Can One Clip Make a Difference?

Multiple, Sequential Explosions from WTC2 , Southwest Below
video taken not far from WTC2, September 11th, 2001

If one clip shows so clearly the controlled demolition of one of the twin towers, I haven't seen it yet. This particular clip originally made a stir last November, but the presence of another, similar clip with dubbed audio led many to believe the audio in it was faked. After 3 months of research, I've discovered that the LOUD, sequential explosion noises in this clip are almost certainly authentic, and that the other clip was dubbed or faked.

First off, have a look at the Google clip I originally saw in November right here. The audio closely resembles the audio in these demolition videos:

Now compare the Google video to the same footage in the 4 video files in the zip files located here and here. One certainly has dubbed/faked audio. Note that there are different TV logos / watermarks (eg, one with Discovery Channel's logo) on all of the other videos, and it should be pretty clear that the demolition-like audio is for real.

Torrent here:
and here:

A few things to add

Firstly, this is a difficult clip to watch - I hope the people in it survived and are ok today.

Secondly, the authenticity of this clip is disputed because some have insisted that the "other audio" clip (included in the zip files) has the correct audio. Here's a list of things I've noticed about each clip:

1. The "Other Audio" clip (which I suspect has dubbed audio)
- the clip begins with theme music which means the audio was certainly altered (though to what degree is questionable)
- lots of people can be seen running from the collapse, but the voice of only one person is heard in this clip
- a circled 5 tv channel logo appears in the upper-left (which is a logo I recognize from a European tv channel); every clip I've seen with the "Other Audio" has this logo or it's cropped out.
- this clip sounds like an avalanche, not a demolition

2. The "Popping Audio" clip (which I suspect has authentic audio)
- lots of voices can be heard which is what you'd expect when lots of people are visible
- the audio corresponds to the video: a loud explosion draws the attention of the firemen, squibs and the upper floors of WTC2 are seen "popping out" while sequential explosion noises give way to a hail of explosion noises
- there are more audio details in this clip: glass breaking, something metal (a tripod?) falling over, many people yelling and screaming, debris hitting the ground
- There are several different versions of this clip with wildly varying quality, and the different water marks/logos visible in these clips means that creating a fake of each one would be difficult
- Since there's only one known original version of the "Other Audio" clip, this clip's authenticity seems assured.


P.S. Thanks to the staff who cleaned up my original blog entry :)

GREAT ! thank you

i just have downloaded the zipfiles 

"WTC2 Demolition - southwest-below (HQ-Audio-frames missing).avi"

this has the quality i am looking for 2 weeks !!! 

i only had a bad quicktime version til now.

thanks from germany 

It can be authenticated.

The clip you believe to be authentic allegedly comes from 'docudrama' - "9/11:The Twin Towers":

This clip allegedly comes from the discovery channel 'docudrama' - "Inside the Twin Towers":

If this can be authenticated with the 'flunkies' & detractors own material... how sweet would that be?

Hi Big_D, Maybe there's some

Hi Big_D,

Maybe there's some confusion, no probs, but both of those vids you linked are the 'popping' kind (like most) which I believe are authentic.

How about all those TV channel logos? I don't recall a lot of them rebroadcasting Discovery & BBC material. I think this clip was originally recorded in many different countries. Any German truthers here? It would be really sweet to get this clip in context, from a broadcast on or near 9/11. Here are the TV channels I recognize:

Germany's #2 (Clip: Popping Audio, HQ)
[circled-R logo] (Clip: Popping Audio)
[channel 9 - NYC?] ( Return to Ground Zero: )

Also: Where might we find those shows you mentioned?

Here are two torrents for Inside.The.Twin.Towers:

But the BBC show I can't find.

Thanks for the input,


Germany's #2 ??? unknown to me

our "second german televison" is

"Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen"

Logo is "ZDF" , not the number "2"

i dont know a televison with "2"-logo

Sorry, memory fails me.

