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Keep up the great work.

Every 9/11 Truther is really doing it to it

FYI, I just had an article published in the Canadian titled,
" Radical Priest Decries Damage
to Spirit by Neocons on 9/11"

It's getting some good response, but more comments will encourage the editor to continue publishing 9/11 material.
My next one is called,
" Radical Priest Shows Scorecard,
9/11-1, USA-0 "

# 809 on my page

9/11=PNAC Plot

Air America ad runs this

Air America ad runs this Thursday FYI, anyone able to record it for us?

Ron Paul announces bid for President.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, a strict constitutionalist and fierce anti-war critic, will formally declare his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination Monday when he appears as a guest on a C-SPAN call-in program.

Air America Ad


I'm happy to record it.

Check my blog blurb on Sam Seders reference to the upcoming ad from his 3/9/07 show:

Let Sibel Edmonds Speak

Sibel Edmonds is the most gagged person in US history. The government has repeatedly invoked the State Secrets Privilege in her case - not for reasons of 'national security' but to hide ongoing criminal activity. Please call Waxman and Conyers' offices this week and demand public open hearings into Edmonds' case and the State Secrets Privilege.

"Given the seriousness of Ms. Edmonds’ reports and in the best interests of the security of the country, it is incumbent upon the Congress to exercise its oversight responsibilities and authority as representatives of the people of the United States, therefore:

We, the undersigned, now call upon the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in Congress to hold public hearings into the case of FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, and the erroneous use of the State Secrets Privilege to shut down all court proceedings in her case."


You can call and speak to any Senator or House Rep for free by calling 1-800-828-0498. (Capital Switchboard Operator)

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murro

Who knew...

...that a hero could be so damn cute? ;)

Demo in Toronto...

Show up this Saturday if you're in the area:

TWO VIDEOS: WTC7The Smoking Gun of 911, The Ultimate Con

WTC7- The Smoking Gun of 911

Copy and paste address

This one has it all. The BBC-Jump the Gun, Craig Bartmer Eyewitness, "Lucky Larry" Silverstein, Danny Jowenko, the IMPLOSION.The IMPLOSION, The IMPLOSION! Excellent introduction to the truth.

The Ultimate Con. (appears to be jam packed with evidence to awaken the Somnambulistas )

Trailer for new documentary coming out


South Bend, IN 911 Truth Conference

St. Joseph County Public Library
Colfax Auditorium, 304 S. Main Street
South Bend, IN 46601

March 17th, @ 10am

This will be an historic event, featuring three prominent members of the 9/11 Truth Movement: Mike Berger, Kevin Ryan, and Webster Tarpley. All three will give individual presentations, and there will also be a showing of Mike Berger's recent film, Improbable Collapse.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to hear about 9/11 truth first hand, from these remarkable gentlemen.

We're also going to raffle off some free 9/11 truth books and DVDs and provide information on the South Bend 9/11 Questions Meetup Group and its upcoming events.

Halliburton plans moving CEO and corporate HQ to Dubai, UAE

mmm... When things start to look ugly for Unka Dick...

Halliburton's Dubai Move Makes Democrats Suspicious
Congress Will Likely Investigate the Firm's Reasons for Moving


March 12, 2007 — Halliburton Co., currently the largest military contractor in Iraq with billions of dollars in Pentagon contracts, announced Sunday that it was planning to move its CEO and corporate headquarters from Houston to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The move could eventually save the firm a fortune in U.S. taxes, but it is raising serious questions about its priorities and prompting at least one possible congressional hearing.

Dave Lesar, Halliburton's chairman, president and chief executive officer, made the announcement at an energy conference in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Lesar said the goal of the move was to focus on Eastern Hemisphere "oil exploration and production opportunities, and growing our business here will bring more balance to Halliburton's overall portfolio."

Run by Vice President Dick Cheney from 1995 to 2000, Halliburton has a five-year, $16 billion contract with the U.S. Army and total revenues of $22.6 billion in 2006.


The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

Could this company be any scummier?

Halliburton is first in line with their hands out for government contracts that exist because it's ex-CEO lied a nation into a illegal, immoral, optional, elective, bloody endless war that is killing civilians by the hundreds of thousands and hemorrhaging our Treasury....and it's last in line when it comes time to pay taxes back to support the country that is it's reason for being.

Absolutely Disgusting. Absolutely Criminal.

Halliburton was a $8 stock, headed toward bankruptcy in the early fall of '01. Funny (sic) what an "event" like 9/11 can do for your balance sheet.

Under the Heading "You Can Run But You Can't Hide".....

....from today's Wayne Madsen Report:

March 13, 2007 -- The actual reason Halliburton and its chairman David Lesar are moving their corporate digs to Dubai is that the UAE's lax laws on corporate record keeping and the opaqueness of business transactions in the emirates will allow the firm to avoid responding to congressional subpoenas for its scandalous war profiteering in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations. A source with extensive ties in Dubai also reports that after leaving office, Dick Cheney will be spending "a lot of time in Dubai." WMR was told that Cheney will likely start looking for property in the emirate -- there are a number of highly-secured gated communities springing up in Dubai, which is fast becoming the "Hong Kong" of the Middle East.

Halliburton will also be able to avoid paying U.S. corporate taxes as a UAE-headquartered corporation.

So....Bush to Paraguay....Cheney to Dubai...sounds like they've been giving it a lot of thought.....Today's WMR has more on Bush's alleged "erratic" behaviour that possibly is not unrelated...

(Documentary) The Great Global Warming Swindle

Everyone please watch this documentary, “Man-made Global Warming” is yet another giant public manipulation and I can’t believe some guys here still aren’t clued up to it;

Thanks DBLS, I'll check it

Thanks DBLS, I'll check it out.

Give it a look folks, man made global warming may just be a hoax, just like peak oil and 9/11 turned out to be.  Anything that gets this much media coverage should raise a few eyebrows, there is an agenda going on here...

I'm still skeptical

I've seen this issue discussed on Prisonplanet recently, but I'm still skeptical about it. It seems perfectly plausible to me that all the smog we produce by burning the fossil fuels could have an effect on the planet.

