Is THAT our best punch?

((Disclaimer: This little rant is not to offend anyone. Almost anyone here has done more than me to bring forth the truth, I guess. Yet sometimes the view of an "outsider" is useful to have a look where a "specialized community" is heading to - and when it misses a point. And thats what we currently do, in my humble opinion.))

There is an official petition and complaint being made to the BBC on behalf of their recently uncovered WTC7 "cock-up" and the funny attempts to bury it - and we manage to get about 400 votes in two days, about 15% of which are dupes and fakes.

On, the story has a stunning 35 (thirty-five) diggs right now.

This is embarrassing, to put it mildly. How many truth-seekers are out there?
We are not really that hand-full of lunatic lonely moonbats the PNAC-hitmen keep calling us, are we?!

The BBC is in a mess. Not only they aired that hit piece a few weeks ago that "debunked" more of their own reputation than doing so with the so-called "conspiracy theories".

The footage discovered by 911veritas clearly shows that someone tipped them off or "press released to early" on the fall of WTC7. And that someone actively cut the line just before the building really went down.

Their reaction was the most stupid one can imagine: attempted censorship and the futile evasions of Mr Porter in their editors blog. More censorship when the flood of comments became too obvious. No answers. More cover up.

The mainstream media have tried hard to ignore the case and bury it - at least here in Germany. We kick their butt quite hard for that - with some success.

One can discuss, if the BBC footage provides much hard "evidence" for a "conspiracy" that could be used in court. Of course it does not. But that is not the point.

It provides a great, clearly visible proof that something smells fishy in "free media" and 9/11. Very fishy. The proof is short, simple, easy to understand and there is no fault in it - opposite to more complex approaches like Loose Change which of course contain some errors and can be attacked for that. And it does not force people to jump to conclusions (have the buildings been blown up, who was behind it, etc.), but simply shows: SOMEthing is wrong, and the media are of NO help at all. Re-open the case, BBC.

This is something PR folks and propaganda people love - it is just striking. And the BBC did their best to prove that by their reaction - they are under pressure, they know it, and they even can't hide it.

We got a weapon.

Probably the best one (in terms of publicity and pressure on the media) we ever had.

Probably even 911veritas is not fully aware what he found there.

And what do we do? We keep padding each other on the back since we scored. We spend days to find the exact spot of the BBC-camera during this funny psychic live session. We keep showing video clips to each other, we keep writing affirmative statements on the websites of other truthers, we keep linking the same sites, the same evidence we have been linking for years and new evidence that no one wants to see. OK, some of us fight in public forums, hold lectures, keep digging up new evidence or heckle Bill Kristol at Austin.

Don't get me wrong - none of that is futile or wrong.

But - instead of spreading ourselves like butter over too much bread and digging up even more technical evidence (hey - we got more than enough - people just don't look at it...) we should focus, where the opponent (and so far the media have been an opponent) has shown a real weakness.

Exploit it.

We do not have to "prove" anything any more - the facts are clear enough to show the official con theory is crap. More is not needed - the rest is the job of the media and the criminal investigators, preferably an international tribunal.

But the message has to be delivered to the public. And the public is not reading on our favorite forums. They watch TV and read some papers at best.

But so far the mass media do not cooperate. OK, Hustler mag did. Cool. Else?

The pressure from above and their long tradition of conscious self-censorship and inconscous "thought-hygiene" make them stick with the official nonsense and they keep bitching at those who ask questions. Without the media, our case is lost, period. They won't be able to silence and shoot us all, but we will never get the public attention this cause needs to be successful.

Now a global player in news business messed it up. They have a serious problem. They are nervous. They make mistakes by the dozen. Even "ordinary" folks who are not at all inclined in believing some "conspiracy nut" think "WTF??". That fire needs to be fueled. They duck to pressure from above? OK, give them heat from "below"! If you are in UK, go have a cup of tea with Mr Porter. I mean - the BBC headquarters is no secret place, and transparents are cheap, right?

If you live elsewhere, twenty seconds should not be too much - get over to

and sign that petition. Yes, the guy who did it could have done better. Yes, the site sucks. Yes, the initial marketing was not a strike of genius, I even had to submit it on Digg myself, it was not yet there. Yes, maybe it is in vain. Maybe all is in vain. You disagree with two sentences in the petition? Fine.

