makes HUGE 9/11 television archive available to public

This collection contains television news programs recorded live from around September 11, 2001 by the non-profit Television Archive to help patrons research this important part of United States history. These materials were available on the site from October 11, 2001 through 2003.

These are lower quality, streaming versions of the 9/11 Archive MPEG's that were discovered by user 'gangsta' on February 22nd. But they are all there, all television footage of September 11th, 12th and 13th from CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, BBC and NBC is now available for online viewing.

This is a HUGE resource for 9/11 research!

Unfortunately the high quality MPEG's are no longer available for download but chances are that they are all in the public domain by now and will be spread as torrents.

Shortly after the first announcement on 911Blogger, the files were made unavailable for download. Then on March 8th, "fmb" from the Loose Change forums found out that the MPEG's were back online. Then last night, the files were unavailable again. Probably because they are now available in streaming format.

Myself, i was able to download the whole CBS and ABC archives and half of the FOX archive as high quality MPEG's before pulled them. Any other users that were able to download the HQ versions?

This will provide research material for months to come. I suggest you download the files before they are gone (for whatever reason).

[GW's comment: If you post videos to YouTube, Google video, etc., please state where you got them (for example, page xyz of the Internet Archive). That way, when people look at them, they can be AUTHENTICATED.

Otherwise, what happens is that some time after you upload the video, someone will ask where you got it, and you won't remember. Its happened to all of us.]

Does anybody know how you

Does anybody know how you can actually download the streaming movies? I tried, but it isn't working...

Well Done arie :-)

Looks like you managed to get quite a few...

With regards to downloading the low and medium res footage...

All you have to do is "on the left" of each page is a "256kbps" and "64kbps" stream link (Quicktime MP4), just "right click / save target as" on the link.

Big thanks to also...

Best wishes

i tried that but then i only

i tried that but then i only get a 300kb file, which is not the movie.

ooooo... you're right...

They have blocked http access to the "raw files".

i.e rtsp://

Only allowing access via Real Time Streaming Protocol.

Sorry for the bad gen.

Maybe something like "hypercam" etc would work...

Best wishes

Here's How to Download Streaming Media Files

With videos on YouTube and Google Video (and indeed, any other website with streaming videos), one can download them if one can find the URL that the video is streaming from. Below are free online streaming media downloaders for these websites:




See also URL Snooper (which is free):

Websites such as YouTube and Google Video use the FLV (Flash Video) file format, so one will need a media player that can play FLV files in order to play them from one's hard drive. The best media players are K-Lite Mega Codec Pack and MPlayer (both of which can play the FLV format).

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (for Microsoft Windows):

When installing K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, when you get to the "Select Components" section, choose the Profile that says "Lots of stuff."

MPlayer + Frontend (for Microsoft Windows):

From the above webpage, below is the file one should get (until a newer version of the full installation package is released, of course):


MPlayer uses its own codecs, and so it can be installed along with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (or the QuickTime or RealPlayer media players, for that matter) without causing any conflicts between codecs.

On some websites, the URL of the streaming media file will begin with mms or rtsp, etc., in which case one needs a downloader that can handle said transfer protocols. Such software for this task are Offline Explorer, HiDownload, StreamBox VCR Suite, etc. See the below website for more on that:

Streaming media recording:

The free Opera browser ( ) automatically saves all http streaming files (while renaming them; but they remain bit-identical). Look in the following directory before clearing the browser's cache:

C:\Program Files\Opera\profile\cache4

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," June 1, 2006

Download streams and convert them to AVI

Unfortunately does not allow me to post the necessary commands (it seems not all characters are allowed in comments), so I put that on my blog:

This is mainly for Unix/Linux/MaxOS X users, but really experienced Windows users might also be able to use some of the information.

choppy stream?

anyone know how to get a smoother stream? mine plays for 30 seconds or so and then loads for a while. annoying.

can't you pause it and wait

can't you pause it and wait for it to buffer a bit before playing it?



