The 911 REcommission Report

Over the past 5+ years there has been alot of people that have helped to get the 911 investigation ball rolling. One person can make a differnce but much like anything else the more you have the better. This is the thinking behind The 911 REcommission Report. Our goal is to gather as many of the major players we can get and have them attend meetings in differnt locations throughout the United States. We have been in contact with a few people and so far the list has been steadily growing. Loose Change is behind us and since they will be releasing their final cut of Loose Change, it will help in the overall goal.
Each meeting will be held in places such as auditoriums, college speaking halls, and any other place we can arrange. The dates and times as well as location, will be placed on over 100 911 websites. We hope to have your support as well.
Every person that attends will be asked to sign our petition for a new investigation of 911. This petition is being called The 911 REcommission Report. So inturn the Report is not only an idea and a goal but a document to aid our cause.
Thank you for all of your support,