Never mind.

Just move and sign it.

If this one comes out with less than 50 K signatures, WE "cocked up", not the BBC.

And for Gods sake - dig it up on

We certainly can do better than 35 diggs...

You know what struck me? Among the few sigs on the petition there was this one:


313. Robert K McILvaine My son Bobby deserves the truth


I went over to the memorial site and looked this kid in the face. A 26 year old, assistant vice president of media relations at Merrill Lynch, smart looking, friendly guy. Killed on 9/11.

Ever since abused for propaganda and worse.

Yes, Robert - your son deserves better.

And we can do better.

Please help - a chance like this to bring the whole stuff into mainstream media by force shows up not too often...

Martin Hoffmann (German)

I am no over-motivated youngster who has just discovered 9/11 and now arrogantly wants to tell the "elders" what they should do to change the world... I am German (so please forgive any glitches in my English), former journalist and former-IT-professional (high-level consulting, marketing), now a drop-out working on non-profit projects and an eco-village project as my main goal. I am 39 years. I believed the official nonsense for about two months. Too long, I know...
But ever since I have followed the uncovering of the truth, did my own research, blogged, bitched at the mainstream media and have pointed quite a few people away from the "Osama and the 19 box cutters"-phantasy...
I was never a very active part of the truther movement - first I thought the US were able to straighten that out on their own, later I was too busy with my own life.
Five years have passed.
Now I am in.

For three reasons:

Americans sadly were not able to straighten it out up to now - and yet another business-building war is about to be started by the very same criminals that in my opinion staged 9/11. As a German I know all too well that sometimes a country needs some help from outside to get rid of the criminals who run it. We won't be able to invade your eastern shores, and we have a foolish corrupt government ourselves, but at least we can stand by the "better America" on the battlefield of the internet and the media...

The second reason: half of the world incl. Germany is suffering from an ongoing attempt to cut civil rights, increase BigBrother-activities, cut free speech, censor the internet - all based on the fake of "9/11" and the so-called "war on terror". Power-hungry maniacs abusing the victims of 9/11 for their own, old agenda. They reached a level where resistance has become a duty.

And the third and most important reason: there is a chance now. A major player in the world of media has profoundly brought himself into a mess (thanks 911veritas to give them the opportunity to react in the most stupid way imaginable...) and is under attack. Bring him down and make him work for the right side. The chance may be small, but it is there. Grab it.
I know there are some journalists just waiting for it.

P.S.: If you think I am an arrogant German a**hole and need some corrections - all comments welcome ;-) But go sign that petition anyways. And if you think I'm right please pass this on and copy&paste this article to other sites. Or write a better one, if you are a native speaker that should be easy ;-) Spread the word. The BBC needs to be "freed".

P.P.S.: would be great if one of the mods could make this a news, unless you think this petition should be ignored. The comments and requests from 911veritas on that got buried somewhere in the comments already and no one sees it. Thanks!Kiss

Time is a talker.

Time will explain it all. He is a talker, and needs no questioning before he speaks. - Euripides

One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say. - Will Durant

A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures. - Daniel Webster

Time is a killer.

Thanks Itsaputon. Sure - I tend to be a bit impatient, and since English is not my first language, I sometimes miss the fine nuances and might sound even more rash.

Yet I can smell a REAL opportunity when it strikes and I can see when it slips away while people keep doing things that had limited success so far.
I am too lazy right now to dig up some quotes ;-) - but some irons are better while hot. Breaking the alliance of ignorance of the international mainstream media all over the western world is essential.

The BBC "prophecies" are the Trojan Horse they sent to themselves - or at least we can make it that.

I think this is a "hit it now, hit it hard" thing.
And btw - patience is great. But I do not have to tell you people are still being killed, everyday, mainly because of this lie and for the profit of the traitors...

It's been five and half years already!


If nothing explode in the MSM by the next year... 911 truth will slowly become another urban legend, another JFK where noone will be held accountable. Of course, a large portion of the world population will known the truth, but if nothing explode in the MSM, the wars abroad and the police state in the US will continue to grow. I thing this quote from Elfenwald's blog is true and really important:

"We do not have to "prove" anything any more - the facts are clear enough to show the official con theory is crap. More is not needed - the rest is the job of the media and the criminal investigators, preferably an international tribunal.