(BTW, I didn't vote down your post, Somebigguy.)

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

You're better than this...

SBG. I'm not going to fight the global warming fight because others can do it better. But, don't tell me you're another peak oil denier. Do you deny the U.S. went into decline inthe 1970's and has been steadily decreasing since then? Do you deny that the very productive North Sea has been in decline since approximately 1999? Do you deny that 3 of the world's 4 largest oil fields have gone into decline in the past few years? Do you think oil is an infinite resource?

The only debate on peak oil is when and what will the effects be. Well, as far as the when, evidence is mounting that the Saudis really can't increase production.
If that's the case, the world has peaked. We can discuss the effects if you want, but that is really the only issue to examine at this point.

My two cents on the global warming issue...

If I sit in my closed garage with the car running, the fumes from my exhaust will kill me.

Perhaps it would be best if we refrained from polluting our atmosphere with this poison. Especially considering that we have the technology to make cars that run on air. That's right... AIR!

i like the garage analogy

in fact - since getting involved in 9/11 Truth i've gotten emails suggesting i personally try that experiment.

peak oil

I agree the jury is still out on global warming. As to peak oil, Let's face it, oil is a finite resource and if you do the numbers. Over 50 million barrels per day consumed today, with China and India developing at a rapid pace. It doesn't take a genius to see that this can't go on forever. So even if it's part hoax and part truth the best strategy would probably be less waste and more new technology investments.

peak oil

Just one more thing bugging me.
If there wasn't a potential shortage of oil, what justification is there for 9/11? I mean doesn't it make our argument basically redundant?
Sorry for the buzzkill.

While controlling shrinking oil supplies

is important it was and remains far more critical to maintain the U.S. dollar as the currency in which oil is traded.

Without the petrodollar the American economy would collapse overnight, a fact rarely mentioned in the msm or even the business news. Also rarely mentioned is the fact that the major holders of dollars are steadily shifting to other currencies so they can pull the plug on the U.S. economy without feeling too much pain themselves. The Chinese are quietly leading the way in this.

America's party is almost over, best to go solar before the lights get turned off. Our children will live in a very different world than the one we grew up in.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Hey guys, I don't deny peak

Hey guys, I don't deny peak oil or global warming, however I do think everyone of us here knows better than to take what the media tells us at face value. I don't believe anyone is saying the earth isn't heating up, they are simply saying that it may not be caused by mankind.

Plus, oil consumption is more like 80 million barrels a day, I just cannot understand how we can keep pumping that much out of the ground on a daily basis, and not run out.

I would recommend we keep open minds and not be like our adversaries that simply will not even consider any alternative theories regarding 9/11.

When I see people say "everybody knows man caused global warming", it sounds a lot like when people make statements like "everyone knows the buildings collapsed because of fire" and refuse to listen to anything else we say.

Here is another scenario we all need to watch out for; the media is pushing global warming hard now, to the point where those that deny it are being called "Global Warming Deniers" and are being publicly persecuted.

Once the corporate controlled media quash all dissent on the topic of global warming, will they use the same propaganda tool to quash all 9/11 Truth dissent??? Maybe they are fine tuning this method on the global warming topic before they institute the phrase "9/11 Deniers".

good points

we should always consider that these things are being managed for reasons like SBG describes. I think "denier" is a term that the perps are REALLY going to cling to through to the end when it will be clear who the people in denial are...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Oh, those Hollywood liberals

They're more powerful than the Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, and the Reverse Vampires combined.

I mean, the way they convinced every National Academy of Science in the industrialized world to promote the idea that global warming is anthropogenic...

*shaking fist*

Damn you, Sean Penn!

Yes, just like the experts

Yes, just like the experts who explain to us about pancake collapses.

No Debate

Wow whata show!! There is now the new world global warmist.... This is a distraction so they wiil occupy peoples mind with absolute nonsense Imagine having the global warming folks on ourside, or at least half.

Why doesnt the media have a debate on global warming with two opposing views????
Why doest the media have a 911 debate with our best guys and our evidence against theres?


"This is a distraction so they wiil occupy peoples mind with absolute nonsense"

the environment is nonsense?

dude. sheesh.

"Man made" global warming

"Man made" global warming may be nothing more than propaganda to set forth a global carbon tax.

There is no doubt that the world is polluted, we can't breathe the air, and we can't drink the water, but that doesn't necessarily relate to climate change. Supposedly other planets are heating up too, and the sun's rays are getting stronger, maybe thats the cause. And even if global warming is real, what will a global carbon tax do, except to once again make the rich richer?

Besides, this charge seems to be led by Al Gore, the same Al Gore who couldn't be bothered to fight obvious election fraud in 2000. Anytime anything gains this much traction in the corporate controlled media, we need to examine it more closely.

And for anyone who thinks I don't care about the environment, I'll tell you this: I drive a smart car, push a manual lawn mower, heat my home with wood, and am vegetarian. The first time someone said to me that man made global warming MAY be a lie, I almost fell out of my chair, however, after learning about 9/11 I know better than to believe anything in the newspapers, so I didn't immediately dismiss it.

Furthermore, people who make statements like "Reverse Vampires" are using the same tactics that those that push the official lie of 9/11 do when confronted by us.

its nothing personal

i am sure you do care about the environment

its just my opinion that the science is pretty good on this.

I've known...

SBG for a few years now, and know that he cares about the environment. I also know I'm the one that educated him about Peak Oil. I also know that Greg Palast's reports are convincing. I also know that I'm not a scientist. I also know that the world is acting like oil is running out, regardless of whether it is or isn't. The whole Peak Oil debate, to me, turned into the Controlled Demolition debate. There were good arguments on both sides of the coin.

Here's where he announced the purchase of his smart car.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

In both cases, it's not in

In both cases, it's not in their interest.

Look at who owns the media. It's big military and electricity companies.

If they have a debate about 9/11, the 9/11 truth movement would win, and it's not in their interest.

If they have a debate about the environment, the people who say that carbon from fossil fuels contributes heavily to global warming would win, and that's not in the interest of the companies who own the media.

