Trailer for 'The Ultimate Con'

Excellent job!

You may have trouble if the music track isn't licensed (that's one of the main reasons they pull videos for copyright infringement). Also, the clip of Marlene Cruz is out of sync. I have the original archive file if you need a clip, let me know and where to send it. The version I posted on YouTube originally IS in sync as well. Download the .flv file here and use that one instead:

Great Trailer Dude...

Anyone say "EXPLOSION" :-)

Man... Can't wait for the full thing, should be spectacular...

Nice Job !!!

Best wishes

I'd consider a different

I'd consider a different font for the credits, but otherwise this was compelling.

Completely agree

The font kind of cheapens the message to a B-Horror kind of thing, but otherwise it's really great. (maybe lower the music a bit, too)

re: "maybe lower the music a bit, too"

YES, that's essential. In some parts it's obscuring the dialogue.

ill second that

ill second that --it seems early Alex Jones-ish, which is kinda why i like it

Ha ha haa! You tell 'em Grandma!

Who is that little old lady? She's priceless.

Yes, change the font & lower the music. I, personally, find it very annoying trying to hear the content over the music. (Make sense?) Like so many of todays radio personalities (Fetzer was the worst at this, not that I have cared lately what he thinks.) that have loud, annoying music playing in the background as they're beginning / ending segments.

That was great!

So where's the rest?

I seem to recall that one of

I seem to recall that one of the explanations for the secondary explosions were aerosal cans in the bathrooms overheating.Must have been very very large ones...

you need

some narration some perspective, some bullett points, start out with the"evidence" that it is al queda(the suitcase etc lol) then jump em down the rabbitt hole

Hey, is this the same Lucus

who was obsessed with posting videos of the WTC 7 collapse, etc, but giving them titles like "Britney forgets her panties!"? He may actually have redeemed himself.

I'll vote 10 for you, but

I'll vote 10 for you, but honestly,the soundtrack!? Am I supposed to get my popcorn out and should they be extra buttered? It's just that however much I try I cannot get that european mentality out of me that just makes soundtracks to this kind of documentary a total turn off.Kind of like the same reason Alex Jones cannot finally break through in Europe.We hate sound tracks.Plus the music makes it impossible to hear what really happened.

Great vid.

I liked the soundtrack. It was nothing near Alex Jones bomastic stuff.

Cheers from another Euro.

Worth watching...

...for the old lady at the end.

Them damn splosions. You just can't get away from 'em.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

Kindred spirit, isn't

Kindred spirit, isn't she?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Next edit

I agree about the music rights. Be careful, although no one seems to care that much about these internet films so far.

1. The music is too loud. It steps on the words of the witnesses. Reduce by at least 30%.

2. The text seems to be low resolution. Use higher res text files if you can. Also use the fancy text features in photoshop like embossing and 3-d effects.

3. If you can find a few more clips to add, definitely do that.

The concpet is great. Keep it confined to news reports, and not to the opinions of the filmmaker. The execution could use some tweaking.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

Kicks ass!

However I agree with johndoraemi's post. Needs a bit of tweaking, BUT keep how it focuses on the actual reports of the day.

Excellent work.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Thank You Thank You

The soundtrack on the documentary will not be the one that's on the trailer. We are scoring an original sound track. This is my first documentary so bare with me. I have spent lots of time and money and yet I am doing it totally for free even though I have been told by some that it is very powerful because it has no narrative and the story is told with news clips. It let's the watcher make their own choices based on news broadcasts.

Thanks for the compliments and don't worry the soundtrack will be totally different on the actual 2 hour documentary.

This first one is free for everyone but for the next project I am going to have to make DVDs and sell them because you have to eat you know.

Dave Vonkleist, Jack Blood, and Alex Jones are going to help me promote it.

Thanks and keep up the good fight!

Btw: I still like that truthy-porn idea.

If sexing up the bull-shit was good for cooking the goose, sexy truth should good for the gander. Grandma's wearing panties that say "If your beef got no truth, you're not getting inside my job."

Now if we can just shorten that down to fit on a g-string... we'll be ready to make a million bucks when the truth hits the fan.

Beside, the only people who should be bump'n it in the streets come Truth Day, are those who've been smart enough to figure this out before Truth Day.

The new video looks like it'll be great!


"it is very powerful because

"it is very powerful because it has no narrative and the story is told with news clips. It let's the watcher make their own choices based on news broadcasts."

Exactly. That is SO what makes this work. Keep it up.

About this' so overrated. Have you considered becoming a "breatharian"?

That's a joke, BTW. ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.