All Roads Lead to BCCI

Dave Emory: ...the current seated President, George W. Bush, is not at all separate from the BCCI milieu ... this isn't something that's "long ago and far away".

Lucy Komisar: No... BCCI has been very good to the current Bush's business interests... in 1979 and 80 it helped finance his oil company which was called Arbusto Energy. The money came through a man named Bath who was in business, and one might think he was moving the money of Mr. Bin Mahfouz. That money turned out to be very useful for George Bush, when Harken Energy, (which absorbed Arbusto), got in money trouble in 1987, it got $25 million in financing from the Union Bank of Switzerland, and as part of that deal, a seat on the board was given to a Harken shareholder Sheikh Abdullah Taha Baksh, whose chief banker was BCCI shareholder Bin Mahfouz ...

The money comes from CIA, it goes through BCCI, in accounts that nobody knows about, that nobody can follow, and then money from the big shareholders of BCCI comes back to George Bush.

Isn't that an interesting circle?

Lucy Komisar was a guest on Dave Emory's anti-fascist radio program "For the Record", recorded March 11, 2007. (MP3s here.) She is a contributing author to a new book which is a follow-up of sorts to "Confession of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins. The new book is called A Game as Old as Empire.

Understanding the web of finance that ties together intelligence agencies, oligarchic elites and international terrorism is entirely useful. In regards to 9/11 it's significant that BCCI links the Bushes, the bin Laden family, and middlemen for the funding of the Afghan mujahideen all in one convenient shopping cart. (Even patsies collect a paycheck.)

There is also another current economic web unravelling involving a hedge fund called Cerberus, that weaves an international tapestry of players together in a nexus of corruption;

Let's recap: a corrupt Israeli PM - has a stake in a corrupt Israeli bank- owned by a corrupt Wall Street global hedge fund - which owns a corrupt US defense contractor - which contributes to corrupt GOP Congressmen - who also receive money from another corrupt defense contractor - that defense contractor produced faulty intel under contract to a corrupt CIA Assn't Director - that faulty intel was used to justify a corrupt US Administration's case for invading Iraq - that was planned and executed by corrupt neocons inside DoD who had written a proposal years earlier to wage wars to privatize the Israeli economy...

Oligarchs, intelligence links, and this time far-right policticians linked together by financial convenience and ideological solidarity. A financial shell-game designed to obfuscate and dilute blame...

Is this BCCI v.2.0?


I used to link to Dave Emory's site...

on my blog, but I deleted it. He's gone sort of off the deep end preaching about "Islamofascism" as the real problem, and their link to Naziism. There is no examination of Israeli crimes whatsoever. And Emory is very hostile to "9/11 Truth" which he has lumped into one big compromised fascist-influenced fake movement.

He does have occasional insights, but his biases must be taken into account. That's why I don't just send people there from my blog. Emory is clearly biased, clearly looking at only one side of the equation, and I frankly no longer trust his ass.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

I know.

Believe me, I know;

Nonetheless, his interview with Komisar is good, as are a few others. Komisar doesn't get many interviews, so I'll take what I can get.

I think more people should be aware of BCCI.

Yeah, I should have mentioned, take a grain of salt with your Emory, same as with John Loftus.

A Game as Old as Empire.

Great Post Reprehensor!! I'd also like to provide a few links for any readers who aren't up to date with the private Federal Reserve System that is in control of our economy in America.

Aaron Russo's film "America: Freedom to Fascism"

Paul Grignon's short animated film "Money as Debt"

I know many of us have already seen these, but not enough people have. Again Thanks for the Post.
I think we have to get to the very bottom of this crap and BCCI is definitely one of the lowest.