In related news, learn the truth about evolution. "Featuring scientists and leading Bible scholars, this is a thought-provoking video that will leave viewers with a wealth of evidence upon which to weigh decisions."

Evolution is a Hoax:

The Earth is really flat. All the info here:

i knew it!!!!

the world is flat!

I never understood why my marbles didn't roll off my nightstand if the world was really round. especially considering all the nice people here who continually remind me that i've lost my marbles.

it appears

..that the vast majority of scientists, representing the broadest possible spectrum of political, geographical and scientific disciplines OVERWHELMINGLY agree that global warming is:

1 - happening
2 - tied to CO2 levels

Are there those who dispute this? yes. are there people who still dispute the theory of evolution? yes.

But - this is a subject that is beyond 'credible' dispute at this point.

marine biologists - geologists - meteorologists - climatologists – oceanologists - arctic glacier scientists - avian migration scientists - historical evidence – (indisputable evidence of historic CO2/temperature variations) – and the list goes on and on and on - all point to global warming variations tied to CO2 levels.


has man pumped CO2 gases into the atmosphere at unprecedented levels? also indisputable. simply look at the numbers.

Meanwhile – we continue to hear of political agendas originating with manufacturing/oil industries attempting to stifle research – censor reports – bribe scientists – and launch propaganda campaigns to minimize the issue.

Just look at Matt Drudge and FrontPage if you want to see what these criminals are claiming about global warming.

And to those who claim that sun-spots are the cause of global warming - i would ask you to produce a scientific reported compiled by hundreds of scientists worldwide making this claim.

But – ultimately – the truth about global warming was a no-brainer for me. I simply looked at George Bush’s position on the issue – and deduced that the truth was diametrically the opposite.

Check out the video...

I watched this video "The Great Global Warming Swindle" yesterday morning. What I thought was interesting is that they claim that the rise in CO2 lags behind the warming effect and that the CO2 is an effect of the warming temps rather than a causation of it.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow


much of the ice melting in Greenland, etc etc is releasing huge amounts of CO2 present in the ice. So - warming is making it worse.

but - obviously - we are pumping CO2 into the atmosphere by the MILLIONS OF TONS for decades now. LOL warming ain't causing THAT.


You do know the worlds oceans pump out exponentially more CO2 than man ever could? As does decaying leaves / plants.

I'd do some research, or at least watch the video & see both sides of the argument before "opening my mouth & removing all doubt", as the old saying goes.

i already told you

i have researched this.

the CO2 levels since the onset of the industrial revolution have risen to historical unprecedented highs in the 21st century.

there's no need for you to be nasty.

Sorry if I come across as nasty.

I just don't like mincing words as I hate typing. You seem to be convinced that the 'science' behind the 'man made global warming' is unshakable. I happen to think you're wrong.

it doesn't lag behind, that's a secondary spike

MAN MADE and on occasion, other (after specific events, like a volcanic erruption) carbon emissions make it warmer... when it gets warmer, even MORE carbon is released from the oceans and melting ice. Also, more water alone (biggest greenhouse gas) goes into the hydrological cycle and thus the air, thereby making it warmer yet and thus even more carbon is released from natural sources due to rising temperatures.

The ROOT cause is still (usually) humans, but because it's a stepped spike process, the deniers erroneously point to a back asswards cause and effect... if you look at the data though there is ALWAYS a pre-spike before the other spike and the real cause can be traced, usually to people. This is really junk science to begin with that they used, but fortunately for the big oil crowd and their shills, few people actually bother to check it out and actual scientists in the know aren't very articulate in calling them on their monumental bullshit. Not to mention that it doesn't matter to Big Oil if they are debunked later... all they ever intended was to distract and confuse people to buy a little more time. Every minute is more money in their pockets. It's well worth it to fund phony science and conspiracy 'researchers' to do their bidding.

LOL... Go figure.

"And to those who claim that sun-spots are the cause of global warming - i would ask you to produce a scientific reported compiled by hundreds of scientists worldwide making this claim."

I take it you've done zero research & didn't watch the video?

yes and no

i've done the research - but i have not watched this particular video.

the issue of 'the sun' causing global warming is one theory that is being thrown around an awful lot by global warming critics - but clearly has not gained the support of the majority of scientists out there.

I've read the opinions against this particular school of thought and it appears that if you break the scientific community into 2 camps - "CO2" and "sun" theories - it would appear that the consensus is not even close.

Don't care about consensus.

I care about what history & the data throughout history shows. The Earth's climate fluctuates, always has. This video is very good at posing both arguments, then showing what the evidence / data supports... Hint, It's not the 'man made' hyped bs. It's also interesting which 'camp' the NASA weather satellite team leader supports.

Just look at all the lies & spin coming from the 'man made' camp. Doesn't that alone make you wonder what the hell their agenda is?

i'll have to watch the video

to answer that

but it is my prudent opinion that the case has been made for CO2's affect on the climate.


"it is my prudent opinion that the case has been made for CO2's affect on the climate."

No it hasn't, if you don't look at the facts, with all the propaganda, one would believe this. However, the facts / data DOES show that CO2 levels (Which man minutely contributes to.) is affected by the climate changes.


simply by framing it with the word "propaganda" is loaded.

sorry dude - i gotta go with the scientists on this one.

"i gotta go with the scientists on this one."... LOL.

Funny thing is, so do I. Not to mention the facts / evidence. I find it very interesting how you frame legitimate scientists who have different views (that the evidence supports, by the way.) as 'theorists'.

do you dispute

that a MAJORITY of scientists link greenhouse gases and global warming?


Although, I do note that there's a lot more grant money / career opportunity in endorsing this fallacy. I also note that the majority of scientists once thought cigarettes to be harmless & in some cases beneficial.

So your point is lost on me.


the majority of scientists thought cigarettes were harmless and beneficial?

when was this?

its true that cigarette companies hired scientists to say this - at one time. but - i do not recall a worldwide scientific consensus formed by a multi-national taskforce - comprised of hundreds of scientists from dozens of countries - putting out a report claiming cigarettes were benign or beneficial. i do not recall multi-national emergency summits taking place on the subject of cigarettes.

i am not a scientist. i do not know ANYTHING for certain - but - there are an awful lot of alarm bells going off on this subject from every corner of the earth, and i am a little uncomfortable with how cavalier you are with simply declaring global warming "a fallacy."

