Online Petition to The BBC - Please Sign

Dear All

Please could you sign the Online Petition to the BBC, it only requires a name and email address (kept private).

I would not ask if I did not feel it was very important, making the BBC accountable for their sources I believe is.

You can find the petition at :

To: The British Broadcasting Corporation

So Mr. Richard Porter of the BBC wants the whole 'BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell' scandal (and believe me, it IS a scandal even if you don't see it on the evening news) to just go away. The BBC is under the impression that knocking down a couple of straw-men and proclaiming 'nothing to see here folks' is going make us all just forget the monumental 'cock up' which is the BBCs attempt at damage control.

The BBC is also under the impression that it is only a few 'lone nuts' out there hammering the YouTube and Google Video counts and that this story is going to lose all it's steam by next week.

Well Mr. Richard Porter. This is where you are so very wrong...

We the Undersigned formally demand the following information from the BBC.

1. Who was the source who told your station that the Salomon Building had collapsed?

2. Who from the BBC ordered YouTube and GoogleVideo to immediately start pulling the videos from their sites the day this story broke?

3. Who from the BBC ordered Archive.Org to block and then remove their copies of the footage which (until this story broke) were freely available online?

4. Who is responsible for and what were the circumstances surrounding the 'cock-up' which led to the loss of BBC World News' 9/11 footage?

5. Who cut reporter Jane Standley's live feed from NYC at 5:18pm (EST) on 11/09/01?

Until you answer these 5 questions IN FULL, you can expect the BBC's phones to be ringing daily with people asking these 5 questions over and over until they are answered.

Take a good look at the number of signatures here Mr Porter. These are the people who are demanding these answers and these are the people who WON'T go away.

Welcome to the Digital Age Mr. Richard Porter. You're either a news outlet or a supermarket tabloid. Which is it?

Notes on petition: I did not create it, and personally I do not believe that took files down because of the BBC, but due to the download files being "hammered", the rest is pretty "right-on" in my opinion.

Don't forget you can view BBC World's 9/11 footage on (includes molten metal footage from south tower, live "experts" and lots more.

Links : BBC Uninterrupted 9/11 Coverage   and   BBC Prematurely Reports Building 7 Collapse

Many thanks for your time and best wishes

Signed the Petition.

Great work again 911veritas. I really enjoy the opportunities to "take action" regarding 9/11 Truth as opposed to just dicussing it. Peace and thanks for the petition.


We have just passed 400 names...

Please pass this around, family members, friends, anyone who believes the BBC should release their source.

Pretty, pretty please, add it to forums and websites, mention it on air, whatever you can do to add weight to this petition...

Much appreciated and thanks...

You can find the petition at :

or just link to THIS BLOG with a brief explanation...

Great going?

...actually I have been passing this around like crazy and found that most truthseekers seemingly do not see the importance of this stuff.

An embarrassing 400 votes (incl. lots of dupes and fakes) after more than 2 days and 36 diggs on how many are we? Helloooo?! Viral marketing? Pressure on the media?

Is the BBC too far away? Folks, we have a weapon here to force the entry of a small piece of truth into the world of mainstream media.
No more, no less. Please do NOT underestimate this.
Everyone and his dog please sign this petition.

Could not resist to write a lengthy ranting on this as my first blog entry here *lol*.
If this petition does end up with less than 50 K votes, WE cocked up, not the BBC...
who still thinks this has to be an action item or top news. Nothing more important right now. Call me crazy, but it is just like that. It could become an earthquake in mainstream media. And yes, I know how they work.

Elfenwald's "lengthy rant" is a must-read.

Great blog and no apologies for your excellent English, please. :)


*blush* - thanks! :)

Totally Understand and Appreciate What You Say...

Thanks for your help...

We're approaching 1000 names...

Best wishes

Just passed 2500 names...

If you have not asked your family members, colleagues, fellows and associates to sign, please do....

Spead around, bump posts as much as you can...

It'll be nice to present as big a petiton as possible to the BBC !!!

Link :

Thanks and best wishes

Thanks Everyone... To Finalise the Research...

I have been reading on a few forums that they're unsure of the "line of sight" of the footage, or that it's not the north face of WTC7 (which it is).

Below is a composite picture from where I believe the camera was positioned, with line of sight marked.

Approximate Line of Sight for BBC WTC7 Footage

On Google Maps, you can see the advertising boards and water towers (pictured below), to south-south-west of the two large buildings (not sure which one had the camera in, the one on the left is my guess).

Close up link of probable camera location (Google Maps) : [ HERE ]

Below is a picture from a very similar horizontal position, but a higher elevation.

This concludes my research unless there are any further questions or queries.

Best wishes



It was good reading the comments

Friend 911veritas, your work has helped us a ton. The photos above add to your resume.