In my enthousiasm i

In my enthousiasm i completely forgot to thank


OT: Truth Activists on LA News

LA Truth Squad

Thanks YT for posting this raw footage from Monday's demonstration at the Music Center, courtesy of Peter. Hopefully a better version to follow. I didn't get home in time to see this 10 PM coverage. I only saw a shorter version the next morning at 7 AM. And thanks to all those who turned out, many who responded to announcements here on Blogger and Truthaction. If this is any indication, the A.N.S.W.E.R. march on Sat., 12 noon @ Hollywood & Vine should also have a good 9/11 Truth presence (bring plenty of signs, so that Jackson Browne sees how many Truthers there are out there).

About forty supporters of 911TruthLA demonstrated prior to the speech by George H W Bush at the Music Center on Monday. The free-speech-zone that we were given by the management could not have been better. We were in the main plaza on what almost appeared to be a stage, with a captive audience, as ticket holders sat around drinking their wine on a beautiful afternoon before going inside. Peter addressed the crowd and fended off a few hecklers, and we had many positive interactions also.

Our 9/11 Truth signs were clearly visible in the KTLA news coverage, and reference was even made to 9/11 protesters. Peter was interviewed, and the news also reported of disruptions inside during the Bush speech, although there does not appear to be video of this. At least two activists stopped the speech and were removed by Secret Service. (I thought ex-Presidents didn't have Secret Service. I guess when you're a Bush you do.)

I wanted to post a synopsis here to go along with the video. Peter also wrote a good report. Hope to have more soon, including photos.

thanks for the report

Here's a few pics from the demo and a few more here.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

A request ...

when folks post videos to YouTube, Google video, etc., PLEASE state where you got them (for example, page xyz of the Internet Archive).

That way, when people look at them, they can be AUTHENTICATED.


Some parts are available in the following torrents. First is 47Gb and second is 7gb (original mpeg2 video)

May be we should try to build a map of what is available and where (on p2p networks) ?

Does anybody no if everything has been uploaded ?

I don' t think that all

I don' t think that all footage is already out there as torrents. I do think however that many people have the files on their computers.

Would love to seed some torrents but i have almost 200 gigabytes worth of MPEG's and it would take me years to upload.

It would be very worthwile to try and piece together all the parts. The quality is pretty good (480x480 @ 29,97fps), but the files are huge (1 gigabyte/41 minutes)

If someone comes up with a good plan i would be more than willing to donate a set of discs with what i have. Seeding it all as torrents is not an option for me.

Torrents on Disc and CNN Coverage

I have both torrents on disc and am in the process of converting files to other formats.

I also have all of the CNN footage form 9/11. This is the footage as it was aired live starting at 8:30 AM. This is available on CNN Pipeline to stream...but I got it via a torrent somewhere. I'll have to find link again.

This isn't part of files...but is still a piece of all the coverage that folks are trying to put together.

If anyone finds any smoking guns

then let us know. We can then write to Internet Archive to ask THEM to authenticate it.

That's another (though MUCH more time-consuming) option.

Show " The Great Global Warming Swindle up on Internet Archive!" by Dem Bruce Lee Styles

I don't know exactly what to make of global warming. Alex Jones

points out that as the NeoCons loose their ability to control us via threats of 9/11 & terrorism, they will try to control us through threats about "deadly global warming."

Furthermore, Al Gore has been relentlessly selling this stuff, making a big movie, etc., while he conveniently avoids all of 9/11 truth!

Stick to 9/11 Truth.

Here is a rebuttal.
Here is a little history of their dishonesty.
Here is more.
There is a ton out there on Durkin's alignment with the Revolutionist Communist Party and the Living Communism Party.

Show "What kind of desperate bs is" by Dem Bruce Lee Styles



Please refrain from things like "get over your self-righteous selves!", "please get a clue", "shear stupidity", etc. etc. One, this subject is entirely off topic for this thread (and this is the 3rd or 4th time now that you have posted off topic on this subject in the last 2-3 days), and two there is no need to be so aggressive with others who may not 100% agree with you. Thanks.