I haven't watched the movie

I haven't watched the movie yet, and I'm open to many reasons causing global warming at once. But, to believe that tripling the amount of extra carbon in the air isn't going to have an effect on the environment is sort of silly. I see the stuff we burn, and I see the particles it puts in the air, and I know it's matter with real weight, and I know it's like a blanket. That's not a conspiracy. Sure, volcanoes put up carbon too. But when they do, they have huge effects on the environment. Then take deforestation into account, and not as much carbon is being cleaned out of the air.

How did they say it in South Park? Maybe the great global warming conspiracy is a big industry created conspiracy. Or was it that maybe the oil companies created the great global warming conspiracy to remain powerful.


maybe not everything is a conspiracy

given mankind's propensity to screw up everything it touches - why would it surprise people that the industrial revolution and the internal combustion engine and millions of tons of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere would - duh - have a negative effect?

the real conspiracy are those who try to convince us that the environment is NOT endangered by our actions. the real conspiracy are those who claim that a FINITE resourse (the atmosphere) has an infinite power to replenish itself.

it is just common sense.

and - the same holds true for peak oil. oil is a finite resource. demand continues to increase. you do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that the world economy TURNS on WHO controls these dwindeling resources.

ummmm.... isn't that why someone planted a false flag in lower manhattan in the first place? why else are we in Iraq? why else are we going to war with Iran? For their Pestachio nuts?

mini ice age on the horizon)

The Point is The earth goes through natural cycles and there is now way man can stop that cycle so stop patting yourself on the back and stop supporting this nonsense when there is only really shallow theory to support there view,, Its a debate there is know absolute on eather side of the issue I personally dont buy into it.

(When I was a kid in the late 70 early eighties Scientist were hosting in our state the Earth is cooling and get ready for what they called a mini ice age on the horizon)

FYI, we're sill in an ice

FYI, we're sill in an ice age;) There's glaciers everywhere, though they are melting.

those natural cycles

have indisputably been tied to CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

That much has pretty much been proven.

simply calling it a "shallow theory" and/or "debatable" does not make it so - and i would really wonder why anyone would just summarily dismiss something as potentially serious as this.

Its kinda like those pesky creationists who - for religious reasons - refuse to accept the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community. they claim evolution is debatable. they claim they are not convinced. they claim it is not 'proven.' they are entitled to their opinions - but - it is no longer debatable and it is no longer considered 'just a theory.'

so - now - it appears that certain members of the political 'right' appear reluctant to admit that their anti-environmental posturing is falling on the wrong side of the fence on this issue. so, you have personal pride and embarassment making people reluctant to SEE the truth.

Kinda like 9/11. some people just will NOT see the evidence of 9/11. they can't. their egos prevents it.

Mr. Albanese, Remember that

Mr. Albanese,

Remember that correlation is not causation. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are certainly tied to global temperatures, but the question is the cause of those ties. The accepted hypothesis is that carbon dioxide drives global warming by increasing the greenhouse effect. If this were the case then we would see carbon dioxide level changes leading temperature changes when graphed over time. This simply isn't the case. Its tough to see this on graphs spanning millions of years but cutting the time scale down and plotting together clearly shows that most of the time CO2 lags.

I've been looking into this for some time. I'm not a climate scientist (rather an engineer) but I can clearly see on a graph that CO2 follows temperature. I recommend watching the above documentary as it breaks the graphs down well. Perhaps the most interesting graphs you will see in it are for the last century comparing CO2 to temperature, and another comparing sun spot activity to temperature.

When you finish watching to documentary, go back and look at the recent UN reports. Even those reports, in the fine print, say that the maximum contribution humans make to the increase in temperature (operating under the assumption of CO2 driving temperature) is 6%. Simply put, if humans stopped all consumption which gave off CO2, including renouncing fire, we would still only reduce the "driving force" of global warming by 6% at a maximum.

There are very real environmental problems, particularly due to agriculture, poor selection of chemicals and not accounting for the total cost of any given product or process, but global warming as a man made phenomenon isn't one of them. Rather, global warming seems to be the product of malthusian ideas about carrying capacity, a push for an international/national tax/es, and a further reason to implement police state surveillance and control. Unfortunately there seem to be a number of well meaning people out there pushing this hoax at the grass roots out of genuine fear for the future when they could be working to solve other real problems.

After you finish your next documentary on Cointelpro, which I'm eagerly awaiting and intend to show at one of my 9/11 film festivals in Boston, take those same skills you acquired in "counter intelligence" and look at the prominent environmental groups, especially the foundations that fund them.

Keep up the good work on 9/11, and look into Global warming in a little more detail. You will be surprised by what you find.

spoken like a true gentleman

thank you

i am certainly no expert - but - the way i understand the counter debate is that the CO2 "lag" is a result of the cyclical causual effect.

for example - the 6% we contribute drives the greenhouse affect that iun turn melts ice in greenland that throws TONS more CO2 up into the atmosphere.

anyway - i think someone named Nicholas wrote a post down below that warrants reading in that he addresses who produced this video. This is, in my opinion, significant.

Gordon Brown wants 'new world order' to fight global warming

Yeah! A new world order will fix it.

Brown wants 'new world order' to fight global warming

Mon Mar 12, 4:20 AM ET

LONDON (AFP) - Gordon Brown, likely to be the next prime minister, will deliver a speech calling for a "new world order" to combat global warming on Monday.

According to excerpts released by the finance ministry, Chancellor of the Exchequer Brown will also say the United Nations should make the fight against global warming a core "pillar" of its international mission.

Brown will praise the European Union's progress in combatting climate change after EU leaders on Friday agreed to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 20 percent by 2020, compared to 1990 levels.

He is set to announce domestic policy proposals that are targetted at helping Britons save energy, thereby cutting their individual carbon emissions, ahead of the government's publication of its Climate Change Bill on Tuesday.