For your info, I sent in a comment to the BBC folks, on your petition. I hope everyone here gets around to that, or at least to signing it.


Check these guys

they do a show about the top stories at Digg..... you think they knew about the BBC story?

cause they sure didn't talk about it
Together in Truth!

they knew

Thats why they did not talk about it...
They even buried a story on digg about the video that had well over 2000 diggs and kept it from appearing on the top10 or frontpage.
guess what...


I'm usually pretty resistant to signing petitions but I figured it's the least I could do to show appreciation for your great work on this - thanks!

Also sent it out to my list.

edit: I thought it was your petition at first - still good though :)

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Thanks YT and all who have signed...

We're upto 151 Sigs... we need more !!!

If you have not signed it, PLEASE do (takes a few seconds)... Would be nice to send it to the BBC with thousands on.

Spread this petition around, get your mates to sign etc, we want the BBC's source.

Pretty please Mr 911blogger if you could front page this for a day or so ;-)

You can find the petition at :

Best wishes and good luck

Front page!

"Pretty please Mr 911blogger if you could front page this for a day or so ;-)"

I'd like to second that request.

Of course - many consider this video to be of limited use in terms of "proof". But its a VERY good one and convincing one to kick the butt of the lame and deliberately ignorant mainstream media.

This petition is important. Get every vote possible, and stick a note on the front page.



und willkommen an Bord!

Besten Dank!

die Welt ist klein... ;-)

Did I miss it?

Hey, 911veritas, you say: "Pretty please Mr 911blogger if you could front page this for a day or so ;-)"

Did you submit it as news? Don't remember seeing it there.

Singed, everyone mail Dz,

Signed, everyone mail Dz, Sbg, GW and Rep for this to be on the front page!

Digg it up, please!

Hiho all,

I did some heavy promoting for this and slowly figures are going up, BUT it would help ALOT if more people would use digg or any other social bookmarking service to drive traffic there. I have it on - if you are a digg user, please digg it up:

Digg it!

There are lots of good folks there who sign everything that might help the truth, but they have to see it - the more diggs, the more views.

Links for other sb services are at the bottom of the petition page.

thanks for digging!


Yes. Now, the thing is...

Realize this: trotting this story out into the light is not something the Bad Guys want done, and they run the MSM. Attention to this story quite literally is life-threatening to anyone complicit in 9/11. So, I don't expect any bigwigs to greenlight coverage of this story. Yes, it'll make them look stupid if they don't. Consider the risk if they do.

9/11 Truth is the end for the MSM. There is no way for them to salvage any credibility at all. Game over. Expect them to act accordingly.

They are going down with this ship.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

life-threatening... the right word. Yet I have to add a POV on that.

I know only part about MSM in the US - and what I know makes me think you are right.

But there are other countries on this planet, they have MSM as well - and some of them are more open-minded. Sometimes the backdoor is wide open while everyone is hammering the heavily barred front door...

Of course, I know how they work, who funds them, etc - but I know as well that there are many journalists waiting for opportunities to further our cause. By small articles, often wrapped in irony and flaming (so their editors in chief let it pass...) they are willing to drip some doubt and information and truth into the brains of their readers...

this BBC story has already caught quite some attention. Many journalists are waiting to follow up on this. They failed us in the past, they know it, and they more and more see where it has led to. They are not willing to be the whistleblowers who first have "9/11 = inside job" on page 1. But they are moving towards it. And a petition to the BBC with a couple of thousands sigs from all over the world demanding proper journalism and explanations for their "prophecy" from them IS something to talk about.

As I wrote in my blog - one of their global players is in a mess. He is weak, and the vultures are waiting... BBC-bashing is quite fashionable, and it would be an easy entrance into the world of truth for the others...

Just forget about realism for a moment and imagine European MSM one by one starting to do the right thing... would that help or not? Then imagine European governments, under pressure from their MSM, well, errr, lets say "lying a bit less".... Wouldn' it be great to have some more chancelors and prime ministers (except Tony, of course, and our puppet-girl in Germany...) formulating some careful scepticism, and not just Chavez...?!

Help the European MSM to get started with it by pushing the BBC hard. All it takes is a sig and a digg.

This bang must be heard and be worth reporting it.

(close to 800 sigs now, things are speeding up a little.. good!)

wow, you are SUCH an

...encouraging poster. ;-D

Yes, of course MSM coverage would help, from anywhere in the world. And what you say makes a lot of sense. Certainly with the movement as large as it is now, there must be many, many reporters, and even non-complicit editors and other types of staffers, among us, perhaps silently.

Hmmmmm... that is a very interesting concept. I think I'll go to bed soon with that on my mind, because it happens to give me some rather strong deja vu regarding an abstract thought I'd been kicking around for a good while now, totally unrelated to 9/11. At least, it was until I read your post....

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"