I forgot to put the embed tag in my original post.

I just whipped this up in some spare time. Enjoy and pass it on!


that was funny. What program do you use to make movies?

DAMN! That's good sh*t!

"that is what the military does when there is nothing else to do." -911truthiness

For simple videos

like this I use the Windows movie maker that comes with XP...For more complicated ones I use Ulead

friggin hilarious. i love

friggin hilarious. i love the guy attempting to do a womans voice at the end. comedic gold, pure gold, hahahaha.

I think they're lip-synching . . .

I get it. They must have originally been speaking in a foreign language. ;)

This made my day!

There is a time to use the Caveman's mocking tone...

....of incredulousness....

I've started using it with those who should know 9/11 was an inside job. based on occupation, connections, or general level of intelligence, ....and deny it or pretend not to know because it would require a conscious recognition that would force them to acknowledge some unpleasant lies that have instructed their lives, choices, and values. That is, their identities.
So, I believe they just become a little more cynical in general instead, and act accordingly. In short, they're assholes. And, I've lost patience with these people.
Since assholes in general don't like to be ridiculed for their naivete, this tactic can be, uh, disconcerting for them.
Know your facts, though. Almost all people tha accept the OCT don't know what we know, so it's pretty easy to make the arrogantly ignorant look stupid. And they hate that.

Sometime soon all the cool kids" will be 9/11 Truthers on some level.

It goes without saying, of course, for the truly uninformed or frightened, a slow, empathetic, patient approach is how I still deal...

Another 9/11 rebud video