Cynthia McKinney demands 9/11 Truth in California speech for Pacifica fundraiser

"We must resist!"
Remarks by Cynthia McKinney
KPFK Pacifica Radio Station Fundraising Event
March 2, 2007
Los Angeles, California

First, thank you for the invitation to be with you this evening. I love KPFK and I love Pacifica.

I want to especially thank KPFK General Manager Eva Georgia for her very warm embrace. I'll have to tell you: I'm not surprised when people run away from me. But, I get emotional when I am embraced.

Another KPFK sister is Margaret Prescod. We wish her a speedy recovery.

The truth is controversial and, it seems sometimes, that only a few of us believe in sharing the truth.

KPFK is committed to the truth. Thank you to those of you who are here this evening, and to KPFK supporters who put their money where their hearts are during this pledge drive.

I'm hoping there are some folks here tonight who have never been to an event like this before. I'm hoping that people are so moved by their own intolerable circumstances that they are now willing to do something different in order to get something they've never had before.

For, in order to solve the massive problems this country now has, it can no longer be business as usual for a critical mass of us.

Whether it's the thawing tundra in Siberia or the melting glaciers in Greenland, our contribution to global warming is something that must be dealt with.

Whether it's the massive amounts of money we spend on the war machine or the fact that we still don't know what happened on September 11th, the values and priorities of the American people must be reflected in the public policy we pursue. I do not believe that is the case today and there are specific reasons why.

I have long said that the black body politic is comatose: unable to sustain itself after the massive infusion of COINTELPRO-type "clean Negroes" who don't truly provide representation for a body of people in need.
Unfortunately, now, the entire American body politic is in dire straits, too.

I have also said that the prescription for the black body politic is radical surgery. So, too, now, I believe, is the case with the American body politic.

The extreme corruption of our political system by the greedy, unseen hand that comfortably operates in the backrooms of power is turning our heroes into caricatures of themselves.

Why can't we know the truth about 9/11 and this war on terror?

Why can't we immediately repeal the Secret Evidence Law, the Patriot Act, and the Military Tribunals Act?

Why can't we get back that 2.3 trillion dollars Rumsfeld admits is missing and use it to fully fund education and health care and infrastructure?

They're asking poor, devastated university students to return their Hurricane Katrina money, but I don't see anyone going after Blackwater mercenaries, the law enforcement officials who took federal money and then denied Katrina survivors safe passage over public thoroughfares. They're not going after the Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff whose incompetent behavior directly led to the delayed response, causing as-yet unmitigated pain and suffering on the people of New Orleans, and whose continued bumbling results in one of the largest depopulations of an American city in memory.

Why can't we know if there were explosions along the levies, as historically was done before to safeguard certain parts of New Orleans?

The reason we can't get answers to our questions and doubts linger is because our leadership today just isn't what it used to be.

The current state of black America didn't arise only because of Republican policies. Despite the election of thousands of black elected officials since passage of the Voting Rights Act, nearly half of the black men in New York City between the ages of 16 and 64 are unemployed—according to the New York Times. It will take 200 years for black Chicagoans to catch up to the quality of life enjoyed by white Chicagoans—according to a Hull House/Loyola University report. It will take 1,664 years for blacks in this country to achieve a homeownership rate equal to that of whites; racial disparities on infant mortality, family income, unemployment, police stops, imprisonment, and more, have not been eliminated and in some cases are worse today than at the time of the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

People of color have less wealth, less net worth, work longer hours with insecure pensions and stagnant wages.

And now all Americans do, too!

We have got to do something different because we can't stand any more of this.

So what are we to do?

Just voting isn't enough. Voting is necessary, but it isn't enough to get the kind of change we must now demand. We have to change the structure within which we cast our vote.

We must have a different kind of leadership than is possible now without the kind of change I'm talking about.

This is revolutionary in its impact.

