Danish school children to be indoctrinated in 9/11 lies


Translation of news from the Danish Ministry of Education:

Plus, please help push Danish tv program,mostly in English, on 9/11:

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The Danish Ministry of Educations webpage,in English: http://eng.uvm.dk/

Danish Minister of Education, Bertel Haarder (Venstre,right wing Liberal Party), says yes to educating in September 11.

On the 15th of February 2007, Several (Danish) media talk about the History Canon's (a Danish culture archive project) recommandation to introduce education in September 11. The subject is on the list,the committee of the Canon sent out the 30th of June 2006. The committee,chaired by Knud J.V. Jespersen from South Denmark University, recommended that education in September 11 ought to be one of the canons last points.
The history canon is going to contain around 30 of the most important and biggest events in Danish and World history.Among other things, it will deal with tutankhamon,the culture of Ertebolle,King Christian the 4th and the fall of the Berlin wall.
The ministry of Education is currently looking into the recommandations, which are going to be incorporated into history teaching in public schools.Within months, a new school plan for education will be sent out.The proposal to educate in September 11 is one of the very last points and therefore this education would be for the 9th grade (15 teen year olds),but it's up to the induvidual teacher how the education is fulfilled and when it will be placed in the school year.
It's already an important part of the public schools official purpose that the pupils should be prepared to take part in a society with freedom and peoples rule.Amongst other things,the pupils are taught democracy and different types of democracy.
Minister of Education,Bertel Haarder states:
"I have decided to follow the Canons committees proposal that September 11 should be one of the 30 points in the history canon.It's an important and decisive event in world history and the history of Denmark.The canon should secure that the pupils have a certain knowledge of decisive events in world history.Education in the canon should not take up all the time of education, but may receive a quarter of the curriculum- it's up to the teachers own time planning."
So there you have it.Even in a traditional free thinking country like Denmark, school children are to be indoctrinated in 9/11 myths and lies. Minister of Education,Bertel Haarder, is from the same party as Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who's been a know Bilderberg attendee in the 1990's, as well as the major newspapers in Denmark,Berlingske Tidende,who attended in the 1980's and Politiken, who's editor in chief, Toger Seidenfaden is Denmarks current Bilderberg leader. These two Newspapers own the 6 biggest newspapers in Denmark and have so far managed to keep almost all 9/11 dissent silent, until this documentary from Denmarks National TV just aired. This program,mostly in English, is now out on Google Video here:


I would like for everyone to please help push this video high up.It's Danish texted and most people in Sweden,Norway,Finland,Iceland,Greenland and the Faroe Islands understands Danish,which means reaching about 25 million people with the help of a tv channel that is respected in Scandinavia. The Danish reporter is very fair to us and never trash talks us or calls us loonies.They actually end the program in a way that's to our favor,getting the last word. I heard journalists in Denmark are waking up to the truth.One former tv presenter from this channel went public,but was ridiculed.Most people in Denmark have no idea there's even a debate on 9/11.

Even though more of that movie

was actually in danish than you first made it appear to me^^, it seemed like very balanced coverage! Man, I so wanted to strangle Benjamin Chertoff after his sickeningly smug delivery of bald-faced lies...BARF.

Anyway, isn't it just truly revolting, the way a new generation is now supposed to be fed utter BS by the very educational institutions of our own society? Whoever controls the past, controls the future - whoever controls the present, controls the past.

Really makes you wonder how long this has been going on...

Let's take the power back and prevent this heinous brainwashing of our future society, they shall not be enslaved within their own minds. Let's all stand united against ALL forms of tyranny, and let's do it now, lest we miss the enormous opportunity 9/11 has provided us with!

You know we can do it.

I wish I could put an

I wish I could put an English subtitle on the Danish speaking part.That would be really great,but what program can I use for that?
In this story,it's interesting to see that it is actually university proffessors who propose to teach 9/11 to school children and then nothing is done until the media starts writing page up and down about it.So the media clearly pushed this agenda and the politicians follow up.
I blogged this story to try to show how far reaching this propaganda goes and that people everywhere are affected.Why the h*ll should Danish schools teach American policies that most Americans disagree with?
They end the program showing the two Chertoffs' pictures next to each other to show that they really look like cousins.Then they say, you can see why these theories are not going away any time soon. Also notice how many times you see WTC7 falling and from so many angles.I don't think any other main stream media has done that.
And the title "Den grusomme sandhed" means "The Grusome truth"


I hope they bring their wading clogs to that portion of the lesson because it might get a bit deep in there.

On the other hand the teachers may learn that the dam has already broken before they have a chance to put their finger in the dike.
Together in Truth!