Call for articles for the Rock Creek Free Press

The Creek Newspaper

To: 9/11 truth activists, progressives, peace activists and other patriots

Re: Invitation to submit articles for the next issue of the Rock Creek Free Press

Rock Creek Free Press is on-track for publication of the second issue for March 28. This issue will be undated and is intended for distribution locally in DC and to 911truth groups nationwide. We will have a number of articles covering various aspects of the 9/11truth movement as well as providing the historical context of state-sponsored false-flag terrorism and the related topics of war and peace, and mainstream media propaganda.

We want to cover the topics other papers refuse to cover. For example, Elaine is working on an article about the long, but largely forgotten, history of water fluoridation. We're going to report on the Peace Encampment on the National Mall and this weekend we will have reporters at the ANSWER march on the Pentagon.

Many of you here on 911Blogger have written eloquently on the many aspects of 9/11. I invite you to submit an original article for print in the Creek ... it doesn't have to be long... (500-1500 words). It doesn't have to be limited to the topics described. Is there something you think the thousands of progressive/911/peace activists should know? What would you like to say to them and to the people they will be giving the newspaper to.

The deadline for article submission is 3/28/2007, but the earlier you can get your article to us the better.
Thank you in advance for you contribution to "the Creek".


Matt Sullivan

Federal Income Taxes are not law

I'd start there. I think it would be a hugely popular article where its outlined an proven that there is no law anywhere that says US Citizens, living and working in the 50 States are required to pay an unapportioned "income tax" on their time and labor. Its a myth perpetuated throughout time (Since 1913). One need only examine the US Constitution, The US Code, and related Regulations to find out the whole thing is a scam - just one of many. Then theres the never ratified 16th ammendment, and all of the Supreme Court rulings which say the same exact thing - there is no law.

google video search:
America: Freedom To Fascism (Aaron Russo)
Theft By Deception
The Money Masters

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Why is this important?

It is important in the context of 9/11 because if you expose the myriad of lies and deceptions being sold to the American public you begin to show a pattern, a pattern which then turns '9/11 being an inside job' from "the impossible", to the probable.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Dear CattleRustler

I AGREE. Let's also bring Sible gag order into question. She has proof of goverment officials commiting TREASON!
We want the truth!

Fed Income Tax

Great idea! Write it up and send it in.