Computer Visualisation of WTC Collapses

Since NIST is refusing to release computer visualisations of the collapse of the Twin Towers, why not do our own?

Are there any structural/civil engineers out there, with access to finite element analysis modeling software, who can build simplified models of WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7?

This would constitute a solid project for a civil engineer undergrad/graduate for any academics out there.

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Admitting NIST is correct about the global collapse initiation hypothesis, we could replicate these conditions and then render an animated visualisation of the ensuing global structural collapse. If the visualization diverges significantly from what we saw on 9/11, then this is more evidence that there’s something fishy. The models wouldn’t need to be as detailed as the NIST ones, since we’re not interested in the details about the buckling or heat transfer, just with the overall look of the collapse. So we could make the assumption that a few floors at the 80th level totally disintegrate and see what happens then (since the fires didn’t affect the integrity of the lower floors).

The models could be subjected to virtual demolition charges to see if this better explains the nature of the collapse.

Ultimately, we could even use games, similar to bridge building video games but that support buildings, to just get a rough idea of the collapses.

Is it possible

to file a freedom of information request for the NIST visualizations? I thought about this before.

If these were released, it would be pretty damaging because the NIST report is MOSTLY based on these visualizations. It would destroy whatever remaining credibility they have.

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Check out mmmlink at youtube

He has six videos which are computer visualizations of the destruction -- and he believes explosives were used. They're also beautiful videos in and of themselves.


Casseia, is so hot!

Beat me to it.

Just take note... one highly speculative and argumentative component he has added, trying to explain... is a small package located in the basement.

I trust that truth will out, whether or not something equally powerful is discovered to have been included in such a way.

That "small package"

appears to be labeled as a mini-nuke.

I would also debate his six months long projection for the installation of the explosives. Having done construction in modern skyscrapers myself I can easily see how two small, skilled teams could do the required work in the six weeks after the Port Authority leased the buildings to Silverstein and partners.

I'd love to get my hands on the NIST computer model and play with it. I'm sure it would be quite telling.and very useful in educating the general public.

Keep pressing for truth, brothers and sisters.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Nice one

These are spectacular animations indeed. The author did a great model of the official collapse, but it seems he used detonation charges to get it to work or I'm missing something.

We need to get more info on this from youtube user mmmlink, and get an animation of what the collapse SHOULD'VE looked like. mmmlink only does Finite Element Analysis on a subsection of the floors. We need to do it over the whole building.

Apparently his detailed WTC models are based on the FEMA/NIST reports and are in the Pro/ENGINEER format.

mmmlinks says he sent these models to 9-11 Scholars for Truth. Can they be made publicly available so that others can work on them? Do we know if the Scholars have made any progress on this?

Private efforts vs. public [political] funding.

Finite Element Analysis is a HUGE CPU hog, thus the rational behind isolating sections.

Now, if the USG super-computer capacity had been brought to bare in the immediate days after 911.... we can probabilistically conclude why They (government shit-bags) didn't.

That finger would have pointed at something other than tin darts and lamp oil.

This "clue".... was THE smoking gun for me, as I made up my mind, committing to the life I've led for the past five and a half years.

I knew we would find each other, someday... I love you all.