Some interesting clips from the 911 archive

While skimming through some of the files i downloaded from the 9/11 archive that was posted last week i found these. I included the filename and approximate time so you can look them up for yourself (if you were lucky enough to download the files from before they took them down). Please note that times are approximate, based on the times that were provided by

Since Google has been pulling a lot of video's lately i've uploaded these to Liveleak, Dailymotion and Youtube.

CNBC Reporter Ron Insana describes the collapse of a WTC Tower.

"We saw the top begin to blow out in a plume of smoke and we heard the noise associated with an implosion"

extracted from NBC4 V08546-26.mpg (11 sept 12:41 - 13:22) at 26:45 in the mpeg = 13:07 EDT

Mirrors: DailyMotion, YouTube

Witness Robert Knowles describes the windows blowing out on the 54th floor of WTC1 when the plane hit

extracted from NBC4 V08546-26.mpg (11 sept 12:41 - 13:22) at 36:55 in the mpeg = 13:17 EDT

Mirrors: DailyMotion, YouTube

The smoking southside of WTC7. Lots of smoke, but no visible flames.

extracted from NBC4 V08546-30.mpg (11 sept 13:23 - 14:04) at 33:34 in the mpeg = 13:56 EDT

Mirrors: DailyMotion, YouTube

You are doing a great service

I just know that somewhere in the archives is the irrefutable smoking gun evidence we need. Why isn't everyone scouring these files? 5 years and it still has yet to be done? Come on .

excellent work

Take a look at the last 10 or 15 seconds of the Robert Knowles video. Holy crap! Look at the speed at which the debris is being LAUNCHED into the air in a parabolic arc. I realize this feature is on many videos, but that video was particularly clear. It's especially damning to see debris from the *lower half* of the tower launched into the air in this manner. One might expect the upper half to fall away from the tower, because of the distance it is falling; but this is debris from around the 50th floor and lower just launching into the air.

Hi Arie

Is there someplace you could post the files that you downloaded to get them out into the rest of the community? The best way to get to the bottom of it all is to spread the info around. That's how science works -- i.e., conferences are where scientists come together to share ideas and data. If you have the full footage, please get it around for the sake of the truth - email the research sites or post them here.

Thanks for your timely work!


A little bird told me that most of the 1GB MPEG files on are available for download.

I have checked quite a few and would say 95% seem ok, a few of the BBC ones still don't work including the "ooops" one, but a lot do.

If anyone does download, do it gently, one or two at a time.

Not sure how long they will stay, but get em while you can.

Links and more info in this blog...

Best wishes

Download links

Here you van download the high quality (2000kbps) XVID's of these clips:

Ron Insana

Robert Knowles

WTC7 smoking

video one at 43 seconds

huge explosion in north tower


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this is pretty huge

I'm not even going to ask why we haven't seen this stuff before... :(

the obvious internal explosion(s) at 0:43 appears to have been timed to coincide with the distraction of the second plane hitting the south tower. Willie Rodriguez has said that when the plane hit the south tower they heard a series of blasts in the north tower. It was at this point, clearly visible in the video, that the massive core column structure was cracked at the top at the level of the impact zone to simulate failure from heat and impact damage.

pure theatre. Illusion and sleight of hand used to deadly effect with far reaching consequences...

the whole story will be told



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It seems the puffs of smoke

It seems the puffs of smoke are very evenly spaced on the left as well there is a small white puff in the upper right hand corner if you look closely.Also there is much more smoke after the strike.Debunkers will undoubtably claim that the shockwave interrupted the smoke streams making them only appear to look like small explosions.They seem to be weakening charges on the hat truss and upper floors coinciding with the distraction of the second plane strike.It would be important to obscure these as they were at the towers tops, therefore having a wider viewing angle for the public.
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This is a big one

We here have a near close-up of explosions going off at 43 and 49 seconds into the first video.

Needs to be videly spread.

Torrent here:

important to get the flash

That can see trough th window down and to the right on the face of the north tower. i think the debunkers try to say that the south tower impact moved the air but that's obvious crapola when you see the flash corresponding with the puffs. Then the smoke does get sucked out of the north tower because of the rising heat ball/mushroom effect of the explosion of the jet fuel from tower 2. the smoke from the north tower is very black... hmmm


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I fail to see any flash, no

I fail to see any flash, no matter how many times I watch it.

re: I fail to see any flash, no matter how many times I watch it

The flashes can be seen in the window to the right and below the center of the screen...


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I'm sorry

Can't see any flashes, just smoke being ejected out of the windows.

Me either :(

I can see through some of the windows that a fire is burning inside. (duh) Are you sure, RT, that you're telling us the right part of the frame to look at?