Dear Allianz,

RE: Silverstein World Trade Center Claim

Dear Allianz,

Please consider that the World Trade Center "collapse" was a deliberate demolition, and not a fire collapse. Highly knowledgeable experts in the USA are challenging the story told by the government.

You could study this issue and prepare for a court battle against Silverstein, even countersue to retun money that has been paid out.

See the work of Professor Steven Jones of BYU Universtity:

And Kevin Ryan, former manager at UL Laboratories

Structural Engineering Professor William Rice at the Vermont Technical Institute:

More than 100 eyewitnesses saw and heard the bombs inside the 3 buildings including firemen, police, emt workers and employees at the Twin Towers. Much publicity is coming out now, and many eyewitness testimonies can be found in the news reports of that day.

Also consider that if the controlled demolition hypothesis is correct, then Larry Silverstein's control over security at the site makes him a prime suspect in this crime. This is a matter of incredible importance to your company. It is worth a thorough and scientific investigation.

don't forget this guy!

Danny Jowenko

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

Great idea.

We have to assist Allianz. How ironic that someone even scummier than an insurance company is whining for his payment. Larry Silverstein should shut his mouth and take the money he has already received. Insurance attorneys are some of the smartest, shrewdest people on the planet. Believe me, Larry does not want to fight this fight. They could embarrass him.