"People want to make the right choices and they want help to take the right decisions," Brown will say.

"Government must provide practical help with, wherever possible, incentives in preference to penalties."

Brown is the favourite to be Britain's next prime minister, as
Tony Blair has pledged to step down by September.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

actually no, it wasn't just for oil

control over oil is just part of the greater power grab and shifting balance in the middle east.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


don't forget the dollar.

one of the reasons IRAN is on our hit list is their plan to go off the dollar for their oil transactions. Which could precipitate the US economic collapse.


Saddam did in 2001. he switched to the euro.

it is the fact that the world went off the gold standard and switched to the dollar standard in the wake of OPEC's 1974 decision to ONLY sell oil in dollars that has allowed the USA to leverage its currency against the world.

you see - it is not US dollars people are buying. it is the oil behind the dollar. by keeping huge reserves of US dollars in their national banks countries are securing their position in the oil market - which is, of course, essential to any industrialized nation.

so what happens when oil starts trading in Euros? what is the collatoral behind the dollar? what is the dollar worth if not oil?

at this point.... only military strength. Like Julius Caesar and the mafia - we offer 'protection' from the barbarians.

sometimes the simplest answer seems a little TOO clean and pat to accept. people claim the civil war was NOT about slavery - but of course it was. and they claim our current problems are not about oil?

believe me - if cars ran on bananas we'd be fighting in Costa Rica right now.

Is it possible to know...

Who actually sponsor this documentary? Thanks.

All the right-wingers having an orgasm over "Swindle"...

Might be surprised to learn that the producers of this film were once the key players in the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (no relation to RCP USA). Industrial technology is their religion, and they've been on the attack against ecologists for many years. Their ideology reads as though lifted straight from the press releases of Exxon and Monsanto (they're big supporters of GM crops).

And now for an utterly unfair rant that nevertheless feels right...

In general, I think the historic mission of 9/11 skepticism is best served by hooking it up with empty insinuations about global warming and oil depletion being grand hoaxes - hey if Al Gore says something, it must be wrong!

All this stuff about Mineta, response times, perjury, coverups, forewarnings, whistleblowers, motive means opportunity, collapse physics... let's face it, it's getting kind of tired.

What we could use instead are some grand conspiracy theories about how the Illuminati did the French Revolution and otherwise suckered the sheeple into desiring sovereignty over their lives, instead of following God's order.

One's understanding is further enhanced once one sees that the ruling class (such a Marxist term!) consists entirely of child-molesting Satanic Communist Internationalists for the Antichrist.

I also get very nostalgic about how great things were in America prior to 1913. The 500-year-old system of Western imperialism is clearly a recent invention of the Neocon NWO.

Can we throw in a bit of Creationism for spice? You know the Nazis were themselves the product of a Jewish plot, don't you?

That's the ticket!

"Truth is not measured in mass appeal."

Great video. This issue surely merits debate.

I, Unlike some, think questioning popular 'myths' is healthy. Not too mention the scientific data doesn't support the 'man made global warming' tripe.

Well, it looks like BIG OIL wins this round

They have done EXACTLY what they set out to do and that is foster argument and cloud the issue. BIG OIL now has people debating the scientific consensus that Global Warming is UNDISPUTABLY MAN MADE. Because of a few WELL PAID SHILLS with minor credentials who have sold their souls and many media outlets that never had souls to begin with, people somehow now are thinking that something is even debatable here.

They sure did great in the conspiracy circles... it's a wonder what a few thousand bucks can do to change opinions.

It's a big conspiracy eh? What kind of stupidity is that? THINK ABOUT IT FOR A FEW MINUTES. The OIL industry can only lose money via a carbon tax. They don't have to pay it directly (because they pass it on), but it will reduce usage... and thereby reduce their PROFITS. Do you really think the worlds HUGEST AND MOST POWERFUL industry is going to sit back and let it's profit margin narrow? GET REAL! This argument is so stupid anyone who uses it should be ashamed to show their face in public.

The other conspiracy... to insitute more fascism and micro-management of our lives. Seriously, think about that. How much room is there for more fascism? We're already living in a 100% Surveillance Society with a Police State poised and waiting for the next False Flag operation. THIS sort of thing would be going backwards for THEM. It just holds no water whatsoever.

It's all big tobacco all over again, only this time everyone is going to die.

If you can't be bothered to fact check the realities of human caused global warming, at least ask yourself this one simple question:

Do you really want to be on the same side as BUSH and BIG OIL on ANY issue?

Are they the GOOD GUYS now? The same guys who brought us 9/11? Wake up and smell the brimstone.

I would very seriosly urge everyone to examine closely ANYONE who takes BIG OIL's side on this... check their finances, check if they're being paid and check if they're the type of chasers after the almighty dollar who don't mind pimping advertisements at every and any possibility to glean a few more pennies who would be susceptible to a buy off by the RICHEST INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD. Think about that for a moment... know anyone who fits that bill who is tossing out misinformation on this topic?

Fantastic video -- great documentary everyone should see!

Global warming is a scam and this video nails it cold!

This is the beginning of the end for a world-wide fraud that is now going down for the count. Check it out -- the science is unbeatable!

CON-JOB BIG OIL Propaganda

The writer and director of this documentary is a disinformation specialist:
Look at his work background, found on Wiki:

In 1997, Channel 4 broadcast Durkin's Against Nature, a documentary series which criticized the environmental movement for being a threat to personal freedom and for crippling economic development. Against Nature was subsequently investigated by the Independent Television Commission of the UK, following a number of complaints from some of the interviewees featured in the program. [1] The Commission eventually concluded that Durkin had misled his interviewees about the nature and purpose of the documentary, and that he had misrepresented and distorted their views by editing the interview footage in a misleading way [2]. For these reasons, Channel 4 later issued a public apology on prime time TV.[3]According to The Independent, Durkin "accepts the charge of misleading contributors, but describes the verdict of distortion as "complete tosh." [4]

Subsequent television documentaries by Durkin include a 1998 Equinox program which argued that silicone breast implants were in fact beneficial to a woman's health; another Equinox program called Modified Truth: The Rise and Fall of GM, which argued in favor of genetic modification;

Show "Actually, Bush being against" by Mageant

can i ask you a question?


why would you embrace a theory that the sun is causing global warming (that it appears that very few scientists embrace) - while rejecting the expert opinions of the vast majority of world scientists on CO2?