And so, will be fought even more fiercely than I've already been fought, and all I wanted to do was improve the lot of people of color in the U.S. and around the world; institute the kind of respect for human rights at home and abroad that would change the policies of our government toward the global community, including the American people; and make the U.S. government accountable to the taxpayers for the way it spends their dollars. Now, that's all I wanted to do. And you see what's happened to me!

So, what I have in mind won't be easy. But it will be worth it. And, I believe, it's possible to achieve.
Now, it would be nice if we could count on someone else to do it for us. And we would all join that person and make it happen. But, I reluctantly say that if no one else will do it, then I guess I'll have to do that, too!

Just like the Articles of Impeachment.

Finally, I have complete belief in the young people of our country and their ability to lead the kind of change that I'm talking about.

After all, it was the young people from just a few generations ago who faced attack dogs, water hoses, police beatings, and lynch mobs. They sat in at lunch counters across the country and stood up for our country.

And they won. And I know we all can do it again.

Now, should you ever waiver in your faith, just acknowledge this:

The world's most marginalized and dispossessed are already ahead of us in taking their countries back! Of course, starting in 1959 with Cuba, but then Venezuela, Cote d'Ivoire, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, India, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Haiti, and Nicaragua all have stood up to imperial domination--and won!

In the meantime, we have to demand more from our representatives. How can you be against war if you finance war? And how can you be against George Bush if you won't impeach him?

The American people are being fed madness as sanity. But, this is not Oz, Wonderland, the Twilight Zone, and it's not 1984!

With every fiber in our being we must resist. Resist like Mario Savio told us to resist: with our entire bodies against the gears and the wheels and the levers of the machine.

We must resist because we claim no partnership in war crimes, genocide, torture, or crimes against humanity. We claim no complicity in crimes against the American people.

We will build a broad-based, rainbow movement for justice and peace. And we will win.

I want to thank Dedon, Adrienne Cole (my former Chief of Staff), Anastasia King (Producer of American Blackout), Tracy Larkins (my scheduler, host, and everything assistant), and all the people associated with this program, and all of you for supporting it.

Thank you.

Thank you Cynthia!

........You define integrity, and honor

911 Truth Presidential Ticket: Ron Paul & Cynthia McKinney

A dream ticket.......

In times of change, the Patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.
Mark Twain….

start a write in campaign

you don't even need their permission... :)

no reason not to think very seriously about things like this! 911 truth has the ground troops in place to pull off quite a free campaign effort.

a left/libertarian alliance to break the corporate war money party monopoly!

possible is what you decide to make happen!

I'll stop yelling now!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



We have such a dearth of

We have such a dearth of people in DC that actually have courage and conviction.

News editor at The Watchman Report,, delivering 9/11 truth to the Christian community

They're all....

...bought-off, blackmailed, or bullied....

Or a combination thereof....

Thank You Congresswoman

what influence you have left in the halls of congress should be focused on reasoned arguements to your fellow congresspeople to join in your public skepticism about 9/11. Small steps first, the Anthrax attacks are a great place to focus some energy, then the Siebel Edmonds gag order, then the Pentagon photos, then the Cheney Testimony, etc...

Rattling the swords of a people's Revolution may stir up a crowd, but it does little to gain valid political support for a serious independant forensic investigation.

Although I do like the Hutspa!

Completely OT:

The BBC has allowed about 300 more comments in at Porter's Damage Control Pt.2, and here's a keeper:

"Dear BBC viewers,

My name is Osama Bin Laden and I am responsible for informing newsdesk about the upcoming events that day. I dont know why Mr. Porter doesn't reveal that here, but I guess he is just careful and wish to protect his sources. Journalistic code of ethics, you know. But hey, there is no conspiracy here.

I am also responsible for misplacing those tapes at BBC archives. As you know, I am kinda sloppy at times. Once, I even misplaced that tape where I was planning the whole 9-11 operation with my cave buddies. Somehow CIA found it in my 34th wife's bottom drawer. Ma look, no conspiracy here, no conspiracy there.

