Covers CNN and the BBC’s Premature Announcement of WTC7’s Collapse

There are two theories regarding how did WTC 7 collapse, part of September 11 attacks that hit the United Sates six years ago and changed the political map of the entire world and the U.S. foreign policies in the Middle East.

Some analysts attributed the collapse to structural failure due to prior debris impact and ongoing fire damage. The other theory suggests the building collapsed as a result of controlled demolition- many support the second theory given the lack of precedent of total collapses of steel framed structures during fires.

But the controversy over the collapse of Building 7 that the Bush administration has so far failed to explain is being brought up again in 2007 with more shocking revelations.

Websites and blog pages began in recent weeks circulating commentaries about the shocking BBC News reporting of the collapse of WTC7 before the incident actually took place.

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Regarding the current online petition to the BBC, we currently have just over 2600 names (in six days)...

If you have not asked your family members, colleagues, fellows and associates to sign, please do....

Spead around, bump posts as much as you can... It'll be nice to present as big a petiton as possible to the BBC !!!

Link :

You can find more details on the BBC petition in blog [ HERE ]

Thanks and best wishes, also thanks to "coop" over at LooseChange Forums for the "Aljazeera" heads-up.

Too bad they didn't

credit 911Veritas for the find, or discuss Internet Archive's authentication of the BBC video.

Thanks GW

Seeing WTC7 getting some limelight is satisfying in itself and much needed.

Also everyone who has not yet seen the great new WTC7 16 minute "smoking gun" video, needs to, it's highly recommended.

It was created by 911blogger member "arie" and it rocks !!!

Google Video Link :

This needs to be passed around.

Best wishes

911veritas = Awesome!!

Your discovery is one of the most significant pieces of evidence yet. I think the perpertrators' "misunderestimating" the power of the "internets" will be their collective undoing :-)
So much news coverage they wish would have just disappeared down the memory-hole will be used as evidence in their ultimate prosecution for treason, mass murder and crimes against humanity.
I am writing another letter to my Senators now, and reminding them that when taking their oath of office, they stated:

"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God."

It is their duty to take steps to protect the people of the United States by investigating, prosecuting and removing from office the criminals within our own government immediately.


If you did a survey of a hundred people and ask them in New York City On September 11 2001 How many buildings were hit by Planes and how many Buildings colapsed? I would be very intrested in the outcome

Very few know about WTC7...

All the people that I have spoken to about 9/11, that have not researched it, had NO idea about a third building.

They only remembered the "twin towers", the subsequent media coverage has done little to enlighten people to WTC7, just look back to Professor Jones on MSNBC with Tucker Carlson, talk about "blackout".

The more people that see WTC7's "collapse" the better.

Best wishes

Don't Get Too Excited, Veritas

From the "About Us" section of this "":

"Important note: Aljazeera Publishing and are not associated with any of the below organisations:

1. Al Jazeera Newspaper, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia whose website is
2. Al Jazeera Satellite Channel whose website is
3. Al Jazeera Information Centre who website is

Aljazeera Publishing disassociates itself from the views, opinions and broadcasts of these titles."

This is nothing but a spoof site. Don't think this is "mainstream coverage" in any way, shape or form. It's most likely a U.S. ploy to discredit the real aljazeera in the minds of the square U.S. population.

Thanks for the concern...

But I'm not quite ready for a cardiac yet ;-)

I realise the .com is not as big as the .net so not disheartened in the slightest.

Link : Alexa Traffic Details users come from these countries

United States 23.4%
United Kingdom 7.2%
United Arab Emirates 6.8%
Egypt 6.3%
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Canada 4.4%
Singapore 4.1%
Jordan 3.5%
Kuwait 3.1%
Saudi Arabia 2.6%
Tanzania 2.5%
India 2.2%
Morocco 2.2%
Italy 1.8%
Hungary 1.2%
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Israel 1.2%
Australia 1.2%
Malaysia 1.0%
Lebanon 1.0%
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Algeria 0.7%
Other countries 14.6% traffic rank in other countries

Tanzania 25
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Morocco 6,128
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Algeria 8,324
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Malaysia 22,510
Italy 31,570
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Australia 37,105
Spain 58,855
Germany 85,665

Stats look pretty good to me...

Best wishes




Mr. Id, I like 911veritas' quick answer to the issue you proposed here -- and I also appreciate your issue, since we always have to be careful, don't we. Thanks for raising it. Be on the lookout.

You say, "It's most likely a U.S. ploy to discredit the real aljazeera in the minds of the square U.S. population."

Even if this turns out to be the case, I am happy with this report. I think that ANY public mention of Bldg. 7 collapsing, any at all, is very good indeed. If the disinfo perps raise the topic, for whatever reason, great! Bring it on.