But the message has to be delivered to the public. And the public is not reading on our favorite forums. They watch TV and read some papers at best."

That's why getting the WTC7 BBC story out there is so important.

Also, pressure to get Rosie O'donnell confronted on her view on 911 is important, because it won't be possible for the MSM to ignore this. Getting celebrities talk about 911 truth is good, because like it or not, the majority of people love their little stupid TV and their big star. And since the MSM is a big entertainment machine, they have no choice to cover it.

P.S. Go sign that petition.

Cue Sound Of Crickets...

This blog has had a quarter-million new hits just in the last few weeks, so we can be sure the announcement here has been read by many people.

I signed the petition yesterday . . .

. . . but I have yet to vote on Digg. I'll do that right now. :)

Welcome aboard!

Good to have you with us! I can smell your anger and power!

Truth will prevail, perps and "debunkers" to jail!

digg is dung

I don't digg anything. They can't be trusted. I won't dignify their existence with any hits.

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK


Granted. Yet - what is the bigger problem? Getting a few thousand signatures on that petition and forcing the BBC to start telling the truth might well be worth giving those creeps at the honour of a few thousand hits... obviously we do not have the marketing skills or the wrong "target group" to convert more readers to signers.. 432 is the current figure. Rate about 10 signatures per hour. This is SLOW.

No MLM-freaks around who would like to make better use of their viral marketing skillz than usual?! ;-)


to judge our progress by the MSM or Digg is pointless

By using Digg (just one of a slew of those silly ranking services) we are indeed validating their corrupt system, and setting ourselves up to look like failures. By gauging what works and doesn't by seeing how the MSM responds to different theories, etc., we again are just validating their corrupt system.

What makes people think is when they see real people presenting a good case in public. Instead of operating in the realm of controlled audiences like those of Digg and the MSM, we have to go directly to the people--there is simply no alternative.

Get out there every day with a sign, wear a button, carry DVDs with you, or flyers, all the time, everywhere you go. Get into a routine of standing outside with a sign for an hour a day, or 3 hours a week, or whatever you can do. Write to everyone on your email list maybe once a month so that they don't get annoyed, urging them to look at a video or website--choose carefully and keep it simple!

When people keep seeing more and more real people (not actors or web characters) taking up this cause in public, they will understand that the MSM and places like Digg and Kos are really ignoring somethign that is important to a lot of people who don't seem at all crazy (remember to dress nicely!)

The more petitions and the like that are seen floating around with too few signatures the worse we look, so instead of relying on those methods, get out and reach real people!! One by one we can do it, we HAVE been doing it. This issue has legs outside of cyberspace--USE THEM!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


i could use your help...

i have a friend at harvard writing a paper on the iraq war for a Religion, Justice, and Peace class. this is in response to a presentation on terrorism he gave last week - one in which he mentioned quite a bit of 9/11 truth. the professor, who worked at the National Institute for Peace throughout the 90s, commented that he had never heard a lot of the information presented, hence the paper. i respect your aonymity, just wanted to let you know there is a guy named andrew looking for you. harvard square with a sign on sunday? haha, what is this a bad spy movie?


When all the facts are considered together with available direct and circumstantial evidence, it becomes clear that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB. It can no longer be denied. The only question remaining is, what are we the people going to do about it?

-Chris Rose

I heard Bob McIlvaine speak at the Arizona conference.

He's an excellent public speaker and what he has to say is very moving.

For those interested in supporting the family members as a primary strategy, I say give up on the ever-cryptic Jersey Girls and get behind this man, who has no illusions about what happened on 9/11. Donna Marsh O'Connor is a similarly straight-shooter, but she doesn't appear to want a public leadership role. (I could be wrong.)

Jersey Girls

I'd like to know why you suggest we "give up" on them. I don't think that makes sense. Perhaps a shift of focus to McIlvaine (and others), but what have the JG done to deserve outright abandonment?

Remember I'm sorta new around here, so I may have missed somethings.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

Okay, you caught me wording carelessly.

There's no need to "give up" on them. It's just that after the amount of effort I've put into reading Lorie van Auken's facial expressions in PFT in the hopes of seeing an awareness there that goes way beyond incompetence or US gov "complicity" (I'm boycotting the word "LIHOP") -- which I believe she has -- it's just sheer joy to see a family member call a spade a spade, come to our conference, and so forth.