I'm just curious what makes you decide to embrace one scientific theory over another - despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

Is it because you simply cannot accept that mankind could in any way affect (or be blamed for) the environment - so you therefore need to grasp as straws and just arbitrarily blame the sun?

is this some sort of humanist hubris akin to those people who refused to get on lifeboats on the Titanic because they bought into the infallability of man "this ship can't sink" mythology?

& question for you.

Many of the 'theorists' worked closely with many of the 'experts' yet reached vastly different conclusions. Why were their 'theories' omitted or distorted in / from the 'official' reports but their names (credentials) kept on as authors, hence proponents, of said reports?

Dancing Israelis Discussed on Daily Kos

The above is a diary about the art students and movers (dancing Israeli Mossad agents) that has been posted to Daily Kos. It's interesting for a number of reasons, but most notably for the displays of dishonesty and smear tactics employed by those trying to pretend there is no story "there".

Now, we here all know about the Dancing Israelis, that they really were Mossad agents, that it is no secret anymore that they were working for a Mossad front company (Urban Moving Systems)

Yet see how the "friends of Israel" gatekeepers at Kos pretend that this is some kind of fake story... in part because of the limited hangout piece published in Counterpunch, which I guess is a "jew-hating" site in addition to being a left gatekeeping site.  Who knew!

 Here are some choice tidbits:

So I suppose (12+ / 1-) Recommended by:dhonig, JPhurst, JRG, debedb, mspicata, trashablanca, BobzCat, Red Sox, zemblan, Andy Lewis, alis grey, RedPencil Trollrated by:Near Vanna

you also think the phone company killed Kennedy? by dfb1968 on Thu Mar 08, 2007 at 10:38:58 AM PDT

Laughable... (10+ / 0-)

...with lines like this.

" investigator high up in the Bergen County law enforcement hierarchy stated that officers had also discovered in the vehicle "maps of the city with certain places highlighted."

OH MY GOD! Employees of a moving company actually have MAPS OF THE CITIES IN WHICH THEY WORK!

The rest of the article is similar crap.  You mean some of the Israelis have background in intelligence?  Gee, what a surprise, since almost every Israeli has to serve in the army, and the intelligence division is a good way to avoid assignment to infantry, border patrol, or some other assignment where you can get killed.

In other words, the person was not only Israeli, but an Israeli who was smart or who had a connected family.  What a shocker!

Pretty sad that a freelance journalist who was once in Salon and Harpers is now relegated to writing drivel for Counterpunch.

by JPhurst on Thu Mar 08, 2007 at 10:40:29 AM PDT

 You should let the people at jewatch hear this (4+ / 0-)

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MJBrutus, zemblan, alis grey, dfb1968

Has there ever been a tragic historic event that wasn't blamed on the Jews? Let me know if you think of one. It never fails. It doesn't matter who is in fact responsible, or how many people are aware of this. What really matters is how the Jews were able to insidiously manipulate the poor sock puppets that invariably do the Jew's bidding. That's right folks, there was a Jew living a half mile from two of the Al Qaeda terrorists in Florida. Is there really any need to delve into this for another second? Wait, he was Israeli. Israelis can't be movers or art students. It's not how they are built. If they are artists, then their art is a Zionist propaganda tool. I wonder if anybody looked into how many Mormons were living in the vicinity of Mohammed Atta. Or how many Cubans. I guess blaming the Jews is too enticing regardless where you stand on the political spectrum. The appeal is universal. Kennedy, Oklahoma bombing, Pearl Harbor, Darfur, AIDS, paper cuts...all Zionist plots. Must be nice to have all the answers. I guess this is something we should all start getting used to in the U.S. It's the political where's Waldo. Find the constantly plotting and scheming Jews who were behind the tragedy. Maybe we just need to understand that Jews are not individuals like the rest of humanity but rather cogs in the great powerful yet masterfully hidden Zionist machine. Then we can put all opposing arguments, which will of course be carefully manufactured Jewish propaganda, to rest. I'm still trying to figure out in which dark, dank basements of the world the Jews meet, and how they're able to keep any Jews from breaking rank or non Jews from infiltrating.



Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force

There scared

I dont want John a to start slamming people for takeing a postion I personally dont believe in conspercy theory I Believe in Conspericy facts iam not afraid to call a spade a spade

The only thing a human being can do is gain knowledge and use that knowledge to help his fellow man to gain the truth In this movement there is certain topics that are not being adressed because some people eather refuse to look at an issue for fear of lables and judgemental idiots there goes the open thread.

Why dont they talk the evidence why building 7 fell in 6. 4 seconds They wont because they want to discredict the movement by labeling everyone anti sematic thats is the only weapon they have left were all jew haters or some nonsense like that.
There scared !!

the same people voting this down ...

are the same people who are willing to post counterpunch articles as blogs, yet refuse to make a single comment on it. maybe it is their future 'look, i talk/post about israel's alledged involvement' card. pretty weak either way. if you haven't read john doraemi's response to the counterpunch limited hangout article, you're doing yourself a disservice. oh, but there's a global warming video...let's all get bent out of shape and argue over something that has absolutely nothing to do with getting the perps of 9/11 to stand trial. funny how the poop, swastikas, swindle videos, and space beams all attract hella-comments, but you get a perfectly sane, well-written and sourced article about the mossad lackeys on 9/11, and there are three comments after three days. get it together, people.

the man

Your the man wolfowitz in sh... all roads go to this Neo con coperate monster and i wonder who is behind the mask Scooby doby do or some bolshevik member

i hate to side with Kos on anything

But I like how their site tracks WHO votes things up or down. Maybe we would see less gratuitous and petty voting.

