Mineta Paper - Updated


I've made a few small changes in my paper. I've added the new information from the CNN transcript that shows that the White House evacuation began around the time that Mineta arrived at the White House. This confirmed his testimony when he stated that when he “got to the White House, it was being evacuated.” Thanks to Robert Moore for that find. This was essentially the only argument that the “debunkers” would use to ignore Mineta’s testimony since they maintained that the evacuation of the White House did not begin until 9:45. There is now essentially no counter argument to the testimony of Norman Mineta and the account of Richard Clarke.

It is very interesting that publications such as Popular Mechanics and websites like 9/11 Myths have at least some sort of counter argument for many claims. But there has never been any attempt to explain the testimony of Norman Mineta. I have yet to find any website or publication that even address Mineta’s testimony. There have been tons of papers written on the collapse of the Twin Towers (from both sides), and now quite a large body of material from the “debunking” websites/literature. But they never touch Mineta’s testimony. If anyone debates any ‘Mark Roberts’ types, ask him about Mineta. What would be his answer? There is no argument that he could make that could not be proven incorrect by much more credible evidence. If there is one, I’d love to hear it.

Dear Truth911

I agree..............Can you believe Hamilton not pursuing
clairification on Mineta's testamoney?
What F**king plane was 50 30 10 miles out DICK !
Also id have to say the planes allowed to fly around for two hours is absurd! This needs to be looked at alot more closely.