Sorry, memory fails me. France 2 maybe? It is very familiar.

What we really need is this clip in context. Which stations originally broadcast it on or around 9/11? Is it possible to download archives of 9/11broadcasts with this clip's original airing(s)?

bass surpressed in most versions ?

this clip you have mentioned

has nearly the same bass frequencies, as the version from this clip i have, AFTER restoring the suppressed bass in my version


That's funny you mentioned a

That's funny you mentioned a lack of bass because I think what's really missing in the audio is the higher frequencies:


Notice that the lack of amplitude above 9,000 Hz indicates that the camera was not capable of recording high frequencies. Why is that important? Look here:

[quote]I work in special effects. In films, great use is made of low velocity explosives such as untamped black powder and ANFO because they are low velocity explosives. With a great whoosh and roar they belch forth with fire and smoke in a manner that has caused folks to drop their popcorn in matinees ever since sound came in.

Movies have conditioned people to expect a certain look and sound to explosions, all based on very low velocity explosives. In a stunning ironic twist, moviegoers seem to perceive the slower explosions as more powerful.

Demolition experts will tell you that high brissive or high velocity explosives actually are more powerful, as they build up a powerful shock wave. However, except for actually collapsing a structure, such explosives are unsuitable for film. The blast is over so quickly it can be missed while the film is moving between one frame and the next. There is very little visible smoke and flash, and the "crack" of a C-4 cutter charge is downright disappointing to hear.[/quote]

short analyze

some points:

the camera which has been used seems to be a professional one. normally able to record 20-20000hz

the camera was switched to autoexposure (you see this at the changing at the moment, the sun breaks through at southtower) and therefor autolevel for audio

higher frequencies above 9000 are there, but as lower level

the audio record is also in automode, and because of the loudness of the lower frequencies, the overall-level has been lowered

with "higher frequencies" the qoutet "demolition"expert means not frequencies above 9000, instead around 1000-2000 hz

lower frequencies are going in every direction, but the higher the frequency, the smaller is the angle in which they are audible - so, the tower is high above, the higher part of detoniation frequencies directly beams in the horizontal direction over the other buildings, only a small part may have reached thebasic level.

you can hear two explosion-sounds - one is related to the squibs , and indeed, this sound has a higher frequency than the detontaions used to pulverize the concrete.

also remember that the "high velocity" detonators are used to destroy the concrete, they dont go into the air, and the wall! going to pulverized causes the audible deep frequencies.

maybe some errors above, but i think its enough to show the direction of my thoughts ;-)





here is a little work i have done from your short video

audio not really good "mixed"
but i have corrected the shake of the camera
you can clearly see the squib(s)
and the clouds of concrete-dust blown horizontal away from the "pancake-collapsing" LOL building
for sure, detonators.

Tardio: Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.
Zoda: Floor by floor, it started poppin’ out.
Tardio: It was like, it was if, it was as if they had detonators.
Zoda: Yeah, detonators.
Tardio: You know, as if they were plannin' to take down a building. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
Zoda: All the way down. I was watchin’ it and running. And then you just saw this cloud of shit chasing, chasing you down.

i make one (or more) litte 10 minute clip from this footage
any suggestions ?

one attempt was this:(errors misspelling etc), based on a lowquality version of the video

thanks for the work, but I

thanks for the work, but I can't download anything from your links. Please use another data service. This is a good one:


i have not placed a download link, so it is difficult to download. ;-)
its only for online viewing with windows media player.

but here are some new, with download link.
encoded as avi/divx (xvid)

clip-2 deleted - bad encoding longer , newest (wtc2-05-clip-01.avi.AVI )

i have lost the sourcefile for the clip yesterday, and had to do it agin from ground up.
i also made a backgroundpicture from 2 frames of the clip.

i think this version is "good" at the moment: "wtc2-05-clip-01.avi.AVI"
distribution ok

PS: youtube version