I think one reason we don't get more comments about the Israel/Mossad connection to 9/11 is that there isn't much left to debate. you either believe they were doing what they did for legitimate reasons or you accept that the explanation is probably a little more complicated and shocking.

I think a lot of people don't want or aren't ready for the truth about this because it is going to have serious consequences. And the situation becomes worse the more people pretend not to see.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Mossad is second to none in intelligence gathering...

& black ops. As I'm sure you're aware of. So, what would the "legitimate reason" be for them filming the 'attacks'?

Hypothetically, Let's say Israel had no involvement in 911 what so ever. Why track the alleged hijackers & "document the event" of 911? Could it be for leverage? This has long been one of my theories & explains an awful lot.

Nice rant wolfowitz.

I do feel stupid for even entering in debate on that distraction issue. It's, after all, what 'they' want. The fact that 'fossil fuels' could have been done away with long ago in favor of better technology is not what they want you discussing, nor is Israeli involvement in 911.

the path of least resistance

Please big Big D what is the path of least resistance which you would like to discuss I a willing to discuss anything isnt this a open thread
(Oh yeah Lets do an Israeli Timeline or would that be to offensive)

Who's Mossad?

The 'Dancing Israelis' story is where many take issue to the Truth Movement, as anti-Semitic. No, my Jewish friends, it isn't anti-Semitic to research 911 and find the Mossad involvement as well as that of the supposed Zionists within the administration. The Israeli-owned company in charge of airport security, the possibility that a dog smelled explosives residue in a Urban Moving Systems van, the appearance of our dancing Israeli friends to be quite jubilant-and Dominic left in a hurry.

I am surprised to see so little discussion of the issue here. The anti-Semitic charge has already been hurled. Yes, I see room for Israeli involvement in 911, I accept the evidence I've found. But, when/if we get to the bottom of this I expect to find many countrys to be involved. From the Chandler meeting, it was mentioned that Sibel E. suggested involvement of 14 countries. I asked on a comment then, can anyone suggest the other countries involved?

I like to not think that the lack of attention by the mainstream media is due to the Israeli involvement in 911. But I'm worried that there is a relationship there. I didn't know about the Liberty episode until long after I started researching 911. Support for Israel is at stake.

The demolitions were obviously professional. Those that placed the charges may still be around. Who would suspect a moving van to be part of a demolitions job? Now if a Controlled Demolitions, Inc. truck showed up, people might want to know what they were up to.

I can't claim to know the extent of involvement of Mossad with 911. But I know there is something there, that we must rationally explore the subject without screaming "the Jews did it!!!"(remember S. Park). All of you here at the blogger, you can't move forward with your research without dealing with the Israel issue. It may be troubling, the Odigo warnings and all. But you wouldn't be here if you weren't prepared to deal with disturbing facts.

Ialo good thought

I dont Know if you understand the very evil scope you have to study the formation off Israel . They actually believe there the chosen race No race is chosen were all the sameThis is Israel 2007

Go with what works.

The 'anti-semitic', 'holocaust denier' tactic of shutting down critical analysis is working well.

MI6 agents weren't caught "documenting the event".

Iraqi intelligence agents weren't caught "documenting the event".

Mossad agents WERE caught "documenting the event".

Now we know they were also tracking the alleged hijackers.

I guess these facts are meaningless... to anyone but us 'you know what's'.

Big D you make a good point

We can talk about Global warming The war in Iraq The race and Issues surrounding the presidental election any thing but this issue. why?? I dont understand Really The 'anti-semitic', 'holocaust denier' tactic of shutting down critical analysis is working well.

Do they have that much influence in this movement if we mention it, were all tainted if so those people will eventually control the outcome of 911 and we all lose
Big D you make a good point.

New Fremont,California 9/11 truth group

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area we will be showing "9/11 Press For Truth" at the Fremont Public Library, 2400 Stevenson Blvd. at Paseo Padre by Lake Elizabeth on Sat. March 24 at 1:30 p.m. After the showing there will be a discussion led by Dr. Paul Rea author of "Still Seeking the Truth about 9/11". Please attend if you can. It's free. We are also looking for new members to our group. We need your support............................."Every Dog Has His Day."


Karen Kwiatkowski on the neocon agenda and Pentagon secrecy

I was just reading this interview with Karen Kwiatkowski, Pentagon whistleblower, and I thought her comments were germane to two ongoing 9/11 Truth debates: 1) that a conspiracy of a small group in the Pentagon would not entail the explicit complicity of hundreds or thousands of others; and 2) that the neocons had "an agenda" that was very pro-Israel, and saw America as a "benevolent dictator".

"I think march 23 is when we actually conducted that attack on Baghdad and that kind of thing. Most people in the Pentagon, there’s 23,000 people work in the Pentagon. Most of those people were as in the dark as any of the Americans. They believed what they read in the papers, and what they read in the papers, particularly The New York Times and The Washington Post had been, for the most part, planted by The Administration. We know this now, the whole Congress knows this now, they’ve had a number of hearings publicly faltered, I think even the DODIG [Department of Defense Inspector General] just recently faltered, Doug Feith and his whole organization for planting and providing misleading stories, many of which were later leaked on purpose to the press. A friendly press, of course, Judith Miller was not hostile to the intentions of this administration. They wanted to go into Iraq, and they intended to go into Iraq. We did go into Iraq, and all that was really needed was to bring onboard the American people, and to bring onboard the Congress. But not necessarily to declare war. Congress has never been asked to declare war on Iraq. And they won’t be asked to declare war on Iran even though we will conduct that war. These guys had an agenda. In fact, one of the things that I did learn as a result of having my eyes opened in that final tour in the Pentagon is that neo-conservatives, their foreign policy is very activist, you could say that’s a nice way to say it, very activist, it’s very oriented towards the Untied States as a benevolent dictator, a benevolent guiding hand for the world, particularly the Middle East. And it’s very much a pro-Israel policy, and it’s a policy that says, we should be able to do whatever we want to do, if we see it in our interest."

Ever 'punch' a 3/8th inch thick piece of 'solid' aluminum?

Gentlemen, 9/11 Researchers, all;

I'm serious. Why is it that no one over 40 seems to be stuying the actual facts behind the construction documentation of WTC 1, 2 and 7?