I am quite surprised that the 911 commission report missed to report why I chose to use commercial airlines when I could just pack a few Cessna aircrafts with nukes or TNT that day and fly them into the buildings. It would be so much easier and cost effective. And since I already knew that the US Airforce was having a drill that day, I could have done it easily with no interception from those annoying F-18s. Nope, no conspiracy here Lucy.

Actually, these media guys have done a wonderful job for me. Nobody suspect me anymore, not even Mr. Bush. He already said he is not really looking for me anymore. Great gosh what a relief. Now everybody is pointing fingers at some international bankers or a hidden faction of the US government, I am basically a free man. Thank you Mr. Porter, buy you a beer later.

Many of you probably wonder what my intentions with 9-11 really was? Well, its all in the pressreleases I sent to newsdesk that morning claiming responsibility. But I do understand that BBC wish to protect their integrity and not publish that in respect to the public. After all, they report and you decide. God forbid if you decided what they report. That would be real democracy and you know how much I hate that.

Bless you all,

Someone also posted my JFK comment, wheee! And to get back on topic: You rock, Cynthia!

You're a very silly man....

You're a very silly man.... ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


Now is that a good or a bad thing?

If it's good: Hey, thank you, Jenny! I've really been cultivating my silliness, and intend to refine it into an artform. And if it's not: Hey, don't blame me! It wasn't my choice, I was born this way!

Yea, I'm silly. At some point during adolescence, I made the conscious decision not to follow the path of seriousness all the way where it leads. You can only be young once. But you can always be immature!

PS: I can't take credit for that OBL comment, sorry if I accidentally made it appear otherwise. Just quoted it because, as they say: When a thing has been said and said well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it.

or in the possibly apocryphal Bob Dylan quote...

a good artist borrows--a GREAT artist STEALS.

nuff said :)


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I'm smiling...

;-) = "good thing"

Okay, sometimes it means I'm being a snarky bastard, but only with trolls or the SLC crew...

Speaking of which, has anyone seen our Mark Roberts, lately? Seems to be unnaturally quiet these days...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I noticed

guess I just felt like ranting there ^_^

Mark? Troll sightings have been rare round these quarters lately in general, haven't they? Maybe it's mating season, or maybe they just want to catch us off guard? Let's be on the lookout for moles in the meantime...

People Notice:

I'll have to admit, I'm partial to 911Blogger... a bias I can not hide. I'm Full-Load Magnum Gonzo for our next human renaissance, as we scrap away the slime of half-truth fiat-reality propped up like some fake Potomkin Villiage on an old back lot in Hollywood.

Heating my home with stacks of C-note FRNs is looking less absurd with every passing day. Hell, the MIC is blowing them out the barrels of big guns while the only people warming up on that shit, is the hand-wringing pitch of the bat-squeeze CEO, and the split second catch by the Swarthy Freedom Hater. Ya, this is really "gonna take a generation" alright.

Lord strike me down if my future holds a sell-out price, where I fold to the succulent red steak wonderland pill tying to slip back into a cozy pod, all warm and full of red-dress dreams....

wait for it...

wait for it...

... seems The Lord thinks my intestinal fortitude is gonna hold out after all.

The truth makes me horny anyway. Woman, hop your ass on over here... we're gonna have us some fun!

What I actually wanted to say, was that I noticed, and I think other people noticed, and I think more people are gonna notice... that the only thing competing for the increased quality of 911 truth these past several weeks... is the shear damn quantity of high quality truth these past several weeks.

The blogs are better, the comments are better, and the singing razors edge of substance is really getting sharp... I mean OUCH!

One of these days, dz might drop us a statistical traffic line chart over time... trying to make his pitch that 911Blogger Stock has got to slit, and spin off subdivisions because the urban center needs mass transit rails out to the farm country where people can think. I mean this place is really getting crowded shoulder to shoulder. If you hadn't noticed.