Show "Well this is a critical" by Dem Bruce Lee Styles

global warming

So here's the deal. We continue to abuse the environment with no regard for the future and if you are right, no big deal. But if by some chance you are wrong, it's not our problem anyway because we will all be gone by then. Our children and grand children and future generations will have to deal with it. I have read that native Americans have a philosophy regarding mother earth, something about our actions affect ing seven generations in to the future. IMHO we should err on the side of caution with regards to the environment. Sadly I don't believe that we as a species have the political will or desire to be respectful to the planet. We are all parasites. Some moreso than others.


Regardless of the merits of this issue it is strategically very unwise to introduce completely unrelated and controversial side issues into the 9/11 Truth movement for reasons that should be obvious.

You obviously feel very strongly about this, so I would suggest you work on this issue separately from your 9/11 Truth activism, or at least not inject it into the greater 9/11 Truth movement.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

No, this is part of the same

No, this is part of the same agenda and I will not live in wonderland or keep my mouth shut for the sake of controversy. This is exactly the same thing as 9/11 in terms of mass media concocted "consensus" about what is "true" and what is "controversial". I appreciate the credibility of the Movement more than most though and I whole heartily disagree with your premise that this is "separate", go and tell Alex Jones for example that "this is separate". It’s not, and I really don’t think a lot of people who should understand this the most, do understand at all right now. It’s very frustrating.

just remember...

People don't change their views on huge issues at the drop of a hat. I could name a handful of other massive deceptions which are being perpetrated on the sheeple, and tie them all in to the perps of 9/11 too. And there is really nothing wrong and a lot right with doing just that. However, with every issue I add to the mix, I run the risk of turning some folks off, even if I'm right about all of them. Sure, it'd be nice if all we needed to do was talk a bit about any issue and *poof* everyone would see the facts and agree on them. Maybe that will happen more readily, after 9/11 truth wins. But for now, it isn't that easy.

So please, just take it easy on people. We all need to leave room for others, in here. 9/11 and GW aren't totally separate; I agree with you about that, but neither are 9/11 and lots of other things. Relax on the dogmatism a little -- please.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

Well said George Washington!

I, for one, agree with you.

I will be posting

A large torrent set quite soon containing many of the full quality files that are not available in the two torrents that are available on CCentral.

Here's the current list I have:


Excellent jkeogh....thanks I know creating torrents is not fun...LOL

The list I posted

Is an attempt at making a list of all known files. Please let me know if you can fill in any blanks. Many of the files on the list are missing or incomplete. 35 are complete.


The complete files are:
1.0G Mar 4 15:35 V08515-04.mpg
1.0G Mar 4 15:37 V08515-08.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08515-16.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08515-32.mpg
1.0G Aug 30 2006 V08527-08.mpg
1.0G Aug 30 2006 V08527-24.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08546-02.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08546-06.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08546-09.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08546-14.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08553-03.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08554-03.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08554-09.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08554-10.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08554-18.mpg
1.0G Sep 1 2006 V08554-28.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08566-20.mpg
1.0G Aug 30 2006 V08571-04.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08571-32.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08572-03.mpg
1.0G Sep 1 2006 V08572-12.mpg
1.0G Sep 1 2006 V08574-20.mpg
1.0G Aug 30 2006 V08576-09.mpg
1.0G Aug 30 2006 V08576-25.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08582-12.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08586-04.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08586-16.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08586-24.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08591-08.mpg
1.0G Sep 1 2006 V08591-16.mpg
1.0G Aug 30 2006 V08593-08.mpg
1.0G Aug 30 2006 V08593-12.mpg
1.0G Aug 31 2006 V08597-01.mpg
1.0G Mar 4 15:33 V08597-10.mpg

I plan to acquire the entire archive asap. Please email me @ justin.keogh at gmail if you can help.