Prove me wrong Frank Demartini, prove me wrong Leslie Robertson, prove me wrong Alex Jones, you are all missing the fact BECAUSE it is clearly hidden in plain sight. Mind you, I’m just a photographer, but I do know how to judge the relative strength of any two adjoined materials, in a wide range of construction applications. Materials I have felt in my own hands, which none of you can claim to have done!

Here is the hyperbole, and your self-fulfilling conundrum:

  Newly Unearthed Footage Exposes 9/11 Media Scripting
Bizarre foreknowledge and explanation of towers' collapse more cryptic clairvoyance

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, March 12, 2007

"Sections of the other tower are also crumbling - no the reason this is happening, according to the website for the World Trade Center, they're actually telling us that the structure, the outside cladding of this building is integral to the safety and security of it," states the news anchor following the collapse of the south tower. "Once you penetrate that,- apparently the very structure of the building is under threat and that's why one tower has already collapsed."

"The suspicious rapidity of the instant press release [PROOF OF INDEPENDENT SOURCING, NOT ‘PROPER’ -SCRIPTING] aside, why did the World Trade Center's website carry such a blatantly fallacious explanation for the collapse of the first tower? Even the layman knows that any modern building is anchored by core columns, not "outside cladding," and the twin towers were no different. "

* Watson errs here with his assertive use of the word: ‘Anchored.’ This opinion is patently false, according to numerous pre-construction industry magazine,articles; ie.: A.Record, 1971-1984. "Elasticity" at the perimiter columns IS CENTRAL to THIS design's integrity!, NOT Contiguous vertical symmetry. One 'hole' makes no difference, according to the prior '727-impact figures.'

"To rest a building's integrity on its "outside cladding" is a reversal of all commonly accepted architectural knowledge. Why was the World Trade Center website peddling this nonsense in contradiction with the words of the twin tower's own designers?"

* Which ‘Designers?’ Had you spoken to Minuoru Yamasaki?

"Included in over a dozen examples compiled here, Frank A. Demartini, on-site construction manager for the World Trade Center, said that the towers could sustain "multiple impacts of jetliners" without collapsing."


"In addition, Leslie Robertson, one of the two original structural engineers for the World Trade Center, stated that, “The twin towers were in fact the first structures outside the military and nuclear industries designed to resist the impact of a jet airplane.”

* Again, NOT RELEVANT, but here's the punch-line:

"The twin towers were desgined to absorb airliner impacts by means of their 47 huge core columns."

* Again, ABSOLUTELY FALSE. The transferrence of --horizontal--pressures rests first in the ability of the (22’? 1/2 truss-sectional) to sustain an end-impact, meaning almost all of the energy is lost before you get to these cores. You haven’t yet illustrated a ‘model’ of the plane’s penteration, which Leslie's original data clearly IS REFERRING TO!

"The twin towers could not be compromised simply by damaging their "outside cladding," such a claim is patently absurd and why it was immediately peddled as an explanation for their collapse is highly suspect."

* False. Charges placed WITHIN the cavitiy between the steel and the aluminum DID force the external columns to de-couple, and release from the decking as it fell.

"Later in the clip, the anchor comments, "It is completely enveloped in smoke, it is on fire, and we understand that this other tower is also in a situation of near collapse." "

"Based on the testimony of the [TWO ASSIGNED] experts who designed and built the twin towers, how on earth could officials and the media be so sure that the towers were going to collapse unless they were being fed a script by individuals who knew they were about to be imploded and were carefully preparing the cover story?"


Now we are ready to connect the dots. Not all of the information streaming forth to the Media was being censored as it came into these announcer’s view, but as the day wore on, we know the NSA, et al., ‘managed the story’ precisely as it needed to read for those who actually were on the inside team. Obviously we understand the functional nature of a multi-tiered team effort. (I was personally in group #1.) Once the job was complete, nobody in the lesser, equally ‘guilty’ teams would come forward to rat-out the higher-ups, ie: Rumsfeld & Cheney.

.... Kids, we're right back to addressing the cladding, and the daming, physical model mock-up I witnessed in Emery Roth’s Office, which absolutely brings all of this to a ‘case-closed’ condition, -once you put Robertson, Skillings, Roth, et. al under oath!

-Tom-Scott Gordon, WTC Photographer, ”The Bridgeways Project.” -Terminated by "FBI," 1987.

im not gay myself but i am a

im not gay myself but i am a human being so these poll results disgust me:

Top General Calls Homosexuality 'Immoral'
Gay Advocacy Group Blasts Comment as 'Outrageous'
How do you feel about Pace's comments?
Agree 56%
Disagree 41%
Not sure 3%
Total Votes: 22,941
Note on Poll Results


this comes from a man who drops bombs on people

exactly. the homophobes dont

exactly. the homophobes dont realize that they "out" themselves with their ignorance. that includes people who claim that its their religion that causes them to be bigots.

Did anyone notice Bonaduce

After Rosie came out and advoacted for a new investigation, here comes the special agent danny bonaduce on cnn, telling everybody how dumb she is. maybe it is just a coincidence, yea right. Maybe Danny can come clean and let everyone know where he got his material from?

cooperative reasearch down this morning..

Has anyone had any luck logging into cooperative research this morning?

The unmasking of the federal reserve.

Basically, the stated objective by the original authors of the federal reserve was a smoke screen behind which was their real objective - to maintain a monopoly on money and credit by the big New York Banks.

Edward Griffin:

1. The Federal Reserve is incapable of accomplishing its stated objectives.
2. It is a cartel operating against the public interest.
3. It's the supreme instrument of usury.
4. It generates our most unfair tax.
5. It encourages war.
6. It destabilizes the economy.

this is an outrage.....

Dying Woman Loses Marijuana Appeal
SAN FRANCISCO (March 14) - A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that a California woman whose doctor says marijuana is the only medicine keeping her alive is not immune from federal prosecution on drug charges.
Are you sympathetic with the plaintiff in this case?
Yes 91%
No 9%
Total Votes: 13,596
Note on Poll Results