I love you all.


truth horniness

Wow, phew! Uhhhh THANKS Erin for sharing that wonderful take on the heating up of the movement lately. [loosens tie] Yeah. Uhhh, yeah that's the ticket! Our product IS getting better, we really are seeding the truth all over--can't wait to see what blossoms this spring--it's coming fast!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Antiwar Radio: Scott Horton

Antiwar Radio: Scott Horton Interviews Sibel Edmonds and James Bamford

Who is Cynthia McKinney? Ask her detractors...

lets see what discoverthenetworks, the rabid neocon "anti-liberal" site has to say about Cindy! (emphasis mine)

Many Jewish leaders had given support to her opponent after it came to light that McKinney had taken huge political campaign contributions from radical Muslims, including some with links to terrorist-supporting organizations. McKinney also had the support of Minister Louis Farrakhan.

"McKinney has enjoyed strong support from the Arab and Muslim community, which views her as a prime backer of a Palestinian state," wrote investigative reporter Matthew E. Berger in 2004. "A review of her Federal Election Commission filings shows a slew of Arab surnames, and she received $1,000 from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee."

And McKinney in exchange was willing and eager to speak out in concert with such views. When a Saudi prince tried to use his $10 million 9-11 charity donation as a platform from which to criticize U.S. support for Israel, New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani returned Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's check. Congresswoman McKinney then immediately wrote to the Prince to offer her services in helping him spend his $10 million.

"A growing number of people in the United States," McKinney wrote sycophantically to the Prince, "recognize, like you, that U.S. policy in the Middle East needs serious examination."

A member of her congressional staff, Raeed Tayeh, wrote to the Capitol Hill magazine Roll Call to criticize "these pro-Israeli lawmakers [who] sit on the House International Relations Committee despite the obvious conflict of interest that their emotional attachments to Israel cause…. The Israeli occupation of all territories must end, including Congress."

On Berkeley Pacifica Radio station KPFA, McKinney even implied that President George W. Bush knew in advance that the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were coming — declaring that the President let thousands of innocent people die because this would somehow profit the Bush family's wealthy friends.

"We know there were numerous warnings of the events to come on September 11," said McKinney. "What did this administration know and when did it know it, about the events of September 11th? Who else knew, and why did they not warn the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered?….What do they have to hide?"

Pressed to retract or substantiate this blood libel, McKinney weaseled: "I am not aware of any evidence showing that President Bush or members of his administration have personally profited from the attacks of 9-11. A complete investigation might reveal that to be the case…. On the other hand, what is undeniable is that corporations close to the Administration have directly benefited from the increased defense spending arising from the aftermath of September 11.

"America's credibility, both with the world and with her own people," added McKinney, "rests upon securing credible answers to these questions."

Her hatred of Jews and the Bush Administration also apparently includes a hatred of white people here and abroad. Of Marxist President Robert Mugabe's racist policy of confiscating all white farms in Zimbabwe, McKinney said: "To any honest observer, Zimbabwe's sin is that it has taken the position to right a wrong, whose resolution has been too long overdue — to return its land to its people."

McKinney also wants to confiscate the property of American whites (most of whose ancestors never owned slaves, or who were not even here when slavery existed) via tax-supported reparations to black Americans. "Eight generations of African-Americans," she said last April, "are still waiting to achieve their rights — compensation and restitution for the hundreds of years during which they were bought and sold on the market."  

During her two years out of office, as noted earlier, McKinney held the position of Visiting Professor at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.  "The selection of Cynthia McKinney as a Class of '56 professor is an affront to the intellectualism of Cornell University," wrote Professor Emeritus Peter Swartz. "Ms. McKinney is a racist and anti-Semite of the first rank. If she were white and male, she would be David Duke. It is unfortunate that the selection committee was so open minded that its collective brain fell on floor."


<p>____</p>♠<p><strong>Real Truther</strong> a.k.a. <em>Verdadero Verdadero</em></p><p> - Harvard Task Force</p><p>&#160;</p>

You can't fool me--you're an

You can't fool me--you're an imposter!

