Rosie O' donnell: controlled demo advocacy continues

today in rosie's blog:

patricia writes: After doing the research, as you recommended someone do, I’ve a question. Do you truly believe the U.S. government planted explosive devices in the WTC which, in part, caused its collapse on 9/11?

Rosie: i believe
it is impossible
4 the towers to have fallen
at the speed they did
without explosives

well there you have it, the 4th 9/11 controlled demolition comment on her blog. Is she trying to stir up controversy? Or maybe not, this story doesn't seem to be getting the traction it deserves, is it because she made these statements online instead of on a radio show or on TV?
Maybe the media hasn't jumped on to this yet because they positively sure its her making these statements. Help me out here guys, im confused she is a much hotter celeb personality than Charlie Sheen, yet i have not seen this story get farther than 911blogger. .

Also has seen Terrorstorm...

"Jon writes: Have you seen Aaron Russo’s Freedom to Fascism? I think you are the ONLY voice on mainstream TV who knows and SAYS what is going on - Thank YOU!! Also - Terrorstorm is good if you haven’t seen it. XOX

Rosie: i saw them both "

Maybe it isn't getting any more traction because they saw how the public reacted to Charlie Sheen... I think that instead of turning him into a laughingstock the media actually gave a shot in the arm of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Perhaps the strategy has shifted from dogged trash talking to the silent treatment.


It is the quiet before the storm so to speak. When following Arthur Schopenhauer's three steps (ridicule, violent opposition, self-evident) it seems anything less would mean we are headed in the wrong direction. Think of all the increased attention as of lately and we are only in the third month of 2007!

It's simple:

They know that Rosie is a very outspoken individual. If someone ridicules her, calls her names, or contests her opinion -- it will make headlines. Her feud with Donald Trump is a good, recent example. The issue would then get loads of attention. I think its not being mentioned has a lot to do with that. Put Rosie O'Donnell on the defensive and you've met your match! I hope some right wing NeoCon media pimp does call her a tin-foil hat nut-job; then the fireworks will start!!

Plz ask her if she has ever

Plz ask her if she has ever discussed this with Barbara and what Barbaras opinion is on the matter.

I'll bet she has

discussed it with Barbara.

I also wonder if she has discussed it with Barbra, since her husband James mentioned 911weknow,com a few months ago.

streisand or walters?

which Babs you mean?


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the spelling is the key :)

Barbara = Walters

Barbra = Streisand

oh i thought she was Baba

the uptight one, in other words. isn't Brolin married to streisand, not walters?


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why WOULD the media cover it?

we have to remember that the media could have been covering this from day one by themselves and haven't. If they DO cover something, it's either for some nefarious reason or, uh, a sketchy reason.

Anyway GO ROSIE!! She really does seem like someone who won't take shit from anyone. What's happening is that the strong people, the people who are comfortable forming, having, and expressing their thoughts independently are coming out first. Maybe Rosie's other experience coming out also makes this coming out easier. Make no mistake--admitting to understanding the truth of 9/11 is a coming out process very much like any other.

Because truthers have been marginalized in a way similar to other nonconformists, we should try to learn from their experiences. I know so many 9/11 skeptics who just aren't "out" that I think a focused campaign to encourage people to "come out for the truth" might work wonders.

Similarly we should very carefully tread the line between effective evangelism and creepy cultiness. This means that we need more people going out and "spreading the word" without having the movement come across as too unified--as a cult.

We should always remind people how truthers come in ALL shapes , sizes, and flavors politically and socially. It is as such a VERY AMERICAN movement. Probably more authentically AMERICAN than anything else going right now, except maybe jazz.

Speaking of Jazz, it's almost spring--this year we should start to REALLY jazz up our outreach. Get those high quality flyers out there, think about the image you are projecting on behalf of the truth. Hold up 9/11 TRUTH LOVES ROSIE signs with Rosie's pic to get people wondering. Every day we have new opportunities to capture people's imagination and neutralize any and all hit pieces put out there.

The more we look and sound like a vibrant and growing movement, the more obvious the hit pieces' dishonesty will be.

We can lose, but only if we decide not to win!!!


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"Make no mistake--admitting

"Make no mistake--admitting to understanding the truth of 9/11 is a coming out process very much like any other."

I have to disagree - speaking from personal experience (having come out as both), coming out as gay is much harder.

i didn't say which was harder...

that totally depends on who you're coming out to. If you're coming out as gay to a lot of supportive people it's different than coming out as a truther to die-hard OCTopi... :)

my point is that the dynamic is similar...


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I think

she's looking a little deeper.
The facts are hard to ignore.Let's hope the deeper she looks the more patriotic passion increases.

She is linking 911 Scholars

on her "askro" section. She's definitely gets it.

rosie pic



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from her blog today....

Susie writes:

Wow, Rosie
About the
I agree…
but the fear
of being
a “freak” or
“conspiracy nut”
keeps me quiet.

Brave woman…
Bravo to you!

dont know who
dont know y
dont know how
but wow

Where does Susie's question

Where does Susie's question end and Rosie's answer begin? Whe nyou cut and paste off her blog it's hard to read it, you need to add in a little "Rosie: " to indicate

Rosie's answer:

dont know who
dont know y
dont know how
but wow

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thank you Rosie for not being a weakass P0S wastrel

like 99.8% of the rest of Hollywood. Rosie rocks!

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