Looking for feedback for this flyer targetted to Democrat delegates

This is my first post - please be kind!

Since learning about the 9/11 coverup, I've been disgusted that most Democrats aren't willing to talk about 9/11 accountability.

I am a delegate to the California Democratic Party, and will be attending the convention in April in San Diego. So ... I made up this litle flyer (which will fit on half of a legal size paper) that I plan to give out at the convention.

The flyer has several tidbits on it -- it touches on issues like framing (which is a good buzzwords for Dems these days) and pointing out how this liberal issue is not even allowed on Daily Kos - a fact that I'm sure most Dem activists don't even realize. But the main goal is to show that 9/11 is the root of all of that the current administration has gotten away with, and the exposing this is important!

I am looking for feedback on the flyer (attached here as PDF). Thanks!

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The flyer is good

Just have one comment. Under the scientific analyses links, I'd rather mention stj911.org, since Fetzer has proven himself to be an active disinfo agent. You don't want curious people which you will be passing that flyer to, going presented no plane and space beam theories right off the bat. They will dismiss 911 truth once and for all. My 2¢.

good work

I wood only like to promote the patriotsquestion9/11.com to folks who arer afraid of being ostracized for mention of this topic.

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

Pretty damn good dw

It doesnt rant or whine, no multiple question or exclaimation marks (why do they do it???!!!!!) and packs a clear, valid message.

One suggestion;

Not sure what influence the Daily Kos holds amongst your peers but why waste real estate on them? You may direct your readers to a source where your message is being grossly misrepresented and attacked. Get a - press for truth - plug in there instead.

Good work and good luck, my encouragement to you.

Yes, STJ911 not Fetzers site

"While I do not believe the U.S. government was complicit in the attacks, I do think it should be held accountable for the unacceptable mistakes it made in the run-up to that terrible day."

- Obama


This is why it doesn't really matter what the flyer says. But thanks for the efforts. I expect that lower level Dems may agree on inside job, but it will amount to - "a big mistake".

Fetzer's scholars site has nukes and space beams. Don't send anyone there. Use STJ911.com instead

You are also linking to physics91,1 which is primarily "no plane at the Pentagon" -- do you assume that Democrats don't read USA Today? Or any other news source? Not to be rude, but "no plane" has already been used to trash us so much that the Dems will not come anywhere near that. Dems are not going to "wake up" to how a plane didn't hit the Pentagon 6 years after 9/11 with the front and center trashing that issue has gotten.

But B7 is ignored for a reason. So wtc7.net should be on any flyer going to a politico about inside job.

Also, this isn't only about Bush/Cheney. The Cheney image is a caricature by now so it makes things it's on seem like a comic book. Go for more subtle images. And don't start with physical evidence -- politicos aren't physicists. You need to at least start off in their language.

There are people in the STJ scholars group focusing on the Dems. You might want to contact the site to coordinate.

Well Done!

Clear and on point. A lot of people only glance at these so I might suggest replacing the daily kos panel with perhaps something on building 7.
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