The real "Real Truther" wouldn't have his html tags hanging out all over the blog... ;-P

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

you're right

RT's html tags are invariably well-hung

Col. Jenny--I REALLY want to see Wally on CrossBall. Maybe we could webcast a debate between him and one of us on the topic of Harley Guy or something like that


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CrossBall--gah--it's starting to be work!

I have a novel proposal to work on this weekend and so much I want to do when I do get back to it--it's sort of exhausting just thinking about it. AND I have to expect my ratings will NEVER be as high as they've been. I'm one of the loudmouth targets now, so I don't even get that validation. Not that that's going to stop me....

Comedy is the HARDEST thing to write--an episode will take 3 to 5 hours to finish, even when I know what I'm doing.

BTW--while we're on the subject, what do you think about having your act--say 500 words or so? I'm trying to limit the length so it doesn't go on too long--though it's still a "debunker" format, there's room for a "twoofer" act if that's what you want to do.

If you have ideas give me an email--broadly speaking I want to still focus on "debunking the evidence", though any aspect of 911 that has a silly twist I'll consider.

If you're not interested, no big--it's just that you can be VERY silly when you want to be. ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

You may have already thunk it...

... but pick one of your favs... we'll find some talent and put them in front of a camera.

I've been thinking about this from the moment I read your first blog-a-sode. We need to do this for ourselves, food for the soul n all that. Besides, the bastards could choke on it with any luck, seeing such in the fun-house mirror.

I shudder to think what I have started....

But like I told RT, email me and I'll see if I can work in your ideas.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

i love acting! what's cooking?


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Have your people email my people--we'll do lunch, baby!

Seriously, email me--like I say, I'm WAY too busy this weekend.

Maybe you want to write up a couple of skits? Perhaps put on a correspondent hat? I only have one correspondent, and he's imaginary...

Email what ya got, kid--as long as its funny. I know broadly what I'm focusing on, but I don't want to spill the beans here.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

she knows more since 2004

She not blackmailed or bought and paid for like the rest of those congess criters we got down there in DC

i like her attitude she doesnt give a shit , this isnt a popularty contest, iam not here to make friends were here to do a job

But you know what the truth is, thats why she is not there now she knows more since 2004 it would be nice to have her back in congress in 2008

i love this woman.

i love this woman.

Me too. Impeachment.

Me too.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Holocaust Denier Slams 9/11 Truth Movement Revisionism?

Stephen Lemons implied that everyone was supposed to deny "Holocaust deniers" the right to speak. Now you're parading one around to make sure everyone hears from them?

Too funny.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

Oi! You never answered my question!

>>>Been with us 4 days I see, bje

So, why exactly did you register with 911Blogger?

Just asking...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.
Submitted by Col. Jenny Sparks on Thu, 03/08/2007 - 10:37pm.<<<

And are you another fresh faced student at university visiting as an English project?

Now, don't make Jenny hunt you down again...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

the unique Cynthia

CM is sooooo far to the left of me, I almost have to look to my right to see her. That said, no honest person can deny her guts, nor the vapidity of many of her detractors. I disagree with some of her political positions but she's made of better stuff than the propaganda-mill nitwits who can't find anything decent to say about her. And, of course, on 9/11 truth she's *the* US rep who started it all. Nothing can take that from her.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

she is quite left

but hey, if anti and pro abortion people can share the republican party in order to lower their taxes, surely lefties and libertarians can share a party for one election cycle to get 9/11 truth (and much else that can be agreed on!)


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I actually would consider

I actually would consider voting to put her in the executive chair; the Congress is the policy arm, where the exec is -- per the Consitution -- the enforcement arm. While CM and I have plenty of policy disagreements, I think she is an honest person at heart, and would make a better (meaning, primarily, more accountable to the people) exec than most of the folks in DC. (It sure doesn't take much to exceed the Establishment trash served up by the Ds and Rs every 4 years.) It's hard for me to envision Ron Paul sharing a ticket with her, but I'd still vote for him if he did. Remember though, he's running on the R track this time; CM -- to put it lightly -- isn't likely to show up there.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"