Response from editor of the Republic newspaper regarding "What if 9-11 truth movement is wrong?"

Yesterday, I sent an email to Kevin Potvin, owner/editor of the Republic, East Vancouver's usually kick-ass independent newspaper, about a recent 9/11 story published in his paper. I received an immediate response.

In the past, the Republic has published some great articles questioning the official events of 9/11 (like this one -
Unfortunately, the new issue contains a 9/11 hit-piece called "What if 9-11 truth movement is wrong?" ( Here is our correspondence,


I'm a long-time Republic reader and love your store [Mr Potvin also owns a wicked alternative magazine store in East Van].

This is why I was compelled to take a second out of my day to let you know that I was extremely disappointed to find Michael Nenonen's "What if 9-11 truth movement is wrong?", published on your website. I know you have published some great articles on 9/11 in the past, and I am all for balancing out the coverage to represent other opinions, but Nenonen's piece was nothing more than a substandard regurgitation of Monbiot's recent hysterical diatribes. This is something that I would expect to find over at the Tyee, not as part of your quality publication.

I just don't get it. All of my old favourite left-wing publications (The Nation, Alternet, the Progressive, Z Magazine, etc.) which have reported on so many issues with clarity and integrity; resort to emotional ravings, intellectual bulling, and ad hominem attacks when 9/11 is addressed. Even Noam Chomsky is discouraging people from investigating the facts, saying they don't matter. Don't matter? Has everyone on the left lost their fucking minds, or is it just me? Is it all just limited hang-out? Ford Foundation influence maybe?

And now, I see this crap in the Republic.

Well, not everyone has lost their minds. People on all political sides are finding the evidence despite the left-gatekeeping. Here is an response to Monbiot by David Ray Griffin that I found on (as site that links to your articles all the time). Hope you haven't been influenced by all the bizarre frothing and fear-mongering (It's a virus sweeping the world! It'll be the death of the left! There coming for our women! AHHHHHHHHHH!) Enjoy.

To which Mr. Potvin responded,

Carina, as an editor, I have to allow for tenure and autonomy with writers who have established themselves in the paper. Michael came in with that story, and because he has earned tenure, I can't reject him on the grounds that I disagree.

I remain convinced, as you do, that those on the left who accept the official version are mistaken


To which I responded,


Thanks for the response. Glad to hear that you haven't joined those attempting to silence 9/11 truth-seekers. Also glad to hear that you respect your writers enough to let them speak their minds, even if you disagree. I wish more editors had your integrity. Thanks for putting out such a damn good paper.


Good job!

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Now, that's my type of Editor !!!

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"Substandard regurgitation"

Well put! I'll be ripping that phrase off in the future!

Great exchange, Discordian Princess. Keep it coming.