Big Eddie Schultz to Discuss 9/11 Airplane "Manipulation."

I caught this at approximately 12:55 eastern. Just before the break, Ed Schultz mentioned there is a Northwest Airlines pilot who has some interesting things to say about 9/11 and how the planes were "manipulated." Schultz did not give a specific time when this guy would be on, just that it would be by the end of the week. Keep your ears open, folks. In the meantime, we should do some homework on this Field McConnell guy to figure out if he is a nut and warn Ed Schultz preemptively if McConnell will only serve to tarnish 9/11 Truth. For some background information, see simuvac's blog.

Ed Schultz is a bastard. i

Ed Schultz is a bastard. i used to listen to him a lot a couple of years ago when it was the only radio show around here that wasnt far right propaganda. hes essentially a centrist democrat who has been VIOLENTLY and loudly oppossed to the very idea of questioning the official story of 9/11 in the past. expect a hit job. Schultz is not a very smart man but he knows how to stampede a guest and i suspect he will spend the whole time bashing 9/11 truth.

I wrote to Big Ed

I asked Him to research for himself before he has this guy on, refered him to Pilots for 911truth site and the interview with the pentagon police that is on Google or You tube that debunks the light poles being knocked down.

This guy sounds like a dis-info agents to me, Schultz is a known mouth piece and employee for the Dem party, so that fact that this guy gets air time and credible people do not, to me implicates the Dem leadership as complicit to high crimes against the American people, not like I needed convincing, but it still hurts.

write to ed at

In God I Trust, All Others Bring Data

Contact Ed Shultz.

Contact Big Ed and the show's Producers to politely ask that they cover the truth regarding the many anomalies of 9/11 and interview Dr. David Ray Griffin.

We can do this.

I've exchanged a few emails with Ed

a few months ago about 9/11. I remember that he agreed that WTC7 needed more investigation, so maybe there's hope.

Fire away those emails! He's got a big audience, and it would be great to reach them.

And could somone please post an mp3 of his coverage?

Field McConnell

Neil Slade
The AMAZING Brain Adventure

I spent four days with McConnell making a documentary-- he is one of the most level headed person's I have ever met. His knowledge of the details of planes and plane flight on 9/11 is vast and far above the heads of just about everyone.

The man has 35 years experience flying, not only air force fighter jets, but commercial planes as well.

I am well aware of the talk out there trying to discredit David Hawkins- and now, discredit McConnell by linking to Hawkins- but in my experience, not only is Hawkins right on the money, but he is so far ahead of the curve, it is downright scary-- and scariest to those who actually have something to hide. Those who protest the loudest in regards to both Hawkins, and McConnell-- I think they protest a bit too much.