Truth Surge

This brand new 911 Truth video is certain to get your mojo going. It's perfect for viewing on a Sunday afternoon or evening which will motivate for the rest of the week. In fact it is a great stimulant for the Spring and the new Surge of Truth we should all be pressing for.

Here's the synopsis from the google page:
A 911 battle cry, a Truth surge for the United States of America - a video inspecting the mass murder of 911 and exposing the dead serious scenarios, situations, and individuals surrounding 911. It looks at the words and actions of individuals like Bush and Cheney along with hearing from FBI, CIA, government officials, and hero soldiers from the battlefields of home and abroad who have sacrificed everything for love of family, friend, and country. But more than anything, it is truly a unique 911 Truth video with a totally original delivery which takes the mainstream Talking-Head-Media's version of 911 Truth and turns it on its head. choice of download links (good quality):
Direct to video -
Title/Synopsis page -

Google link (fair quality)

google embed:

911 Blogger receives serious recognition at the end of the film, deservedly so. This video is sure to turn some heads and get people excited.

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This video is strange at first sight

but then it turns out to be excellent. This one should be added to the video links on the top of the page!