Translation of Nettavisen Norways article on the BBC/WTC7 video

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I just noticed that Reprehensor ,last week, blogged the story on the BBC/WTC7 video from a Norwegian internet newspaper:

Here's the translation,(please excuse my rusty English)

By Hans-Inge Langø :

BBC cut the tower before it fell

On 9/11 the news giant reported the collapse 23 minuttes before it happened.

BBC's coverage of the terror attacks on 9/11 makes the conspiracy theorists rub their hands.

Now recordings, from the news channels live broadcast from that day,circulate on the net, and they show that the BBC reported on the collapsed of WTC7 before it actually happened.

WTC7 was a 47 storage high building, which stood just next to the WTC towers.The building collapsed 5:20 pm local time after debris from the twin towers sparked several fires.

The mystical part is that the BBC already reported live on the collapse at 4:57 pm.The recording from the live transmission is at the net site one can see the channels New York correspondent telling that the building has collapsed, even though you clearly can see the building standing in the background.

See the video in the bottom of the story

According to conspiracy theorists, this is of course proof that the BBC were indirectly involved in the attacks on September 11.

Some claim that the collapse was planned and that the BBC received a press notice too early about it.

The net video has caused an email storming of the BBC, who now feel a need to reject the accusations of the conspiracy theorists.

-We are not a part of a conspiracy.Nobody told us what to say or do on 9/11.We weren't told beforehand that the building would collapse.We didn't receive press notices or manuscripts before the events happened, writes Richard Porter in a blogg entry, who is the news editor in chief for BBC World.

Porter admits that the news channel could have reported on things that were mistaken or not precise that day,but that they based their reports the whole time on the best avaible information.

The news editor in chief now wishes to take a look at the recordings from 9/11, but then someone has to send it to him.Because the BBC haven't got the recordings any more.

-This is due to a mistake,not a conspiracy,Porter point out.

- Ali aka Danish