific piece, that exposes the subterfuge. Bin Laden certainly didn't demolish the buildings, divert Norad, or obstruct 9/11 investigations.

And given that he was a CIA asset, in the unlikely event the person in the tape is bin Laden it was most likely arranged for at the behest of western intelligence anyway.

Needless to say

They have tried and tested methods to analyze this stuff with software a preschooler could manage
Together in Truth!

Ed Haas, Maher Osseiran

Hi all, this is Maher Osseiran.

Ed and I are very accessible. The truth is, a couple of your have contacted me in the last few days and I have answered all email immediately.

For the record, Michael Rivero has taken the fatty bin laden article off his site and that is what has stuck with most of you.

You guys are right to think that the tape could have been reversed but if any on you paid close attention to "In the foot steps of Bin Laden" you would have noticed that he uses his right hand more than his left. Usually, a right handed person uses the his left ear when he talks on the phone, or any other device, in order to write with his right hand; Bin Laden uses his left when he is talking on walky talky. There were many other instances where he used his right.

Through the confession tape, Bin Laden always scanned to his right when he was saying something important. I think that he might have some vision issue with his right eye and is the reason he shoots a rifle as a lefty. Shooting a rifle as a lefty is the only documented use of his left hand. All other documented usages are of the right hand.

The ring is not gold, I worked for 7 years as a research metallurgist for Handy and Harman, the biggest gold and silver company till it went out of business in 2001, and I cannot determine if the ring is silver or gold. In islam, it is actually a good thing to wear a silver ring on your right hand since the prophet did that.
The issue of the watch is something else, there is a religious explanation for it. In the video, both Bin Laden and abou ghaith, the person to his right wear the same exact ring and the watches are on the right hand.

In the analysis of the tape, very little or nothing that Bin Laden said was used. You should read all the articles that deal with the issue. You can go to my website and read the majority of the pieces. There are links to the video on youtube and links to what Ed Haas and Murtagh have written. While you are there, sign the petition.

In the analysis, the issue of Bin Laden's guilt was not addressed directely. What was more important is how the tape was made and the timeline.

Stay tuned because Ed and I will be collaborating on an article that should be finished in ten days. It will deal with the guilt of Bin Laden and will tie in WTC and Petagon.

There is on thing that I want you all to be aware of, what you read is the result of more than a year worth of work. Just imagine viewing 90,000 frames, frame by frame, and some critical segments were viewed up to 6 times, you do the math.

In peace,
Maher Osseiran

Thanks a lot

I am one of the people that contacted you, and I am very glad you responded back. Thanks a lot for your continuous research.



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