911 Truth Critical Mass through Bumper Stickers

If only one in 300 cars had a 911Truth bumper sticker, then nearly all automobile commuters would be exposed to 911 Truth daily! Several hundred fellow commuters see my bumper stickers every workday! Reputable 911 Truth sites, including this one, have links to purchase affordable 911 Truth bumper stickers. The stickers are available with substantial discounts for quantity orders.

Tens of millions of US people have seen Loose Change 2. 911 Truth may have reached critical mass, without us being aware of it. Many of the people who are aware of 911 Truth are not activists. They might be persuaded "passive activists" with a 911 Truth sticker.

Bumper Stickers.

Why don't you provide us with the links where we can get some good bumper stickers relating to 9/11. That would be much appreciated.

Critical Mass.

If by chance we have reached a critical mass without us knowing it, how would you suggest we move this mass to bring about the changes necessary to convict those accountable for nine eleven. I see what you are saying that we might not realize how many people actually know about nine eleven. But in order for it to be a "critical" mass we need to see some action. We need to bring those guilty to justice and reform our government for the future well being of our society. I haven't seen that occur yet, so I am hesitant to believe we have reached our critical mass. I do however think the Bumper Stickers and other action items on this site are brilliant.

I am wondering

just what percentage of the American public needs to know the reality/truth/facts about 9/11 before we reach "critical mass"?.
We know we have at least 40% of the population at minimum and odds are we are pushing 50+%.

One would think that 125-150+ MILLION people would be enough to start a reaction.

Just think about other things not nearly as important such as if today the Federal Gov decided to outlaw NASCAR.
30 million red necks would be storming Washington fully armed within 48 hours.

Meanwhile what we have happening is a Cabal within the Federal Gov which clearly stole 2 elections, without question lied profusely about Intel in order to start an occupation of 2 foreign countries, has caused the entire planet to hate our guts, to justify and get public support for this bald faced lie they planned and executed a false flag attack on 9/11 murdering almost 3000 American citizens, planned and executed an Anthrax attack on key members of Congress & the press in order stop any possible threat to this plan, then put into place several Hitler-esk laws to take away citizens rights and install Mein Fuhrer onto the Imperial Throne.
Then of course Faux News acts as the propagandist arm of the Neofascist Cabal and the rest of the Mainstream Media know exactly what is going on and decide to side with the Neofascist pigs and cover up these crimes instead of expose them.

Over 100 Million Americans know about this and yet no more than 400-600,000 do a damn thing about it.
So do we really think 20-50 million MORE Americans knowing the truth is going to make ANY difference at all?
I some how doubt it, I think what it is going to take is for the 100+ Million to start taking MUCH more drastic measures in order to FORCE the Mainstream Media to tell the damn truth.
I think complete and total destruction of FAUX News is job 1, then point fingers to the rest of them and say you are next unless you start telling the truth.

The Mainstream Media is the key to all of this, they are the main reason this Neofascist Cabal has been able to pull such a horribly flawed false flag attack off, they have covered up countless mistakes made.
It is the MSM that can change the course of the total ruin of the USA.
All we have to do is TAKE BACK OUR MEDIA and We the People have won.
100+ Million is more than ample to accomplish that.

Hey DZ

How about 911blogger having some made and selling them to raise revenue for the site. I'd buy a bunch.

Do The Research
9/11 Was An Inside Job


I Dare You To Google It!

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001